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  1. Hi all, I am an ex hair transplant patient or victim, who had 4 bad treatments, which have left 4 bad scars on the back of my head (I would say hypertrophic type - pink and risen). I have not had any HTs for over 10 years and I do not plan to have any more. The top of my head I'm fine with but I'm paranoid about these scars. I have kept my hair long and have tried many things to temporarily keep those scars hidden. I have been reading up on SMP and I think this can be a good solution to permanently cover this region, which I have to cover daily. I live in Birmingham UK, and HIS Hair sounds like the most reputable clinic in my area. They recommended 2 sessions a week apart (with possibility of a third) after a month. A few things concern me. 1. After asking, I have been told that the practitioner will indeed need to shave the area. This is a concern as I typically have the back long to conceal them. There’s a one week gap between Session 1 and Session 2 and I would like to avoid shaving on the first treatment if the scarring will be noticeable. I raised these concerns with the Client service team who have stated that if I wish to do it with longer hair, the consultant will make it work but ideally a shave during the second session would be beneficial. I think I will agree with this as I don't want the result to be compromised but after shaving the back, there's no going back. It will either look seamless or really noticeable and then I will have nothing to conceal it with. What do you think? 2. I thought the procedure is low risk but then I heard about the results being too light or even worse too dark, which requires painful laser removal and then your back to square one. I have been through painful hair transplant procedures (including corrections) and don't want a repeat of this. On average what % coverage can I expect from SMP and with what length? Is it worth the risk? I have done a good job in hiding the scars and don't want to jeopardise this. Would love the thoughts from Practitioners as well as those who have scars and have had tried SMP to conceal them. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm 32 years old, and have a big ear to ear HT scar. I just would like to shave my hair definitely as many of us... To improve my scar i already had one fraxel, and two beard BHT; before that when i had just 24 years old i already tried to shave and had a medium SMP treatment (not good result)... There are 1,5 month i had another SMP session with another practician but it's too dark. I will make a laser tomorrow to erase this and rebegin with a clean scar. Could you please give me a very skilled practician with scar speciality ? I just want the best one and don't make another mistake. I just want finish, i'm very very tired of this and depressed. I can travel in europe without problem. Thanks a lot scar brothers
  3. Scar looking for help

    Hello friends, I have a scar due to a hair transplant that I made 7 years ago. This scar affects me a lot. I have read in the posts that the laser fraxel can help me to flatten and smooth the scar before moving to SMP. Anyone who can share with me please your comments if you think the laser fraxel can help me? Thank you!
  4. HT goose bumps

    Hello all! I have a question for the ones of you who have come in contact with FUE. About two years ago I had 3500 grafts done to the hair line and crown, but like many else I have come to realise that this is not a solution, so now I’ve booked SMP. I have seen some people where the skin of the reciepient area of the HT looks really uneven and almost like exema/goosebumps. My question is if this is something that is noticable with 5 mm trim as well or if it reveals it self when you wet shave. I can see some slight difference in the texture of the skin and what Im seeking is some indication if this will be visible after an smp. thanks for any help!
  5. Hello, I am looking to get some advice from those who know a bit more about the possibilities of SMP. I still have a decent amount of hair on top, but I cant shave it down due to my FUE scars. I would like to know if it would be possible to leave a grade 1-2 on top, and get smp ONLY on the back/sides of my head to hide the FUE dots as much as possible? If anybody knows of any threads etc where photos of such a procedure are provided, please let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. 20160805 001524

