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  1. Hello, I have been surfing the smp forums for his for a while now Im 26 and I had a fue surgery done 4 years ago and tbh the results are not what I expected I was young and rushed to the first place I saw I had this done abroad I didnt know much about the procedure but I was so fixated on having hair I went for it without a second thought. They seemed to have harvested quite a lot of grafts from the back and sides of my head and in some places excessively than others. When I grow it out it doesn't look to bad but because of just behind my crown they took too many there seems to he a significant bald thinning patch which was never there before. I want to know how well smp will camouflage my scars. Will it look like shaven hair on the scars or look different to the rest of my sides of my scalp. I am really on the edge as to what to do. I have considered more fue but like I mentioned the donor was harvested in such a manner that taking more an absolute disaster, if it isn't already. I am of Asian descent so I have relatively brown skin. From.what I have read this is more ideal than a caucasian skin colour but I still am wary because to be honest there aren't any real examples of Asian men on here who have had the procedure generally or even for FUE scars I could do with some.genuine advice from.someone who has a better idea of this sort of situation. I wouldn't mind getting my whole head done. I have a good hairline from the fue and near the crown but the middle of my head wasnt attended to in the procedure so this is the only area which causes me to believe my fue was not a success but I want to know if different areas will end up looking the same.once buzzed down. I'm not a fan of balding my.head but I wouldn't mind a 0 guard look. Will my fue scar area, along with the implanted area and my significantly thinned bald patch on the top all end up looking the same. If there is anyone on here that could help me out would be totally grateful as I feel extremely hopeless as to how to fight this problem and not end up regretting it. Sorry for the long essay but I haven't really been on forums before and this subject has become.more of an issue for me.
  2. Smp just for camouflage FUE

    Hi there, Thinking of getting smp but only to mask scars, will not being going onto the crown at all and will only do scar cover on the horse shoe area for a natural look. Any my thoughts on this? Is this realistic? I am 25 and worried about how aging turns hair grey and my balding isn’t finished yet. I don’t want anything too drastic or to paint outside the lines of the scars at all. I hope that this will be my solution. pics attached
  3. Hi I’m a new poster i want to get smp done but only as scar camouflage and leave the rest of my head as bald as it is. Everything as natural as possible. So just the horse shoe will be done after I was wrecked by Turkey fue procedure. Will post pictures some of dots are large but many hopefully small enough to cover with a dot. one part of my plan is to just do the small dots and then hopefully everything will be at a level I find acceptable and go leave house without a hat on confortably.
  4. I'm curious as to what those of you with scars and SMP'd scars do for work and if people make comments about it. What's your day to day like flying the scar in public?
  5. I’ve wanted to post on here for a long time. I’ll try and sum up my story for all of you. Here we go: The Backstory I started losing my hair when I was 16 (1999). I was a sophomore in high school. I used Rogaine almost immediately and it worked really well for a few years. By the time I was 20 my hair loss was much more noticeable and I began to look into other options. Needless to say losing my hair at such a young age was less than fun. I held out until I was 23 (2006) to get a hair transplant. I got a hair transplant from Dr. K.D. Siporin in Los Angeles (I’m originally from Ventura, CA). At first it was pretty good. I wouldn’t say it ever looked great but there was a brief window of time where I was somewhat comfortable with it. You all know the story from here. More hair feel out, I wanted to shave my head however there was a big scar on the back of my head. I was able to shave it down to about a #6 without it showing through. This is when I began to look into scar repair, cover up and improvement Scar Wars….In the beginning In 2009 I began looking into ways to improve my scar. The first option I came across was getting grafts into the scar itself. In my desperate naiveté this seemed like a great option. I didn’t come across any SMP options until a few years later. In 2010 I got grafts into my strip scar from a hair transplant doctor in Hillsboro Oregon. I don’t remember his name however he was very nice but it struck me that he was bald and providing suckers, I mean, patients with hair transplants. Anyway, I got a 1.5 inch portion of my scar and surrounding hair removed and then grafts into my scar. I’m not sure why I thought this would be a fix all but I was desperate. This eventually came out ok but