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My SMP experience/results (with photos)

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Ok guys! Decided to make a new thread to get a fresh start and to be
able to show my before/after pictures a bit more organized. If admin wants to
delete the previous one, please do so :) .

Long story short - 25, soon to be 26 and has been slowly receding since 19.

I'm having my SMP done tomorrow, will update with high quality photos tomorrow night.

Here's a photo in strong lightning from today to kinda show you the minituarizing hairline and where it's all heading:

My old hairline is still visible in the right lightning conditions which I
guess is good since it gives the practitioner an idea of how it used to

Here's the same photo as above but with some examples of what I mean:

White line: Old hairline

Red line: Where it's heading. The hair between the white and the red line
is minituarizing and has been doing so for the past 2 years.

I don't think my sides need much work, here's how it looks from the right side:

one has ever said anything about my hairline receding or that my hair
is thinning out, mostly because of touch-ups with Toppik when I grew it
long and the fact that all the hair is still there (even though partly minituarized)
giving it the appearance of a full head of hair when buzzed down. But it is nowhere near
what it used to be and the whole frontal area is dissappearing a bit day by day. Also, the
lack of a full frontal lock destroys the framing of my face which I hate.

With that said, I consider myself very lucky to have what I have at the age
of 25, soon going on 26, since my hair started thinning when I was 19.
If SMP cangive the buzzcut a fuller look and give some more framing to my
face I am very happy with that. After all, I've managed to keep the full head of hair look
through so many years now that some of my friends even comment on how they
wish they still had their hair left like I do ( 3/10 friends has lost / is obviously losing their
hair ).

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Thanks man! Hahaha seriously? I used to upload my photos but I'll change that right away and hopefully the porno stuff will go away.

About the procedure - even though I should be kinda nervous; I'm not. I really don´t see any other way for me to deal with my hairloss at this point.

If I still have a decent amount of hair left (and a good donor) in 10 years I might go for a FUE, but for now I think SMP is the only way!

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Hey xxxx great looking diary and this should work great for you..

Just 1 thing when i click on your photos on my iphone im taken to hardcore porn sites,or is it just me hallucinating..

Good luck..


No mate, thats just you. Might want to check your internet history :lol:

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As promised, here's some photos after my first treatment!

(Sam shaved the whole front down before the procedure so the length is not the same all over - it's longer in the back.

It'll be interesting to see if I can get away with a few days of growth later on when the front grows out again).

Approx 30 minutes after:

4 hours after (better lightning):

from above:

from right

from left:

About the procedure:

It's obvious that Sam knows what he's doing and he gave a very professional impression from the very beginning. He is a really really nice

guy! The only consultation that I had had before arriving at the clinic was a couple of photos that I sent in so at first we went through my situation

and Sam explained the procedure in more detail. He then showed me some photos of previous cases (anonymous photos of course) to show me

what could be done and what should be expected. After that we discussed my personal situation and what would be the best approach for me.
Since I have pretty much all my hair left except for the first 4-5 cm of my hairline where the hair has lost its pigment, we decided to restore the hairline to
where it used to be and then fade the pigmentation into my existing hairs. We also came to the conclusion that I have both dark and blonde hairs all over

my scalp which is really weird, haha. Must have something to do with the fact that my mom is blonde and my dad a lot darker.

My childhood hairline is still visible in the right lightning conditions and you can still feel the hairs along my hairline if you touch it so it was not that

hard to draw a line of where the pigmentation would go. The procedure itself went really smooth and I almost forgot what I was doing after a while since

Sam was so easy to talk to! Painwise: Nah, I'd say a 3 out of 10, maybe a 4 at some parts of the scalp. I took no painkillers or used any numbing cream before

the procedure.

Now all I can do is wait for it to settle down! My next procedure is scheduled in the beginning of next week.

Well, if you guys have any questions let me know :)

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Thanks! Yea I hope so, but at the same time most of the first procedure will most likely fade judging from

all of the other cases here on the boards. But I'm hoping one more session will be enough since I had an OK

amount of hair to start with...

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29 hours since 1st treatment, here's how it looks! It has already blended in quite nicely with my real hair, it's hard to see

which ones pigment and which ones real hair even though my scalp is still a bit red. The only part where I had no hair before the

treatment was the absolute front edge of the forelock where instead I had a reversed widows peak. That might destroy my chances

of keeping it a tiny bit longer but we'll see!

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Thank you! apart from the longer hair in the back I'm over the moon with the look. It feels great not having to worry about

the hairline receding  a bit every day, and no more creative styling with wax and sometimes Toppik before going out.


Sure, I could've rocked longer hair for maybe 1-2 more years without people noticing it, but it just isn't worth it.

So this is what freedom feels like!? ;)

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Looking good matey. Just curious, what length was your hair when you had your session, ie zero grade clippers, electric razor etc?


You've got quite a bit of remaining hair so looks like you could pull off a zero.

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I had buzzed it down to 0.5 mm (I think, I had what you call a "no guard buzzcut" before arriving at the clinic) but then Sam

shaved the front part down with an electric shaver, hence the difference in length right now.

Yea, I hope I will be able to pull it off with a bit longer hair, it has already grown out a bit but by tomorrow night it should be
 long enough to decide. :)

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@MswSF Thank you! I totally get that you're nervous but trust me, if hairloss is/has been consuming your daily life there's no better option than this if you

feel comfortable in the shaved/buzzed look.

I was doubting to do this too but then 2-3 days before my procedure I just thought to myself - how long have I been

thinking about my hairloss situation and how it's going to look further on as it keeps receding? How much money have I spent

on thickening wax, medications, concealers? And how many hours have I stood in front of the mirror at home trying to hide the

thinning hairline? And every time after fixing my hair I've always known that there will soon come a time when I cant pull it off anymore...

 Well, it all just summed up to a feeling of FUCK IT, lets go!

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Finally, the redness has almost completely gone away. In some lightning conditions you can still see it and in others you can't.

Also, my real hair has started to come through again since Sam shaved it and I cannot believe how well it looks together with the pigments.
It looks just like it did when I buzzed it when I was 18 except for the slightly receded temples that I specifically asked Sam to leave there

which I think was the right way to go. I mean I am 25, not 18 anymore!

I realize one more treatment will be needed when this has faded and the pigments has shrunk (will have 2nd in the beginning of next week),
but if it would stay like this I would probably not even have another session. This would totally do it for me!

Also took some closer pics this time, one with flash. In the one with flash you can see how ridiculously low my hairline used to be by the 
blonde hairs along my hairline. 3-4 years ago these were strong hairs that I could grow long.

Anyway, here it goes:


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Thanks! I honestly don't know what number he used, I never asked... :P  My hair is kinda sand-ish in color so I guess he used a pretty
high number? Def. not a dark one

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First day back at work today after the 1st treatment and everything went fine, no one noticed. But like I've written before,
in my case it was not a drastic change to my appearance. The difference is the framing of the face which is now back to where

it's supposed to be and it boosts my confidence big time!

Here's a photo from today, keep in mind I haven't buzzed/shaved in almost 5 days! It looks even better seeing it

in real life since the camera gets every detail but when you look at it in person it just looks like a buzzcut.

I really like keeping it a bit longer and I intend on doing so as long as I have hair growing all over the scalp.
Maybe 5-7 days is pushing it? What do you guys think?

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