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Scar makeup suggestion until I can get MHT?

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I was playing around with Dermatch and some eyebrow corrector, thought I got my scar covered a little better (better dark than white at least) but I'm still not satisfied with it. 

Does anyone know of maybe a lighter dark, or a gray/ash color that might look better than the dark brown stuff I have?
I still want to get the MHT operation but am still saving (tight holiday this year) and hoping the new one will open close me in a few months to make the trip and followup trips easier on me.
here's one shot of mostly covered, and the 2nd one is half covered so you see the difference between pure scar and half of it with attempted camoflauge.

edit: sorry not sure what the div tags are doing in post.




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Hi jg there's a kid on here called Hercules .

He experimented with concealers..
He found a concealer called witch Havel concealer pen..
Hi findings are on this thread which maybe of interest..

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