left me with a worse scar on the right side of my head. My original scar is actually really thin. HIS Episode I I stumbled across HIS in 2011. It seemed like a miracle. It was exactly what I was looking for. I had my Skype consultation and set up two treatments in LA for May of 2012. I was very nervous and excited. I shaved my head for the first time since 2004 before the treatment and once again was reminded of what lay beneath. I made the trip to LA from Ventura (I’ve lived in Portland, Ore since 2008 but had to go to the LA clinic because at the time that was the only west coast HIS clinic). The practitioner at the LA clinic at the time was named XXXX. He immediately rubbed me the wrong way and came across arrogant, disinterested and unprofessional. To sum it up I had two treatments with him and saw literally zero improvement. To make matters worse the refused to provide me with a follow up appointment after my second treatment. Rest assured, he no longer works for HIS. The Quest Continues After my LA treatment disappointing disillusionment I returned to Portland and got a new game plan together. I had found out about micro-needling and began to do so regularly on the scar. It worked fairly quickly and began to show improvement in color and texture. However, at this time I had my hair grown out to a #6. I did get pretty crafty at blending in the hair to cover the scar. So I’d shave my head down to a #4 or #3 and use a blended #5 or #6 around the scar. All the while I kept my eye on HIS. They opened a Seattle clinic in 2013 and I was one of the first people to get a consultation. Between work and life (I had a major health issue in 2013) it took me until 2014 to schedule my next treatments with HIS. Which takes us to the next phase of this phuckin’ journey…. HIS Episode II I scheduled 3 treatments for April/May 2014 in Seattle. My practitioner was XXXX (don’t remember his last name). He was really nice, welcoming and understanding of the whole thing. I remember him saying “We both have the same goal, for this treatment to look great.” That was very reassuring. I told him about my previous experience with HIS and apologized on behalf of HIS. The treatments went well for the most part. XXXX went a bit too dark because the first time around in LA the treatments had been too light and he was nervous that it would lighten up too much. After things settled with these three treatments the scar did look pretty good. The texture was still a bit rough which cause a lot of inability to camouflage the scar. I began looking into Fraxel treatments to smooth and lighten things a bit. Fraxel Rock OHSU Surgical Dermatology offers fraxel treatments for $50 a session. This was a great find because they are located in Portland. I got three treatments over the summer and fall of 2014. Initially I was worried that this would disrupt the SMP. I searched the HIS forum and found a few people that stated that they had gotten fraxel done afterwards and been ok. I decided to take the leap. I can’t emphasize enough how much fraxel helps scars. It’s almost immediate. Fraxel smooths out the scar, improves color and tightens up the skin within the scar. If you are going to get SMP get Fraxel done beforehand. Not because it messes up the SMP but because it’s a better way to go. I really wish that HIS would have recommended me to during my Seattle consultation in 2013. Ideally, HIS should offer this treatment in house. They would be able to better serve so many clients and make more money. HIS Episode III...return of the fraxel Dave at the Seattle clinic did my touch up SMP in Oct. 2014. I had another fraxel treatment done in Dec 2014. All in all it was looking pretty great. It was still a bit dark and the right side where I got the FUE scar was still rough. I continued my crusade and with the help of XXXX got another touch up in April 2015 (which unfortunately wasn’t done by XXXX because he no longer works for HIS). Since then I’ve had two more fraxel treatments and I have another one coming up in soon. I’m thinking about getting another SMP treatment as well. All in all I’m very happy with how it looks. The scar looks way better than it ever has and I’m still in the process of improving it. Conclusion Fuck hair transplants. Scars are hard to camouflage and they will look different in different lights. If you have a scar, especially a raised or marbled scar, get fraxel. HIS is a good company and offers a great service but don’t expect miracles. Be sure to advocate heavily for yourself and your needs. It’s easy to get depressed and anxious over all this stuff and I don’t have an answer for anyone experiencing those feelings. All I can do is relate and sympathize. It’s been a long, touch road for me and I’m still on it. HIS, SMP and fraxel have helped immensely but the only thing that will truly help you deal with it is yourself. Good Luck The Pics are all recent. They are all taken in different lights. Sunlight w/ flash. Night time w/ flash. Inside under office lighting w/ no flash. I can post more too if y'all want. I'm the fucking Ansel Adams of back of the head pics.
