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Im new to the forum here! I just wanted to know whether the tattooing hair loss treatment actually works?! And how much you guys paid for it as I am reaal interested in getting it done.

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Hi Jade,


The forum is precisely targeted towards answering your question. Ian is not involved in it, so you can see all the information here is mainly from his clients.


Does this work? well, see if there are negative experiences on the forum. I think you will find zero. So as long as you're happy with a shaved head look (Which is very fashionable nowadays) this is for you.


I would recommend calling Ian or even going up to Birmingham to see and talk to them directly.

There are no obligations and it's up to you to decide when you want to do it or "if" not to do it all. Price is relative to how much of an area you have done, so can't help too much with that.

Ian would be able to tell you once he can examine the scalp area though.


Hope that helps.

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