Piperz Finally Booked

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I' try to upload some pics


I hope it works out this time,



I am also attaching a picture with #### just after the end of third session.


This way you can appreciate the difference in head size I was talking about  :(


I am still getting the odd look (with or without a hat does not matter I still get them).


Nothing to do with the SMP



It's just that I attract negative attention form people around me. Have you ever had the feeling of being the odd one out in a room full of people?


that's the kind of look I get from time to time.


It's a shame as I love my new look and I think I'm fine. I'm no Brad Pitt for sure but I have seen much worse.


I won't be able to post till tomorrow,


big ups to everybody


The Piperz




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Piperz, I've read your posts and your clearing suffering from BDD.


Let me repeat you look totally fine and even looked good with a shaved head.


Your photos are good and I like your narcissity traits, they remind me of mine.


But Jesus, I thought I looked in the mirror too much. But you take the cake here. I analyze every detail as well.


What did you expect that once you get the treatment people would bow to you? It's up to you to make things happen.


You don't have a small face..You actually have a large head which is attractive to ladies...Come on your a man and an adult...Why are you being a girl?


Now your commenting on other people's treatments saying that they are too straight or too defined..On what standard? I've seen real hair with literally perfect lines and circles from time to time.I didn't even know it was possible..Super strong hair..There really is no such thing as too straight as with most of us going for the jagged look. The gradient affect as you call it is the natrual look we all get. Light in the front and darker in the back. I.E each session drops the shade a bit and it's the law of averages. 


I'd say mine looks just like G-Stars and CheekChops(thanks guys!)  I didn't even touch my sides because they are nat sharp at NW5 for me or w.e hair i had left none(I'm in my early 20's)...Google shaved head..Mine looks exactly the same. Scratch that, ill make an avatar.


Brad Pitt? You are Piperz, why would you want to be Brad Pitt, Please don't go out and get jaw implants. You're trying to compare yourself to Italain men with nice golden hair to the waist.i.e PIERLO, TOTTI.


Don't forget,you shaved your head by choice and are more manly then them. Also your body fat is too high, you need to lose more weight to bring out your cheek bones and jaw lines. Brad Pitt is shredded.


We are all in here in this together because we all went through the same thing(HAIRLOSS).


Your problem is you don't see what you have and you look for what you dont have.


Accept it, you will never have hair again until a treatment comes out.


This look is a tough boy look yes, It's menacing and aggressive. I've had people tell me it's 100x better than what I had when I had normal long hair. I've had girls come up to me to say I have one of the best hairlines they've ever seen all the way to sharp neat and tight comments etc. You're hot etc. I've had ASS flowing in like a water tap. Alot of women perfer shaved heads..I didn't even know it. I persoanlly think I looked 10x better with hair..but too each his own..NO one knows I have treatment, only my fam and one amazing guy I met at the clinic, that we've been giving each other support back and forth. I've had maybe 50-60 people analyze it close up.


I don't like how you bash some of the other work, when you can't even see the flaws in yours. I don't want you to be paranoid..but your hairline is clearly too low.                                                                                                                

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@Gondy-- For the most part your post tends to take the tough love approach and I agree with some of the points you are trying to make, but some of the things you said are solely for the purpose of instigating drama- "Come on your a man and an adult...Why are you being a girl?"  You seem like a decent guy Gondy, but I think you're just trying to pick a fight.  With that being said, congratz on your treatment its always a relief to know that the "shaved look" works for you.  The pic on your avatar looks excellent, any chance on seeing some more pics?


Also for what it's worth, I think you have a very normal looking head Piperz :)

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Gondy, I agree with hopeforall. Your heart is clearly in the right place, and I'm sure you took the time to post so comprehensively in an effort to help piperz.


However, on one hand you suggest he has BDD and on the other, you suggest there are flaws with his hairline and his weight. It is hard to see whether you are trying to help him, or make him even more paranoid.


