Best moisturiser to apply in the days following treatment

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Hi gents


I'm 5 days post 2nd treatment and just had a thought - does it matter which moisturiser I use on my head now?


I've basically just been using the moisturiser that we put on our baby, think it is Johnsons Baby Moisturiser.  I assumed it would be OK but taking a closer look it seems to have lots of chemical sounding ingredients.  Is it OK or should I be getting something else specifically?



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Cheers gents


I'll look in to the aloe vera ones too.


Funny enough I just had my 3rd treatment yesterday so hopefully that'll be me all but done.  It was actually looking really good I thought prior to the 3rd treatment so I'm hoping it won't actually change all that much from how it looked before - just a little bit fuller maybe.


Daz (the practioner in Manchester) was great throughout the whole thing.  He put me at ease and we had great laugh throughout each of the sessions, and although I think he's only been doing it for a year or so he seems to know exactly what he is talking about and is clearly a perfectionist and proud of his work.  I wasn't going to bother with the lower temple area but he encouraged me to do so and therefore connecting the thickness towards the top of the temple with the thickness in the sideburn area, and even though it is red at the moment I think I can see why it made sense to do so in terms of the shape and 'framing' my face, so hopefully the end results will be spot on! 


I'll post some pics once it's settled down a bit

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been using bio oil,#### has been really impressed with how ive held the pigment and condition of my scalp as was really dry prior to treatment.

im not fussed if my scalps a bit shiney as long as it looks healthy.

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