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Hi max g. Thanks :-) have already excluded HT, want a more permanent solution and an smp is The Way to go. Have already had The first treament. In two days I Will have The second ( and hopefully last ).

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Well 2 days until second treament, It has faded immensely The last 3 days, but is not worried as all of you are so supportive. Reading others stories are reassuring, Thank you all.


Good things about first treatment

- hair line again ( Big thing )

-not too much pain

-Nice chap that guy Saman

-skilled, very small dots, and good and sound advice.

-hairline perfect for me, not wanting it talen Down.


Bad Things

-worrying about it being too dark, did not fade for 3 days.

-fading to much, yeah after the above it faded and flaked like a mofo :-) but not too worried, Saman has been very supportive, trusts his advice.-

- Hairline almost gone after fading


Hopes for second treatment

- increased density, very much Thank you

- less fading Thank you, less flaking..


Below you Can see it before, 5 hours later, 5 days later and a week later. Think The result Will bevidne very good, but The pics are a little bad, looks dense after 1 week, it really is not..









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Well tomorrow I am having the second treatment, the last couple of days my head has flaked A LOT, but god the headlube matte lotion, seems to have helped with the flaking.


A long day ahead!!


But am hoping for the best!!

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Thanks Hbk..


Got the flu, so this is quite delayed.


Six day post surgery, well post treatment that is.


Went to Gothenburg to the VERY skilled hands of Saman, he seemed a bit surprised of how well the color held, I thought it had faded too much ( common enough ) but buzzed down it matches my scalp, almost too perfectly haha!!!


I of course complained about the fading, but to be honest it was a perfect match for my scalp, but a common thing on these boards is wanting darker smps. Guess I am no different than the rest of you :-)


This time, at my request, we went a single shade darker, Saman was happy with the color, and I trust this guy!! He went to work, and I tell you those dots are small!!


I think he focused on the more faded areas this time as the redness were concentrated in certain areas, but could be mistaken. Temples were very red, but other than that, not as red as first time but come to think about it, I think this is common..


Pain was almost non-existant this time, felt like a hard head massage haha..


All in all a good experience once again!!


Like the scalp after a couple of days, very dark but blends in well with 1-2 days of growth actually :-)


......6 days later....


Had some natural fading but hoping it holds the smp-color a tad better this time, last time was a little too light for my taste after fading, looks perfect yeah but a bit darker looks a bit more like hair, than scalp.


Yeah last time it almost blended perfectly, but want it a bit darker. As it is RIGHT NOW it blends perfectly with my 1 day growth, the result I want. Now crossing fingers for not too much more fading.


Saman and I discussed 3rd treatment, I probaly want it. It is quite strange, once you have "hair" again it cannot be perfect enough, while balding you fought for every strand, just hoping for a decent hairday. Now it must be perfect. I thnik I am compensating for years of accepting I have less than flawless hair, now I have the option of perfect "hair" .. But you know what?? I want perfect "hair" haha!!


The pic is 6 days post treatment. It looks good I think, have faded a lot the last couple of days, but am not worried, The end result will be perfect ;-) look at the dots, small right?? My pics are very bad, only owning an Iphone, sorry but it is a little less dark in reality, there is some darker areas, as fading is different from spot to spot and I think the darker area are just fading slower, all in all an excellent result!!


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Seven days post treatment.


Still happy, very happy hairline intact, and like to see that in the mirror!! but those damned temples fade a little more than the rest, especially as my black hair growing next to them are growing FAST, making them look lighter. We all fade in different ways, think the temples are my fading area :-)


Will probaly go for a third treatment, do I absolutely need it? No probaly not but perfection is key for me haha..


Forgot to mention that I offered Samen my email for future customers, he is very good and good men deserve credit!! Tem

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I take it you mean buzz with a zero guard?


It's held pretty well, got a 4th booked as the FUE scars need a little bit more work. The crown and temples could do with a small amount more as well but nothing much at all. If it wasn't for the scars I rob ably wouldn't bother so soon.

