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  1. Do I have the head shape?

    Hi guys, currently wear a system but am thinking of moving to smp. I’ve always had a slightly wonky head, (see childhood photo) and am wondering if I’d suit smp. Any recommendations appreciated
  2. Risks of SMP after FUE?

    Hi, Are there any risks associated with having an SMP in the recipient area where an FUE was done? (scalp & beard grafts were placed into the crown, and want to add SMP in the same recipient area for added density). I know that it's usually best to wait 10-12 months for the grafts to grow before doing the SMP, but apart from this, is there any risk of SMP damaging the hairs in the recipient area? I've read that SMP is placed at a more superficial level and thus can't affect hairs, but maybe the transplanted hairs are not placed as deep as the native hairs? Thanks in advance.
  3. Smp just for camouflage FUE

    Hi there, Thinking of getting smp but only to mask scars, will not being going onto the crown at all and will only do scar cover on the horse shoe area for a natural look. Any my thoughts on this? Is this realistic? I am 25 and worried about how aging turns hair grey and my balding isn’t finished yet. I don’t want anything too drastic or to paint outside the lines of the scars at all. I hope that this will be my solution. pics attached
  4. Hi I’m a new poster i want to get smp done but only as scar camouflage and leave the rest of my head as bald as it is. Everything as natural as possible. So just the horse shoe will be done after I was wrecked by Turkey fue procedure. Will post pictures some of dots are large but many hopefully small enough to cover with a dot. one part of my plan is to just do the small dots and then hopefully everything will be at a level I find acceptable and go leave house without a hat on confortably.
  5. Hey guys. I'm in my mid 20s and I would like to get SMP done My hairloss started very aggressively when I was 16-17. I jumped on Finasteride when I was 20 and I responded REALLY well to the treatment, it absolutely halted my regression, reinforced some of the thinning hair and maintained a NW2 look. Unfortunately, I'll be dropping the drug for good (side-effects). It's been around a month and I'm already shedding like a dog, especially at the temples - the worse place for my MPB. My derm said I'll probably be a NW3 or NW4 in March of next year if the shedding keeps going at this pace I'm 100% sure I want to buzz all my hair and go the SMP-route, it's a very elegant solution if you do it while shaving your head still seems like a "choice" Most of the videos I've seen of SMP are of NW4+ guys, though. Is it possible to start the treatment as a lower Norwood? What would be the longterm plan in a case like this? Progressively fill in the affected areas?
  6. Hi all, happy new year, After decades of hair system wearing, I am going for SMP consult. The hair system gives me great hair, but it gets itchy frequently, lot of fuss checking it all the time, and it really has held me back from some activities over the years. I'm in my late 60's and still want to look and feel good, and the improvements of SMP make it something to consider now. I have a light complexion and 90% gray hair, 10% light brown, of thin density sides and back. Can this work for me. Some initial pictures sent in to an SMP tech says it can be a go. I'm excited! Will appreciate some positive feedback, anyone with similar issues?
  7. Hi I had my 3rd session in December in Birmingham with Ranbir and Ian.I wish I had the before pictures but the practitioner who carried out my 1st and 2nd session treatment is no longer working for the company. My 3rd treatment has now settled.These are my treatments so far:12.02.2018 1 session 19.02.2018 2 session 13.12.2018 3 session I was very nervous before my first session because I was afraid that the SMP would not look real. That fear went away at my first meeting in the clinic when I met a staff member who had done the treatment and it looked so good that if he had not told me that he had done SMP then I would not have known. Even when looking up close I could not see the border separating his own hair and the SMP. And now I feel lucky to be in the same situation. I'm very happy with the result. I love swimming , and I've heard that this can make it fade , but I'll just try it and if it fades then I'll take a refresh later in 2019. However after your SMP I've heard that you should wait at least one month before entering a swimming pool. I think it's the chlorine that can be bad for the color. Thanks to Ranbir and Ian for being cutting-edge professional
  8. Brain Tumor & SMP