    From the album Scar


    Got an a little scratch on my head after hitting it on a play structure. Will this mess up my process? Has anybody went through this?
  8. Hello! Been lurking these forums back and forth in the past year(s?) and figured it was time for myself to get some insight, I am very protective about my secrecy and know this should probably be posted on the Swedish forums but figured the British or American would have more readers and also no stalker friends eventually finding my thread like the nerds they can be. (lol far-fetched I know ) Anyhow I am very pleased about my procedures and wish to thank HIS for doing a great job and accepting me at this age. 3 years ago I went ahead and got myself a FUE HT to my temples and after a year of anxious waiting I was seeing the end result, needless to say I was very disapointed and depressed because of my broken dreams. Found out about SMP through some googling and after ALOT of research I went for it, going in with the idea that having hair where I was going to cover would only add to the realism. Well, it does -to the touch. However I am at unease with how the recieving donor area looks because of the deep insections, the hairs are as it usually goes, sparse, thick and darker, also grows way faster. I read something about Bio oil/micro-needling/ Mesotherapy and wish for some insight? At the moment it looks good right after the shave (with some moisturising skin lotion) but I wish to fix the uneven skin which the hairs grow out of, alternative would be to take them out altogether if thats what it takes to fix it. Really hoping there is an answer to this. Also its mostly 1 side that's bothering me, which also seemed to suck alot of ink, some serious fading between sessions. The skin is easily red if touching/pressing against it and softer on that side. Will try to take pictures outside in the sunlight, so far its different lightning im the most afraid of as it really stands out in certain lights. Best of luck to you all, you are not alone and may you never develop BDD seriously tho.. nothing to joke about
  9. Hello, I am considering fully shaving my head and having SMP but I am concerned about how well my scar can be camouflaged with SMP. I shaved my head to a #1 i think and took these pictures. How worried should I be with this scar? Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect with SMP? I am planning on going to the San Franciscio clinic. Any help, advice, tips or comments is appreciated, thank you
  10. Hello, I am considering fully shaving my head and having SMP but I am concerned about how well my scar can be camouflaged with SMP. I shaved my head to a #1 i think and took these pictures. How worried should I be with this scar? Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect with SMP? I am planning on going to the San Franciscio clinic. Any help, advice, tips or comments is appreciated, thank you!
  11. Hey guys, First time poster, long time lurker. I just had my third treatment done in NY by Jonathon. I have one of the most scarred up heads as anyone out there. Same old story, I had three scalp reduction surgeries, and many transplant surgeries when I was in my early twenties. If I could only get my hands on the quack that did this to me I promise I would rid this world of his stench. I spent the next fifteen years taking depression medications and seeing shrinks to try to deal with the pain of my lost life. I literally lost my soul mate, who divorced me after losing any semblance of self confidence, my personality, everything. I was miserable and even suicidal. I was searching online one day to see what other guys in my situation were doing to see if I could get some relief from the pain I had been suffering for so long. I came upon HIS website and trolled for a couple years before acting on anything because I just don't trust anyone anymore. Photos can be photo-shopped after all. But, my friends, today is the start of my new life. Jonathon, my practitioner from NYC, is one of the coolest cats on the planet. I was super nervous when I went in for a consultation and when I agreed to go through with the process, my hand was shaking so badly, i could hardly sign my name. The first minute after sitting down in Jonathon's room he made me feel comfortable. He said "I have seen so many guys in your situation, don't worry about it, we will get you fixed right up". I joined the board today to only say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the man who literally saved my life. Thank you Jonathon, thank you so much!
  12. Houston Clinic

    I've been "ghosting" on this forum for over a year...haven't ever commented on anything. I've been considering SMP for at least that long. The nearest clinic to me is in Houston (I live in New Orleans area). I'm just wondering does anyone have any pictures of work done in Houston, and the quality I'd get there? Despite all attempts to ensure consistency, some clinics are simply better than others, in my opinion (based on the results I see on here). If I lived near NYC or LA, I'd go there without hesitation, but I don't, and Houston is my best option...I just need to see some pics, because I'm not prepared to go through with SMP without knowing the type of look I might achieve. Additionally, I have a transplant scar in the back of my head (it's not too bad...but I know that makes a difference). So, anyone with any pics, or experiences, at the Houston clinic, that'd be awesome! Thanks.
  13. concealing treatment

