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HI everyone, Ian, Ranbir,


It's been 5 days since my 2nd treatment. I left it until now cus i wanted to see for myself the actual result of these sessions. The redness has gone, colour has faded down to a natural looking shade. And the verdict.....


BOY!!! I look fantastic....GOD!!! I have hair. THis is how i looked 10 years ago before i started losing my hair. It's been a long time coming but my dream has now being answered, thanks to the 2 most professional, caring and friendly individules. Have you guessed who yet?


Ian, Ranbir, I can't thank you guys enough, my confidence level is sky high, this to me is priceless.


If any of you are still thinking about it....don't think....just do it. It'll be the best thing you'll ever do!!!


Merry Xmas everyone. I've got the best present about you?

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