    Hi Everyone, Let me PREFACE by saying "I do not have SMP done yet nor am I saying that SMP gives you a tumor.." I am new here and very thankful for the HIS Hair Clinic Forum- you have all done wonders to raise awareness about SMP! In regards to my question, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago (not cancerous, but need to have MRI check ups every other year or more). Given that SMP has not gone through any longitudinal (20+ years) case studies since it’s relatively new, I am trying to cover my bases now. There have been reports of tattoo ink causing first degree burns during MRI’s ( and scrambling MRIs because of the irons and metals in them, do we know if the ingredients in SMP ink (which from what I see is simply less concentrated tattoo ink) has these same metals? And further, do we know if SMP ink can make conditions like tumors worse overtime (in the 17 years that they’ve been used thus far?) The problem is, even the FDA finds it difficult to give an answer on whether tattoo ink is safe- And although the ink is going on the epidermis vs deeper, does this even matter? My buddy had SMP done and I tried to search their ingredients and some other SMP company ingredients... as a person in the science field, I am big on details.. when I see a product that will go on my head stating "organic, will NOT leave a BLUE or GREEN mark" instead of listing actual ingredients because of competitors seeing it, this is alarming. I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. As much as I want SMP asap, I don't want to exacerbate existing issues that could have been avoided. Thank you in advance,
  9. Hello guys,I have had my smp recently ,not by his though. Now I have a problem with crown area and it's always looks odd to me. I have shaved with 2 different shaver : braun foil and Philips(do it yourself model) clipper With foil shaver ,it is a definitely no for me , because it's get too disconnected and gets to skin , however with the clipper (gets to 0.5 shortest) , front looks ok , but still not so good on crown area. Just wondering if a closer shaver could solve this for me ? and any suggestion regarding to that ? or something else needed to be done ? It kinda seems the hair and smp not blending together that so good on the crown area (norwood7)and a bit of color differences , since I cannot post pics(forum rules) ,cannot describe well , though I guess you guys with more experience might guess what I am talking about . mentioned I am norwood7 , so nothing on top. I appreciate some input. Cheers
  10. Hello guys, I have done my 3rd session recently about 3 weeks ago elsewhere and not by hishair and not really happy with some of the details ,just wondering some of you with more experience could shed some light. I tried to post some pics ,but seems it against the rules of forum ,so I am going to explain. I was Norwood 7 , and treatment was done 3 weeks ago ,however I have problem finding best solution to cover the crown and it is not blended very good or maybe I am too sensitive and it is what it is ? Since you cannot see the pics , you can not judge , but can you please tell me how good the border between your SMP and real hair looks like when looking in the mirror( at the BACK of head specifically) ? is it very noticeable by your eyes ? slightly noticeable ? I am not sure what is the problem ,the SMP ,the way I shave ? or density ? For shaving , I have tried a 8000 braun foil shaver (10years old) whichI used to use for shaving beard but since it's gets all hair to the skin, the result was awful and disconnected, so I tried this Philips clipper and with this one I get as short as 0.5 . for the front look it's perfect ,, but problem is on the crown. I can not find any way to solve that . I have booked another session for assessment but if not getting best solution from there ,I am happy to reconsider other options . Regarding the shaver , is there anything in the market ,that gets shorted than 0.5 (to the dots) , but not getting to the skin ? do you think maybe that could help ? How some of you wet shave or use rotary and get to the skin , but don't get disconnected from SMP dots ? Appreciate all the help guys , Cheers
  11. Wow, just had my second session and what a world of difference in how my SMP looks from the first sesh. During my first one my practitioner went super light, describing it as a “dusting”. It was basically to the point where I could barely notice a difference looking in the mirror. I had no qualms since research and my practioner both reassured me that it’s not till after the 2nd visit that you really notice a difference in appearance. So, I’m by no means displeased with the results I see 12 hrs after going in for round two, I’m just hoping to lean on you guys to calm a few concerns. I remeber after the first sesh I was worried about how dark the pigments came out and also how large they seemed compared to what was left of my natural follicles. That being said, I’m hoping I shouldn’t put too much stock into the same thing considering I remember how quickly the super black ink faded down to match my natural hair color and hair follicle size. It’s just much harder to avoid looking in the mirror and obsessing over the SMP looking natural and hoping it wasn’t messed up by the needle being pushed down too hard... Anyway, I just wanted to share some before and after photos to see what you guys think? Am I just adjusting to the SMP mentally, or did my guy not do too great a job? For clarity, I separated the photos in groups of 2-3 starting with before/after 1st/after 2nd (12 hours). I’m going in for my final session in a week and was wondering what there could be left to finish with the density seeming quite thick as is? Finally, my practitioner gave me the subtle, natural hairline I requested, but now I’m thinking it my look a bit better if it was just a little sharper? Anyone know if this can be done between session 2 and 3, or is it too late? And if anyone has any thoughts on whether I should go sharper on the hairline (if possible)? Any help/advice/comments/questions/or responses in general are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to everyone!
  12. Hey guys, Here's some images of my post first session. So far it seems really sparse, light and isn't current very good coverage. You can still clearly see all of my bald areas. I'm hoping this normal post first session? I hope it will look MUCH better. For 3K, it's pretty underwhelming thus far. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  13. This question is for anyone whose already had SMP. I currently don't have any tattoos and am nervous about my head becoming one haha. I'm nervous about seeing myself too differently and having a hard time adjusting to the new look. I know this might sound strange, but did any of you have these thoughts beforehand or feel a little restless about it? Did it get better after the procedure? If you had anxiety beforehand, are you still glad you got it done? Thanks guys.
  14. I saw online people discussing weight gain and SMP. Someone said you should be at your ideal or healthiest weight before doing the treatment especially if overweight. They said the pigment does shift a little and fading can be more pronounced. Also faces can look very different if someone loses 50 pounds. Since practitioners design hair lines based on facial features this is reasonable no? I also heard that gaining weight very quickly can make the scalp stretch too quickly... Thoughts?
  15. Hey guys, As my SMP appointment approaches closer, I'm getting more uneasy and nervous about it. I guess the permanency of the treatment is giving me anxiety. Any of you guys who've had SMP experience this? Does it easier I assume? Are you happy you followed through? Thanks much.
  16. Hey guys, I'm scheduled to get SMP in October and was wondering how close down do you have to shave your head. I currently just use a pair of clippers with no guard and it leaves a little growth/stubble. I do this once every 2 days. I really prefer it that way to just straight razor, which is too short my liking. Once I get SMP do I have to use a straight razor or can I leave just a little stubble/growth?
  17. How’s my first session looking?

