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A new start - transition from a hair system into MHT.

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Hello all,

I would not normally post in forums, I envisaged that I would read all the information on  this forum, and even if I decided to go for it, that I would get in and get out, without signing up on here, posting anything, or even telling anybody close to me that I was having this done.

Reason being, that my "hair cover up" has been one big secret for 8 years. Since I was 19 when my dad passed away and through the stress of this lost an extraordinary amount of hair in a matter of weeks, I decided desperatley to go into using a hair system.

For years I have dealt with this on my own, and since reading this forum it has opened my eyes to how many more people go through the same thing, and have the same insecurities, and it is amazing to see how supportive everyone in here is to each other.

So as I was saying from the age of 19, I have been using hair systems, and not told anyone. I have put up with how uncomfortable, irritable, unhygenic, and confining, mentally and physically for TOO long. Because it was a secret, I didnt feel confident enough to look into other solutions. All the time I have a hair system on then physically I feel secure, and do no have the reminder in the mirror every time as to why I lost my hair.

So its been a big step to consider a change, I am 27 now, the first was to tell my girlfriend (who had no idea) what my hair was about and explain why I had done it, she has been amazingly supportive, and doing this allowed me to mentally open myself up to change. It made me realise that its not acceptable to allow yourself to be uncomfortable for the last 2 weeks of every month before your next refusion, its not acceptable not to be able to play the sports you want, or to not go swimming. If anyone is reading this post and is in hair systems and is not happy, then take advice from someone who has spent tens of thousands of pounds, if you have not done so already TELL the people who love you, let them in, and let them help, secondly if you are looking at MHT, dont just look DO IT, book a consultation....

I booked a consultation, and was luckily enough to see the owner Mr Watson, no hard sell, just a relaxed conversation explaining every question I had, he has the treatment himself and let me touch and study his scalp, it looks AMAZING!

Since then I am now changing jobs, giving me the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and book in. Mr Watson - gave me the option of doing a You Tube video, and I have said Yes. Not just to help out people in a similar situation, but to help myself, to let go of the demons of the past 8 years, with it out in the open I have no more secrets and am able to truely move on with my life.

I am booked in for this Wednesday, and have been told I need 3/4 treatments.

However from trawling this forum, I cannot see alot of people doing diaries or giving their story who are coming over from a hair system0 (probably why I was asked to do the video), and I would like some help and guidance from people who have, or feel like they can help!?

Its 7 days until I turn up. The problem with having a hair system for 8 years is my scalp, I intend on taking it off on the Sunday (earliest I can possibly do it) stay in hiding wash my scalp and let it BREATH. My scalp has not seen the daylight for years, so I am worried as to how it will react to the sessions. My scalp is a light pink colour, and can bleed easily. Is there any products anyone can recommend to use pre-1st session!? Or any other advice that anyone can think of for my particular situation?!

Thank you. James.


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James - 

While I didn't have a system, I had never shaved my head or exposed my scalp before getting the treatment. I did a comb-over and used Toppik & Dermatch to cover the bald spot underneath it.

I wouldn't do much to your scalp since your treatment is coming up soon. Just clean it and moisturize it. 

For my first few sessions my scalp was very dry and I bled a little. It still turned out great in the end. 

The biggest thing was the skin was so white because it had never been exposed to sunlight. Over the summer I was able to get some sun w/sunscreen on my head and it's evened out the color a lot. 

Still,when I was pale up there the pigment does most of the work. I got a few comments early on (since I had my treatment in the winter) that I just needed to get some sun on my scalp, but nothing worse than that. 

Just stay relaxed and know you're in great hands. It's good of you to do a video as I bet that helps so many people. One of the best parts of participating in this forum is when you realize you may have helped someone make this decision with your experiences and input. 

You're going to love not having the system on your head. With my hair loss, I also couldn't swim or do activities at the gym without having a bandana on my head to hide the loss. I couldn't even drive with my windows down. In the past 10 months, I've done all the things I couldn't and it's been a great gift. 

You'll look different without the hair/system on your head and you have to give yourself some time to adjust to it. That said, it's a better way of life with no restrictions other than sunscreen and moisturizing it. 

Good luck!

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I too have been wearing a system for many years and when my sides started to thin and a topper unit would no longer blend I went to a full cap which felt and looked ridiculous so my only option was to go back to a topper or show my scars and grin and bare it until I ran across this option and decided to take a leap which is defiantly working out so well for me. Glad you are going to share the experience!

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Welcome - there was a guy on the site about 6 months ago who was a system wearer for about 30 years - then had MHT , if I remember his scalp was pretty bad /flaky and generaly in poor condition after it being covered for so long , I think he advised to uncover early and treat your scalp for as long as possible before treatment just to help the scalp breath - cannot remember his name and unfortuantly I think he found he had Cancer before he had his full number of sessions so stopped treatment/posting - if he is reading this I hope his life is picking up again and he will soon be back on track . Anyway JCB looking forward to following your treatment you are in good hands .

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Thank you to everyone who replied to my first post. Its a great feeling when reading supportive messages. I have now had my first treatment!!!

I did my video first off, I was more nervous about that than the treatment, it will be quite unique to other videos once its posted up, as my girlfriend was just as much a part of the video as I was, my third treatment is on the 27th so look out for the video being on here or you tube from November onwards!

Once I got that out the way, I then realised I had a 4 hour session to take care off. I shaved my head on the Friday and the redness had gone down ALOT, however from using systems for 8 years I knew my scalp was going to be very sensitive.

To say it wasnt painful would be lying. I am sure it was because of the sensitivity of my scalp, as the treatment didnt appear to cause the guy next to me any problems at all, he had some redness and said it hurt a little, while my head came up a nice purple colour. Again I must re-iterate that this would be because of my sensitive sore scalp, but the pain I felt would be somewhere in the region of 20x worse than a tattoo I got which spans the entire area of my forearm.

No pain no gain right?!

I am going to try and upload photos from my phone, any feedback would be great..

I do not have any from beforehand (they will be on the video) I would be a norewood 7, there was entire work done on my top and back of my head...

The atmosphere in the London studio is relaxed, the two pratictioners have both had MHT done and both put my mind at ease, I LOVE the results...again please let me know what you think!

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hey there JCB.

great to read your story mate..i wish you all the best.
I also was trapped in a hair system that really cost me more in not living my life to the full than anything else..i wore a wig for 13 years and was able to take it off every night for 3 months leading up to my treatment (i was worried about the state of my scalp also) to try and moisturise and get some healing done
i also had a nasty first session and id agree was 20x worse than the 2 tatts ive had (like a 9/10 on a pain scale) must be the hair system syndrome and the sensitivity from not letting the scalp see the light of day etc...the good news is my second session 6 days later dropped to a 3/10 and my 3rd 4 days later like a 2/10
good luck with the rest of your journey

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