Practitioner Simon - A very personal story

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Dear All


I’d like to share with you the personal hair loss journey of HIS Practitioner, #### Lane.

#### was originally a client of HIS, before being offered practitioner training and a place within the HIS team. Based primarily at our Harborne clinic in Birmingham, #### can also be found at our London and Manchester clinics from time to time.


Simons story is a truly honest account of his experience with hair loss from the age of just two years old. As someone with a huge amount of respect and admiration for ####, his is a difficult story to tell, but one that represents a certain amount of self-therapy. Sharing his story is a big step for ####, but one he feels he is ready to tell.


From a treatment point of view, Simons case was one of the most challenging we had ever faced. Burnt skin, four hair transplants, a scalp reduction procedure and many years of hair system and concealer use. When #### came to us, his scalp was rock hard and very fragile, making concealment of the various imperfections very difficult indeed.


What follows is his own account. #### has asked me to post this on his behalf, and he is happy to answer any questions via me. Photographs are included below, however please refrain from asking for more. If #### is happy to share any further photos in the future, they will be added to this thread.


#### originally posted about a year ago on this thread.



When I was 2 years old, there was a knock at our front door. My mom who was watching me at the time, left the kitchen to see who it was. In the time it had taken her to reach the front door, I had managed to grab the kettle, now freshly boiled, and pull it off the kitchen worktop.

The hot water from the kettle hit my head, ran down my face and burned my hands. I was far too young to remember a great deal, but the boiling water stripped my skin wherever it landed. My ordeal left me in an intensive care ward for 2 weeks.


From what I have been told, my mom was left with a stark choice. The doctors could either use skin grafts to repair my scalp, or they could allow it to heal on its own, a process that could take months or even years to finish. Skin grafts would have meant that my hair would never grow again on those parts of my scalp. Allowing my scalp to heal on its own was no easy ride either, and was definitely the more difficult of the two options, however knowing how having skin grafts would have affected me in later life, my mom chose to let my scalp heal slowly over time.

Again, I really don’t remember a lot, but I do remember vaguely my daily routine of my mom placing gauze on my scalp and applying fresh bandages all the time to keep my wounds clean and free from infection. Although it couldn’t have been very nice for me at the time, it must have been a really horrible time for my mom. I cant imagine how I would have felt in that situation.


The healing process took two years, after which I was left with no hair on one side of my head. With my skin healed, my mom took me to a hairpiece specialist who fashioned a piece to cover the side of my head without any hair. My hairpiece was fitted using double sided tape, and eventually my mom taught me how to fit it myself. This routine continued for 18 years.


As I grew up, I knew I was a little different from the other kids but I didn’t let it bother me. Although I had to be a bit more careful than my friends, it didn’t stop me from swimming, playing football, and even boxing and karate.


My situation got a lot more complicated when I turned 13 and went to secondary school. Like most boys my age, I was just started to get interested in girls but I didn’t have enough confidence to talk to them. I always thought, “who’d want to go out with me?”


My accident affected me deep down and I was angry. My anger was always directed at the situation itself, how a million to one freak accident had to happen to me. Why me? There were many moments throughout the years when I would be on my own feeling angry and upset. I never sat there feeling sorry for myself for too long, saying there were always people worse off in the world than me.


At the age of 21, the girls thought I was a dead good looking lad. It was a standing joke that they all thought I looked like Mark Owen from Take That, and it was around that time I met my first proper girlfriend. As our relationship developed, I plucked up the courage to tell her about my hairpiece, and much to my surprise she was very supportive. I still appreciate her compassion and empathy, as telling her was such an emotional experience for me.


When I reached 22 years old I approached the Farjo clinic about a potential hair transplant. The donor hair I had available was deemed insufficient, and given my circumstances it was recommended that I undergo a scalp reduction procedure.


A vertical strip of skin was removed across my scalp, and my skin was stapled back together. I will never forget the ordeal of having those staples removed. It remains the most painful experience of my life, but it enabled me to undergo the hair transplant surgery that I wanted.

I had four separate hair transplant procedures, with 1500 grafts per session. This cost me £12,000, a huge amount of money in 1994. I was the first person in the world to have a hair transplant on burnt skin, and the multiple procedures left me with four linear strip scars across the back of my head.


My surgery was reasonably successful, although some parts towards the centre of my scalp were quite sparse after I lost a large proportion of the hair that was transplanted due to my burnt skin. I would like to point out however that Farjo were very honest about what to expect, and I appreciate their open and caring approach.


Following my transplant procedures, I needed to use concealers to maintain a decent density. Over a period of 12 years, I visited a company called Advanced Appearance in Birmingham who supplied me with a product called Mane Spray, and cut my hair in a particular way to make the best of the hair I had. Mane Spray was a primitive product by todays standards, but I found that by styling my hair in a Mohawk fashion I could hide my sparse areas fairly well, then use the concealer to fill in the gaps.


During this time I came to know the people at Advanced Appearance very well, and I am forever appreciative of their constant support and understanding.


When I was about 33 years old, a cruel twist of fate occurred when the ‘normal’ hair on the unburned side of my scalp started to recede. My Mohawk camouflage started to become harder and harder to maintain as my hair got thinner and thinner. The constant maintenance was really starting to get me down. Even my wife never saw me without my hair fixed up. If we were going out for the evening, I’d lock myself in the bathroom for 3 hours or more trying to get it looking right. Bad hair days put me in a bad mood, and my lovely wife who always loved me no matter what I looked like, didn’t deserve that. I didn’t sleep properly on a pillow for more than 10 years. I couldn’t swim, couldn’t wear a hat and I was constantly fearful of rain. I hated looking in the mirror because what I saw always depressed me.