  6. Words of advice please

    Hi All, First of all I want to say what a great site this is. I have been to 3 Smp providers in London and have paid a deposit for treatment at His for July. I am looking for a natural finish with high hairline to match my age (44) I have 2 Fut scars which are now about 15 years old and my my biggest concern is that they will be visible. They are not raised or wide but whiter than the rest of my scalp. My worry is that the scar will suck up the ink. If ths happens, what can I do if I cover the whole head which what I plan to do? If this is the case I won't be able to go grow my hair back if the the top is smp'd. Is it the case that over time and treatment the scar will start to take the ink? Or does it mean that if the scar does suck it up, that's it? Any advice welcome as all of you know I am embarking on a permanent inking on my head for the rest of my life and its a massive gamble?
  7. Considering SMP

    Hi guys my name is Jeremy. My hair loss story is a little more unique than most. I am 24 years old and have always had thick brown hair. Two years ago I lost my Mom to cancer who I was very close to. This as you can imagine caused me allot of stress. About 8 months later I got my hair cut & the barber pointed out tons of bald patches. some are pretty big , I have no idea how I did not notice my self even with my hair longer. I immediately went to a dermatologist where I was diagnosed with scarring Alopecia. The derm said he did not know what caused the scarring alopecia & gave me steroid shots to try to promote growth. the shots did not help at all & actually caused 3 pretty big dents in my scalp that have not gone away. i am also pretty upset at myself because I think i might of caused the scarred areas by vigorously rubbing/ scratching my head especially in the shower which was a nervous habit that i had. I am wondering if anybody knows a way to fix the dents in my scalp that way i could get smp don?. i also have some redness in the areas. Lastly there areas all over my head(worst is front & top) will smp give me good coverage? I know i kind of rambled on I apologize for that but as you can tell i am a little nervous as this is the first time i told anyone outside of my family about my problem. Thanks for reading
  8. Hi, I am going in for a consultation very soon because I hate the transplant scars on the back of my head. It's been quite a while since my last transplant - probably about 9 or 10 years. And I believe I had 4 procedures done in total. Initially I wasn't too displeased with the results but I didn't really consider the remaining hair I had falling out. Now, I have to grow my hair extra long in back to cover the scars while also growing it longer than I would like on top to be consistent with the back. This leads to somewhat of a comb over look (or that may be just my insecurity) but it definitely has that stringy look I hate. If I can go back now and just shave my head I would. That being said, I want to find out if my strip scars can be camoflauged enough so that I won't be equally or even more insecure with a shaved head exposing the pinkness around them. I realize everyone is different. My hair color is what I would call medium brown It would be hard to post photos because unlike many guys on here, I have my hair currently grown out, so seeing the scars in a photo would be tough to analyze them. I can say they feel flat, which is a good sign. But when I pull my hair up, I do see some pink marks around them. I guess I would be concerned that even with SMP, the pink would still be visible drawing attention to the scars. I would not at all call my transplants botched, but I'm just so hesitant to do anything more at this point as I don't want anymore lifelong regrets about what I've done to my head. I think I would initially just be interested in covering the scars as I may have enough hair on top if I shave my head where creating a full head of hair effect is not necessary. But can't do it without knowing the scars won;t be very visible at all. Sorry for the long winded message and no photos but if anyone has had the procedure done on scars and had a lot of pink in/around those scars and it turned out great, I'd love to hear more about it. Thanks in advance for all responses!
  9. Fue Scars Aka The Minefield

    Hi Damien, while browsing the site's case study section I felt a bit curious about Jazz's case, since scars are mentioned but none are shown. could you pull up the pics or refer me to a similar case ? Thank you (this was a pm I tried and failed to send) I'll post some pics this week