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Buzz down with a shaver, remington.. 3 blade shaver :-) same here temples and a bit of crown work, but have only been 8 days, will wait a couple of weeks more before making decisions..


Ahh that damned scar, hoping for the best :-)

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Hey everybody..


Have taken time out from the forums, deliberately actually. The reason is that I wanted to get the third treatment done, wait a month and make up my own mind without interferrence.


Dont get me wrong, these forums are full of support and advice but actually it made me listen/see too much to others. This time I wanted my own opinion to form based on my experiences and visual appearence :-)


Last time we went I think 2 shades darker, getting really dark. Loved it and expected the dreaded fading, especially my temples seem to suck color, but this time it held on better, comtemplating a 4th but it will be in the future, right now I will let it be a couple of months more. Luckily His provides their guarentee if additional work is required due to fading.


Now a month out and it looks very good, the 3 different shades (. First , second darker, third darkest ) has made it look "3d" , looking very much like shaved hair, no one have noticed anything.


Have protected my scalp from water / sun the last month and have begun shoving it to friends, expecting some great reaction, but luckily none. They still see me the same way haha.. Now with a more extreme haircut though.


Have cut my beard shorter, used to be looong, but shorter "hair", shorter beard , looks better on me.


Shine is an annoyance, but will begin experimentimg on different remedies at homr soon.


Based on my experiences here is ny unbiased thoughts:


Will I do it again? hell yeah!! A hairtransplant was never really an option, and with this "hair" I would never be considered bald, which means a lot to me.


Do I look as good without hair as with? No way, was black haired and darkskinned , and smp could never replace that lustrous black hair, but it has done a world of good to my confidence. I had to see myself though different eyes. I frankly hated my first shavedown, which really exposed my balding head, free of hairspray and topik. But it made me more certain that smp was right way, and have never regretted it one second. Something good came out of something bad, karma!!!


Is it a miracle-cure? No it is not, but for me quite close. I am perfectionist and getting balder was quite a blow for my confidence, this treatment has reversed it. Did not want to be that balding guy over there, but now I am quite happy being that shaved bald guy over there.


Will upload pics tomorrow :-)


@greentea ja det vil jeg da, dog bor jeg primært i Aalborg så er ikke tit i København. Men er dog derovre 2-3 August, er dog presset da det er med arbejdet, men nåske jeg kan finde en tid til en kop kaffe et sted og du kan se det ??

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Hey @Hairkiller..


Yeah I can, when shaved down my follicles are really small and dense, smp is not as dense. But the difference is not very different, but my temples is the area where you can see it when close. I was a norwood 2.5 -3 and the smp had to blend into my natural hair, and there is a subtle difference. I will take a close pic, here:


In bright light it is a bit more clear, and some sun on the head will help as well, but have been very protective about my sms :-)



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This is 5 months Since last last session.. Very happy with the result, Sam is very skilled and always Quick to answer.. Luckily my hair is dark and could get away with somewhat dark smp, went with 10 i think last time. We did not touch the hairline last time and went for a defined brokken hairline..



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This tursday i am going back to Sam.. Have only one concern, an area of a little bit of fading, nothing major.. And to talk a bit of one idea my wife and i had, sharpness. I have a huge head and have some really sharp features. It actually was very helpful talking it over with The wife. She loves me and thinks it would lessen the sharpness rounding out the temples. This meant we would like to make the hairline going to the temples less sharp.. This is nothing major but would ad some softness to sharp features. She is a makeup-artist and used to see lines, sharpness and softness on faces. We have toyed with some magic markers and drawn the lines, roughly .. Any thoughts are welcomed, and we are only adding because we trust Sam and his work :-)


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looks good like it is to me, at least as far as i can gauge from these pictures. im generally not a fan of rounded temples, as most natural hairlines aren't rounded, from what ive seen. Some guys get rounded temples and look good, and like it, so its more of a personal preference thing.


Get some dark grey eyeshadow and rub it in to test it out... it will pretty much look like the smp, and can give you a better idea of how it will be.

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