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So I've paid my deposit and booked my sessions, (4 in total) and although i wasn't going to post these, (as i really do hate the way i look without my hat) having seen other people post before Alopecia pictures has really really helped me. 


So if my horrible head can help someone else out there then it's worth it :)


Some background, I've had AA since about the age of 1. My hair was coming and going in semi-regular 7 year cycles until the age of 14 when it stopped. Until recently (the last 18 to 2 years months or so) i had about 0.5% hair coverage on my head, i was fine with this and wore my bald head with pride. 


In the past 2 years or so the hair has grown back in the wonderful "map of the world" way that anyone with AA will understand.


I'm really, really excited to be getting SMP, and have been researching HIS, other providers and people that have had this treatment for the past year (i've been a massive lurker on these forums!)


So, to kick of my diary, here are my before pictures.




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Thanks for posting your photos. Alopecia areata can be treated easily enough with SMP, but more sessions are usually required, hence the 4 sessions you've been advised.


I see guys with AA have their lives turned around all the time, so stay positive my friend, you have a lot to look forward to.

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It's 9 days to go until i'll be on a train to Birmingham! I'm so excited.


I did the virtual SMP thing on facebook* and just got the results back and thought I would share them here, I can't believe how different i'm going to look, I wish i could just sleep for the next week so it was this friday i was starting!!!!


Excuse the links, not inline this forum has odd filesize limits**








* note to Damien: i understand you want to increase facebook likes, but given how much facebook shares, and the sensitive nature of SMP i think the virtual tool should be onsite and not behind a facebook like, FWIW i do "like" you guys, but i don't want people to know i'm having treatment, so i "unliked" you after getting my picture back!


** damn, 132kb attachement limit!?!? in 2013, when smartphones shoot 9mp images???

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We are aware of the issue with Facebook privacy. Unfortunately it has to be self-funding due to the amount of time our man needs to put the simulations together. Trust me, Photoshop can be a bit of an animal.


By doing it through Facebook, the cost is effectively offset by the marketing aspect. I know that not everyone is comfortable with this and I can only apologise. The simulations are only intended to be a bit of fun though.


Re: image size limits, we are aware of the problem and we're currently working on it.

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Thanks for clarifying Damien :)


Diary Update:


I've found out my practitioner is going to be ####, i'm going to do some hunting on the forums later today to see examples of his work (I'm obviously confident that it's going to be fantastic, but as i'm sure you guys know, it's nice to see pictures!)


8 Days! 

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Wow, have just read the above thread and have to admin am a little bit chocked up. Although different experiences, i can certainly empathise with a lot of the negative emotion that comes along with prolonged hair loss. 


I'm really please #### will be doing my treatment. 


Thanks damien for that link, was powerful to read.

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OMG :o 


This time tomorrow i'll be sitting in the Birmingham clinic having my first round of SMP, to say i'm excited is an understatement!!!!


I will take lots of pictures for everyone, i'm so freaking excited.


*bounce bounce*

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Craig, gigantic balls for showing those photos to us.  Cant wait to see what a positive effect SMP has on your life and your outlook.  One recommendation though, take some pain medicine with you.  Clients who suffer from AA and SD often report more sensitive scalps so keep a backup pain medication ready if needed.


Good luck and rooting for you !

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Hey all,


Thanks for words of encouragement. I'm on a train as we speak!


Hating Hats, thanks mr, you're a bit of legend on this forum, in fact my guide for #### re: my hairline is like HH's!!


I didn't think about pain medication, is it really that bad? I'll grab something when off the train just in case.


Thanks all, will post either later this eve or tomorrow with pictures and an update!



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Kudos to you Craig,


You have all my support and respect!


Incidentally You do have a very similar head shape to mine... so it will be interesting to see the final result.


please please please keep usa posted


Go and get them Graig!!!!

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Hi Everyone, 


This is going to be a lightly long post, so skip to the next two posts to see pictures during and immediately after SMP application and 24 hours later.


I'll also (try) and post a picture on thursday the day before round 2, when hopefully things will have settled a little bit.


Ok, so I made my way to Birmingham, to the birth place of HIS to get some funky little dots in my head….



The clinic (and training centre) is in a converted residential property on road full of normal houses. Which was both odd and good, odd because, well i felt like "where am i???" but good because it's discrete.


Inside was lovely, very clean and modern, very comfortable as well, lots of chatter and laughter and energy from the staff which i found really put me at ease, this DOES NOT feel medical, which i liked.