Piperz, I do not agree that your hairline is too low. I don't think you can go any lower, but its just fine where it is. As for your weight, that's your business. As a guy who carries about 30 pounds more than I would like, I'm in no position to criticise :)

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Hello there,


I got back home an Hour ago.


As usual it's screaming hot down here.


Gondy's views and comments are more than welcome. i like people that tell it like it is even if I don't agree with them.


I think most of you guys are misintepreting what I write and tone I use. That is the limitation of written communication.



As far as the hairline being too low It might appear like that in the picture but I can assure you it is still in safe territory. I do not intend to lower it anymore.


Keep in mind that picture are taken 1 day after treatment so everything looks sharp. You know better than I do that it will soften up massively in the next 14/21 days.


For Gondy:


I don't bash treatments because I like it. I just vent my opinions every time I see something that is ''off'' with a particular SMP the same way you did with mine. I much prefer to do that than sugar coat the truth or dispense compliments that are not genuine.


Personally I never take offence when somebody tells me his /her side of the story in a straightforward fashion.



You got the Brad Pitt example totally wrong mate. That was, needless to say,  a figure of speech!  C'mon give me some credit.



pictures attached for comments and feedback.


any kind of feedback is welcome as long as it is genuine












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looking great piperz.

i cant tell if your hairline is low because i ve never seen you with hair.i guess you recreated your "original" hairline (from when you had hair)


some people have smaller forehead and some others large.for example ,mine was always large.


i prefer honesty also, if i will have a messed up treatment i would prefer people to tell me so i can do something about it, rather than bullshit me because they feel sorry about me/dont want to hurt my feelings.


truth hurts sometimes.

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Hard to comment with that quality of picture. I too think that the hairline is low, not too low but it is low. I would have placed it a little higher because it looks too perfect, not in a linear way but im sure its something that will sometimes get someone to comment on it, may it be positive or negative. You know what I mean?


If i get this done i want to get positive comments that i rock the shaved head look, it frames my face better and thats it, the overall look. not comments particularly with my hairline. Its like the thin line being spotted that you had something done, the most crucial part "hairline". Just my opinion.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.


It's very much appreciated.


I think that those picture make it look like lower than it actually is.


Yes #### has gone lower but we are talking about a single line of dots. 


By adding that he exacerbated the pointed look and created the gradient effect I was loking for.


the distance between the lower dot I can see and my eyebrows is 4 fingers. 


On top of that if I frown I can see where my real hai started. He stopped just before that.


It's still early days to judge. I will soften therefore it won't look as low/aggressive as the pictures make out.


at the minute I'm loving the blending #### did on the sides. They are going to merge and match beautufully.




#### has taken good quality pictures Before the treatment and after.


any chance you could post them or send them to me via PM?



thank you

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I'm really sorry about quality of pictures.


Next week I will borrow a proffessional camera a promise.


Meanwhile here'a picture that shows how the natural height of the hairline has been preserved.


In real life looks much more like this.


Keep in mind that after my second session the height of my hairline was very conservative verging on the receding (which I personally like).


This one is a bit more aggressive. It has the advantage of looking more complete (and pointed) but the downside of being almost perfect (therefore people might ask why you shave your hair ).


From what I can see it doesn't look out of place as it follows the natural pattern of my existing hair. 




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It looks good Piperz. You had a good treatment now you have to move on. Today one of my (girl)friend told me that she prefered when I had hair. That's life, but at least now she knows me for what I really am, as she had never seen me without concealer. The important thing is being yourself, having confidence and owning the look you have. Now you are what you see!

We had our treatments pretty much at the same time and I enjoyed following your journey thru smp. You know you can send me private messages if you want to discuss ;-)

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Piperz, we are having some technical issues at the office that are preventing #### from uploading your photos onto the secure hard drive, meaning the admin team can't send them over to me. We're working on it, shouldn't be too long.

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