It was during a really low point that I sat down with the guys at Advanced Appearance and told them how I was feeling. They understood what I was going through, and agreed that after 12 years my journey with them had come to an end.  The owner of the company mentioned to me that he’d recently met a man called Ian Watson who offered a service called MHT that would possibly be of interest to me. I had no idea what MHT was, but he seemed so enthusiastic about what he’d seen that I felt I should go and see what it was all about.


I went for a consultation in Birmingham with Ian in July 2010. As we spoke, I couldn’t help but keep staring at his head. I knew straight away that this could really change my life. I genuinely wasn’t bothered about my strip scars, I just wanted coverage at the front. During the entire meeting I remember repeating to myself over and over, “Please say you can do this on burnt skin”. I was desperate by this point, and knew this was the answer I’d been looking for.


Looking back, I know the real reason I wanted this was because I didn’t want to be an embarrassment to my son when he got older. He was just 6 months old at the time but I knew the future was just a heartbeat away, and I wanted to be able to take him swimming, and carry him on my shoulders without worrying about him messing up my hair. I know this sounds really strange, but I kept having this recurring nightmare of lying on a sun lounger on holiday, and one of the kids pouring a bucket of water over my head. I knew it was just a dream, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I finally decided that I couldn’t carry on like this.


My treatment took 5 sessions to complete. Ranbir did my first three, then Damon and #### did my fourth and fifth. I use the Remington R91 every morning. I literally shave for 5 minutes then walk out of the door.


Words cant describe how I felt during and after my sessions. Liberated. That’s about as close as I can get. No more hours spent in front of the mirror getting frustrated and angry. I sleep with my head rested on a pillow. I smile when it rains. I can go swimming and spend time with my friends and family without worrying about my hair. I just feel like the biggest anxiety in my life has been swept away.


I remember one time I was at home. I looked out of the back door and saw it was raining. For no particular reason I took my top off and stood outside in the rain, head to the sky with my arms outstretched. After so many years of being terrified of the rain, I was so happy to stand out there getting soaking wet without a care in the world.


Now I am an MHT practitioner, the best job in the world, every time a client sits in the chair I look at them and my attitude is “that’s me sitting there, I’m going to change your life forever”. I believe nobody will ever be more passionate about hair loss and MHT than me. They may be as passionate, but nobody will ever be more so…. Because I’ve lived it for 39 years and its why I changed my career to become a practitioner because this really works, and I honestly believe this is the best hair loss solution in the world.


I don’t think Ian and Ranbir will ever truly know the debt of gratitude I owe them. They have changed my life completely, both personally and professionally. Of course I have thanked them, but truthfully my words go so far beyond that. They saved me. If I had to choose three words – Respect, love and gratitude.

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1. #### aged 3, one year after the burn. You can see the bandage on his head where his skin was still healing. His face and hands were still burned in this photo.


2. Another of #### aged 3, covering the burned area with his remaining hair


3. #### aged 13. Although he was wearing a hairpiece in this photo, he still tried to live a normal life. This is #### holding a trophy after a football presentation


4. This photo was taken in 1993, 4 days after Simons scalp reduction procedure. He's wearing a hairpiece on the right hand side of his scalp


5. Another from 1993, the Mark Owen lookalike........!






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Wow, what a great story, I have briefly met #### in the Birmingham clinic while having one of my sessions, have to say I would never ever have guessed his hair loss was from 3rd degree burns! His treatment looks brilliant and the work on strip scars looks virtually undetectable. Amazing story and amazing results. 

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Absolutely amazing.  I can't decide what I like better the story or the results.  I guess they are kind of intertwined lol. He must truly be one of those people that love their job.  Could you imagine going to work everyday doing something you are truly connected and believe in because you went through it yourself.  

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Saying that this is a touching account is quite an understatement.
I'm so happy for this guy: he's a real gentle spirit and what he's been through makes most of our stories a joke compared to this ordeal (please nobdy feel offended: I'm talking about the average hairloss story... I know it's been quite painful for anybody anyway).

Needless to say: his mht is a masterpiece.
Needless to say again: now I soooo wished he'd be my pratictioner in january! :))  But I'm pretty sure all the other pratictioners are just as empathic and simpathetic. Thumbs up!

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Hi Damian ; )

Huge respect for #### for sharing his extremely personal story. It will without a doubt help a countless number of people, including himself.

To me #### is the Rocky Balboa of hair loss, all the battles he has endured all of his life does require one hell of a unique heart, he didn't win them all, but he certainly never gave up, and who is punching the air on top of them steps right now.

The first MHT i ever saw in person was ####'s and it blew me away, to imagine anything other than natural hair loss under his MHT is just nuts, looking at ####'s before pictures is concrete proof that HIS do achieve miracles, #### looks simply awesome. (But still looks like Mark Owen with a shaved head haha)

I will always be so honored what #### did for me, he really did fix my head from the inside as well as the outside, a truly inspiring human being who deserves all the happiness in the world, a real friend for life.

Danny ; )



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IMHO, one of the best things Ian and Ranbir have done is to hire former clients who have really been affected by hair loss first hand.  I learned this myself from listening to Jonathan Tang.  Great story.

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Great story , unless you have gone through hair-loss its impossible to know how beaten up a lot of us are on the inside - its refreshing to know that when its our turn to sit in the "magic" chair that the guys doing the work know how much this means to us .

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Amazing, he is such a nice bloke. He did two of my treatments in London and I thought his mht looked amazing. He is a true professional. I now feel a bit pathetic for feeling sorry for myself about hair loss and ht scar.

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If anyone is sat on the fence after reading ####'s inspiring story then I'd be amazed. Moving and miraculous. The best part of what HIS are creating is that many aren't just vanity stories, they are truly life changing, new beginnings for people.

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