I'm up Next! Chicago July 26 #1, July 3 #2

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I'll post up some 'before' pics shortly.


My quick story, same as most I'm sure, been losing my hair for a while and

I'm fed up with it.


In highschool I started getting the receding hairline, started buzzing my head

just after and have been doing so ever since (now in my late 30's, scary to say LoL)


I've been covering up with DermMatch for a few years, and while I am thankful that

I had some ability to do so, it has been a massive headache. The hours wasted

working to get it somewhat decent have been considerable.


I just found out about SMP and HIS Hair over the past few months! Had I known all

this time you guys were around, I would've jumped at the chance years ago.


My Initial Thoughts & Fears:


When I first heard 'head tattoo', I initially said no way, based on misguided knowledge and

some bad examples (some guy on the internet with his entire head black etc...)


Once I learned more, I became much more comfortable with the thought and then those feelings

turned into hope that I too could become the next guy with a hairline!!




Coming from years of half-assed DermMatch, I just want something decent, not perfect. There

is no such thing as perfection, but damn I have been impressed with what I've seen so far by

you guys and the results so far.


If I could get even close to some of these results I'd be thrilled.


Personally, hair is something that has really bothered me for years, ever since I was a kid, so

I would like to finally have the chance to deal with the situation and close the door on that chapter.


While there will always be a need for a touch up here and there, at least I now have the OPTION to

take care of the problem with HIS and SMP instead of sitting on the sidelines without any recourse.


I am eagerly looking forward and will post up some pics when I can!


BTW: you guys on the forum are great, while I haven't posted a lot I've read a ton of your posts

and encourgage you to continue writing since it has made a big difference for me and I'm sure many

others as well.


In that same way, I would be more than happy to answer any questions anyone has about my





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So I just finished with Mike yesterday and you guys are right, he's definitely the man!


I was very impressed, it's obvious he's a real artist who takes pride in his work.


The procedure was great, no issues, some small amount of redness but nothing too bad

at all. I walked out of the office without a hat and no one blinked, so I was quite happy!


Next Thursday is my #2 session with Mike, really looking forward to the added denisty, but

so far I am thrilled.


I'm away for a few days for a family emergency, but I'll post up some pics when I get back. I

took some pics yesterday and today etc... I'll keep track as I progress.


If anyone is on the fence, don't wait anymore - seriously, this is a great process and I think for

most people this is an amazing solution to the hair loss issue.


While I can't speak about any other practioner, for me Mike is the guy I want working on my head!


Now I know why he's called 'Magic Mike'! Can't wait to see how session #2 turns out in his hands!




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Okay, here's a few pics.


I'm going for a recessed look, as I'm 40 years old. I think going too low might not look that good on me, but you never know. My hairline is actually where it was (there's a couple hairs still there) and it is about 3 fingers above my eyebrows (I think the camera makes my forehead look big LoL)


Perhaps a little more on the temples? Overall, I'm happy with the look and I can't wait to see how #2 looks with Mike this week


Here's a few before shots, I do have some hair up on the sides, not much up front and the crown obviously







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Thanks HBK.


I know some guys on here will say I should have lowered the hairline, but

for me this is the look I am comfortable with and wanted.


Mike was great, worked with me to get the look I was aiming for and was

spot on in terms of colour and subtle touch to make it look fantastic in person.


I talked to several people that same day, including the guy seated next to me on the

plane for an hour, and not one looked up at my hair/head - in person it looks really

good and this was the same day.


Once it settles in over the next few weeks it should look completely integrated, I'll

post up some pics showing the progress

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Just to give you guys an update, it's been 9 days since my 2nd session and

SMP is holding up really well overall.


I hope this is the full extent of the fading, as it has been quite minor and

I'm really happy with the colour and blending - Mike did a great job 


I'm going to wait a bit before going for a 3rd session, just to get all of the

settling done.


As you can see, the back of the head is a bit lighter so I might add a bit more

denisty there.


Overall I'm thrilled with the look, very realistic - thanks to Mike and HIS


Note this is a very light foil shave, so the area where I have hair does appear

a bit darker and you can see long strands of hair since I didn't press down hard

at all but just very lightly to make sure I didn't do any damage to the SMP


(I'm not sure if that's even possible but I'd rather be safe than sorry)





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It's great to see a natural looking hair line, rather than too MTV. Congrats man!  :)



Thanks, well I should say thanks to Mike ;)


Yea, MTV is a bit tough to pull off at my age LoL 


So far i'm very happy, thrilled actually, with the results.


I'm still waiting to see how much fading I get. So far it's

been minimal and it looks very realistic. We'll see over the

next few weeks.

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It looks great! I really like the way it's settling and matches your head shape. I too would want a bit of receding hair line and I really like how yours has turned out. Has anyone noticed at work, friends or family? Nice transition..

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