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I have visited Ian for consultation a while back. I will say he was extremely helpful and done all he could to assist me in making a decision right for me . I want to go ahead with treatment but i am still getting days where i am feeling nervous about what i am about to do. I have looked at Ians hair and the photo's on here and it does look really good. However i would like to meet someone else who has had the treatment just to put my mind at ease that i am doing the right thing for me.


I am based in North London and am wondering if anyone is willing to meet up that has had it done and put my mind at rest? Just want to get rid of the final jitters and get it done and get on with my life.


Many thanks

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Hi Terry welcome to the forum.


Don't be suprised that you are nervous as anybody who said they were not would be telling fibs. Its a massive step for anybody so you are not alone.

I had my consultation with Ian back in May and I was that impressed with what I saw and what I was told that I booked in for June. The days and weeks leading up to the treatment I was a bag of nerves and contemplated a couple of times not going ahead. However I did and am very glad I did so.

There is section on the forum "Arranging to meet" where you can request a meet up with clients. Im sure there will be quite a number in the London/South region who would be willing to meet.

Anyway good luck and if you are happy to have a shaved/clipped look then this treatment is amazing. Let us no how you get on. Damon

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