I was offered a drink, filled in some forms, swiped the old visa card (ouch, for those who don't know 50% of your quote is paid on your first visit, they tell you this when you book obviously but still, it's a large number (for me at least) to say bye bye to, but so so worth it)


After a short wait in the waiting room (i arrived a bit early) i met my practitioner ####.


My Practitioner

#### is a lovely guy, really nice and put me completely at ease (to be honest everyone i met yesterday put me at ease, i've never met such nice people)


#### also has SMP and this was the first time i'd seen it in real life.. Actually scratch that, it was the first person i *knew* had SMP that i'd met in real life.


There was a guy in the waiting room, but i couldn't tell if he'd had it or not, which i guess is a really good sign of the quality.


Anyway, we talked about my alopecia, Brighton (turns out #### is a frequent visitor) and what i was expecting in terms of hairline etc.



Before we get down to the ink #### works with me to decide on hairline, i told him i want a very natural and "feather" or "broken" hairline, one keyword i didn't use, which will mention next session is "gradient" as this will be important for a good hairline i think.


He asked about my scar, and i told him i want to keep it, it's my scar! He smiled, and we decided to keep it, and make it a touch bigger! 


I also learnt that your natural hairline (remember i haven't had hair or a hairline for a long time, so these things may not be news to you!) is approximately four fingers from your brow bone and doesn't move when you frown. Who knew!


We decided to start the guide line (the white pencil line you may have seen in the gallery or on here) a few mm higher than my natural to ensure room to adjust and feather. 


I also decided i wanted a rounded, slightly receded hairline, now i know there may people on this forum that find that odd, but remember this is to "treat" alopecia, not to cover MPB. Not only that but i'm 27 now and want a hairline that will look my age when i'm 37.


Drawing the line was a combination of freehand and measuring parts of my head and calculating a mirror, i caused #### issues by having a lumpy head! LOL


A double check over by Danny (i think, tattooed guy?) and we were good to go!


SMP Application

Having been a lurker on these forums for a while and having spoken to other patients i was aware of what to expect from this. Something i wasn't quite prepared for.


If you're thinking the machine is like a tattoo gun, it's not. Not at all, it's more "medical" looking, but something will be familiar to people who have had tattoos before, like needles, wipes and strange little plastic pots of black ink!


I was informed initial application would be a "template" to a) define the initial hairline and B) "fill in" the baldness vs. my patches of hair.


We started around the frontal hairline, then worked up to front top of the head, the temples, behind the ears, the back of the head and finally the back of the neck.


Application of ink feels different depending on the pressure used, your personal sensitivity and location being treated. Frontal and frontal top (which most people with MPB will have) or "filling in the horseshoe" was, in my opinion pretty painless, almost enjoyable. Like having a good scratch.


The rest was either less painful than that, or.. the most painful thing i've ever experienced. Of course this could just be me, but certain points on the back of my head and around my ears we pretty unbearable, and i'm dreading next time because of this!


The first time i looked in the mirror after ink had started was pretty crazy. My egg of a head had some sort of definition for the first time i can remember. That was pretty powerful. And totally makes the pain worth it.


Once we were done i was ready to get home and relax, i felt exhausted and pretty gross and sweaty from the shock of the pain.


24hrs Later

So what did i get? I was fully aware from this here forum that session 1 is NOT how you're going to finish looking, which is good. As what i have at the moment is a slightly wonky hair line that's too harsh and darker than my patches.


That's not a disappointment though, as this is a process and this is literally like 10% of the work, the real stuff starts next friday.


It's odd though because although every bald bit was inked, there are parts (the most painful parts) where either because of the light or my eyes, just don't look like they've got ink.


I'm also really, really glad i started the process with a hairline much higher then it'll finish as this gives me confidence to adjust this and feather it correctly. Something really important to me.


So how do i feel about it? Pretty fuc*ing happy that's how. I kid you not, even though it's rough and patchy and the dots are HUGE, from across the kitchen i can hardly tell the difference between my patches of hair and SMP. With bulk, density and variation of colour as well as a feathered hairline this is going to look KILLER.


So yeah i'm pretty effing happy. :D

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So these pictures are in the following order:


(again i can't post inline as this forum is a bit broken, so to see good size images please click the links below and on dropbox you will be able to zoom in)

1) Hairline Pencil
2) First bit of ink and scar
3) Bit more ink
4) Hairline / Top head
5) Top, with patch to the left, slightly denser patch of ink and more sparse to the right
6) The ink & machine, in case you're curious!
7) Finished left side
8) Finished back
9) Finished right side

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