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  1. Houston Clinic

    I've been "ghosting" on this forum for over a year...haven't ever commented on anything. I've been considering SMP for at least that long. The nearest clinic to me is in Houston (I live in New Orleans area). I'm just wondering does anyone have any pictures of work done in Houston, and the quality I'd get there? Despite all attempts to ensure consistency, some clinics are simply better than others, in my opinion (based on the results I see on here). If I lived near NYC or LA, I'd go there without hesitation, but I don't, and Houston is my best option...I just need to see some pics, because I'm not prepared to go through with SMP without knowing the type of look I might achieve. Additionally, I have a transplant scar in the back of my head (it's not too bad...but I know that makes a difference). So, anyone with any pics, or experiences, at the Houston clinic, that'd be awesome! Thanks.
  2. Hi guys: Had two sessions so far in July on my HT scar. Pre-treatment looked liked this: I was very happy with results 4 days after the second session - here is the photo just after shaving: But it is now 2 weeks since second session, and it actually looks to be getting worse!! (again, just after shaving) Has the SMP faded/blended too much?? Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am going in for a consultation very soon because I hate the transplant scars on the back of my head. It's been quite a while since my last transplant - probably about 9 or 10 years. And I believe I had 4 procedures done in total. Initially I wasn't too displeased with the results but I didn't really consider the remaining hair I had falling out. Now, I have to grow my hair extra long in back to cover the scars while also growing it longer than I would like on top to be consistent with the back. This leads to somewhat of a comb over look (or that may be just my insecurity) but it definitely has that stringy look I hate. If I can go back now and just shave my head I would. That being said, I want to find out if my strip scars can be camoflauged enough so that I won't be equally or even more insecure with a shaved head exposing the pinkness around them. I realize everyone is different. My hair color is what I would call medium brown It would be hard to post photos because unlike many guys on here, I have my hair currently grown out, so seeing the scars in a photo would be tough to analyze them. I can say they feel flat, which is a good sign. But when I pull my hair up, I do see some pink marks around them. I guess I would be concerned that even with SMP, the pink would still be visible drawing attention to the scars. I would not at all call my transplants botched, but I'm just so hesitant to do anything more at this point as I don't want anymore lifelong regrets about what I've done to my head. I think I would initially just be interested in covering the scars as I may have enough hair on top if I shave my head where creating a full head of hair effect is not necessary. But can't do it without knowing the scars won;t be very visible at all. Sorry for the long winded message and no photos but if anyone has had the procedure done on scars and had a lot of pink in/around those scars and it turned out great, I'd love to hear more about it. Thanks in advance for all responses!
  4. I’m sorry if this has already been discussed on another thread but I’m considering getting SMP to help camouflage a strip scar. My skin is pale and my hair is dark brown. I understand from other threads that generally speaking the closer you can shave your hair the more effective the treatment will be. However I really don’t want to shave my head with a bic style razor. Therefore my question is, can you get away with shaving your head daily with electric clippers without a guard? Apologies, I can't seem to post pictures or links (apparently because I have less than 10 posts) but the two gentlemen currently pictured at the bottom of the 'Hair transplants and scars page' (Home > Treatment > Hair transplant and scars) seem to have their heads shaved with clippers. Would you agree? Also I’m realistic about the results. I’m not aiming for the scar to be completely invisible. My hope is that it will simply be far less noticeable to passers-by. Thank you in advance for any response.