    Hi all, pretty new to this whole thing but decided to bite the bullet and get the treatment done a few days back now, my question... how is this looking for after a first session? Im not sure if these dots are to big or what... like I know my body is getting used to the ink/Inflammation etc but this seems off to me... or am I just being paranoid?
  18. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    Hi all, I am now in my mid thirties. Have been losing hair since I was 16. Now I have a bit a cash and technology has moved on, I am considering my options: 1) Transplant. I’ve had a consultation and have been told I have enough donor hair to go for it. The procedure is not cheap at around £5,000. They also recommend taking Proprecia and I really don’t like the idea of messing with testosterone for a long time. 2) SMP. I’ve had a consultation with HIS. The consultant seemed competent and some of the online results look really promising. It’s about half the price of FUE. Downside is that is fake and I would be stuck with a shaved head forever. I do like lifting weights however and wouldn’t mind the idea of a hard arse look. 3) Do nothing, accept the baldness and try to pull off the bald look. Do you have any suggestions/advice?
  19. Removal process for SMP

    Hi everyone, So I just got my first SMP session done a day ago, and the results are actually very good. I have diffuse thinning on top so it matches perfectly at a 1 guard. However, I am having second thoughts. I know, I know, the rollercoaster, but the truth is I feel like having it done was what was needed for me to accept the process of going bald. Anyways, I do plan on at least postponing my second session for now before making anymore decisions. And I also plan on speaking with my practitioner (His Hair) about my options. In the meantime, I had some questions for you guys since I’m sure I’m not the first one to have come to this conclusion: 1) What is the risk of existing hair loss or discoloration if I use laser removal? My practitioner said it was minimal but wondering what people’s experiences have been 2) How long do you have to wait in between getting the procedure to removal? Will it look “bad” in the process? 3) Are there any ways to speed up the fading process naturally in the meantime? For example exfoliating, sun exposure, retinoids, etc... Thanks for your time!
  20. Is SMP ink safe??

    This may be a silly question but is the ink used for SMP safe to be injected into your scalp? I mean, can it have toxic affects on your health and mind, being so close to your brain? Have their ever been any reports of issues? Would love to hear any thoughts on this. Thanks much.
  21. Small pimples/ blisters?

    Hi all! For my first treatment 2 days. The area is still red but I noticed I have small white/clear bumps all over my head. I’ll attach a photo. Should I be concerned or is this part of the process? Any insight would be appreciated. Daniel Nester poems
  22. Hi there, I've had a recent FUE transplant (4000 grafts) and will have another at the end of the year. After that I'm looking at having SMP to give the appearance of more density while still having my hair long. I was wondering if anyone who has had an SMP at His has grown their hair long afterwards? How did it look? I can't seem to find any before/after photos like that on the website or from looking through the forums here, So I guess my question is, can I get something done with HIS?
  23. First session smp

    Hi everyone. Not sure why im making this post to be honest but just feeling nervous about my first smp session i have on tuesday Today was the first day i washed out all of the concelar i had been using the last 3 years. I surpsingly had more hair than i thought Looking at the pictures below would anyone be able to offer any advice or thoughts about the type of hairline i should go for and what lenght i would be able to keep once i have had the procedure This is my first post about anything ever on the internet so sorry if i have not done it in the right place Thanks and have a good weekend
  24. Hello, I am looking to get some advice from those who know a bit more about the possibilities of SMP. I still have a decent amount of hair on top, but I cant shave it down due to my FUE scars. I would like to know if it would be possible to leave a grade 1-2 on top, and get smp ONLY on the back/sides of my head to hide the FUE dots as much as possible? If anybody knows of any threads etc where photos of such a procedure are provided, please let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hi Guys, After getting an due procedure which looked great, but now doesn't look so good, I am thinking about adding temporary smp to give more coverage. The purpose of this post is to get some opinions on which length would be best. I do not wish to go for a completely shaved look, but would consider a 1 or a 2 guard. Alternatively, I could leave my hair the way it is and get smp to cover thinner areas. So far, my favourite option is to buzz it down to a 1 or a 2, and add smp. Do you think this would look good? Cheers