    So, I'm considering having the treatment done, but I'm worried about concealing the treatment and my scar during the process. I had a HT about 2.5 years ago at 22 yrs old. Although it still looks unnoticeable as if i have a full head of hair, my hairline is beginning to recede more and I'm trying to stay ahead of the curb, before it gets worse. My scar, however, has never seen the light of day. Nor does anyone know that I have the scar or had a HT, not even my barber. And I want it to remain a secret. If it helps, I'm black, and my hair is black. I keep my hair dark, as to not show my scalp. I've cut my hair low before, but the scar was very visible. It was pink, and slightly bulging. So I wore a hat to cover it up, until my hair grew back, to where it was dark enough to conceal my scalp and the scar. Now that I'm older, I kinda wish I hadn't done the HT, even though it did an excellent job of keeping my hairline full. The scar is not nearly as bad as some of the other scars that I've seen, but the scar is very noticeable if unconcealed. I want to undergo treatment for SMP, but I know that I'm most likely going to have to have a few treatments scar repair (fraxel, etc.), in addition to the actual SMP sessions. So based on what I've read, I'm looking at having at least 6 total sessions (roughly 3 scar removal treatments, and 3 SMP treatments). My question is: to what success have ppl been able to hide the fact that they are undergoing treatment for the scar and for SMP during the course of the treatments? I figured I'd take an extended 4 to 6 week vacation from work to get it done. Is that enough time? How about concealing the treatments (scar and SMP) after all sessions have been completed. What's life like for ppl who've had the scar, and chose SMP to conceal it? Did you tell anyone? Was it easily noticeable by others? Did you ever have to tell someone you had it? Honest replies only please. and please post pictures if you can! Thanks
  14. Has anyone had significant improvements on their scar using scar creams like Bio oil, Scar zone, Maderma or any other creams on the market?
  15. I've officially booked my first and second procedure. I will be getting just the scar done for now to evaluate if I will be happy with it. Booked on the 11th for the first. Can't lie, I instantly thought what the hell am I doing. I'm pretty nervous that this is the right decision.
  16. Hey everyone. I've finally got a consultation date in San Francisco coming up on the 13th. I'm wondering if you have any advise for me to bring/prepare for the consult? I'll be mostly looking to just see about getting my scar worked on, and what their opinion of success will be. I have blonde hair unfortunately. My scar is rather thin to normal for a transplant scar, but varies in flatness. I'd say normal in that aspect as well, but it's just not completely flat. It's also long. Way longer than it should be for the size of a procedure I had. I've tried fraxel maybe back in 2007ish, and I wasn't impressed with the results (nothing negative, just no improvement). In the meantime, if you've had the procedure, I'd love to hear if you thought it was successful or worth it? I've had very mixed feelings about results I've seen. Thanks
  17. Folks, I was hoping to get some opinions. I have a very wide scar. I recently had 5 vbeam laser treatments. Which has helped a bit. Do you think I could smp the scar and get decent camo? Or is this just too much of a monster scar? 5 to 14mm in some spots. It's relatively flat. Completely flat in some areas slightly raised in others.
  18. Hi guys: Had two sessions so far in July on my HT scar. Pre-treatment looked liked this: I was very happy with results 4 days after the second session - here is the photo just after shaving: But it is now 2 weeks since second session, and it actually looks to be getting worse!! (again, just after shaving) Has the SMP faded/blended too much?? Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. Hi, I am considering a SMP treatment on my bold head, also on my scars after a HT. I am attaching some photos (before treatment) and hopefully you guys can convince me to do this. I have been in touch with Gothenburg and set up a time in august 14.
  20. What has been people's experiences in shaving their scar before getting SMP? I am contemplating on wet shaving my head and getting preSMP laser work on my scar before getting it camouflaged with ink this fall after the TO office opens. A few years ago I buzzed my head to a #1 and my scar could be seen from across the room. I am hoping that since my scar is reasonably flat, white and thin and the fact that I have light colored hair (red) that my follicles should be so light that the scar will not be that noticeable. I know that if I buzz my head that the scar will look terrible before getting SMP but will it look passible if I wet shave every day minimizing the contrast of the follicles and the white scar? Also, after getting SMP does the ink look more noticeable than the follicles if you wet shave? Anyone have experience with this?
  21. Hi everyone, I am brand new to this site and have looked around the threads and read up on SMP. I was just out at the Arnold Classic in Ohio where I saw the booth. Talking to them had me thinking. I forget the guy who was there ( NY office ) but I told him how I had a HT like 8 years ago when i was (21) and it was great however the rest is starting to go and there will come a time where the scar will be able to be seen. I have my hair short ( very very thin on top) and just long enough to fully cover it. However as a 29 year old it just makes me look older then I am. I regret getting the HT and having this strip and would love to have very short hair if the scar can be covered. The guy at the booth said I have a very very small scar ( as in depth/width) however it is the smiley face ( ear to ear ). Is there anyone around the monmouth county area or in NJ who has had their scar covered up and would be willing to either meet up or just Direct Message me about their experience. Also I find conflicting info on laser to reduce the scar and whether it is beneficial to do it pre SMP. I know this seems like a lot of questions but just trying to get an idea about this process and see what I can do to to change my life in this aspect. Thank you all for your help in this process
  22. Who has had with luck with scar repair - creams, gels or oils? Just ordered scar zone sudden change recommended by another member. I will be trying it on other scars before I take the plunge and shave my head. I remember reading posts long ago mentioning Mederma and Bio oil. If these creams are legit I want to get the best results with the cream, then fraxel or CO2 laser, then SMP.
  23. Scars and bald

    Hi I'm new to this forum but have been looking at the topics for a while now I have numerous scars on the side of my head which make me unbelievably paranoid Iluckily I wear a hard hat at work and I use nano fibres and concealer sticks on the scar areas only, I'm not massively paranoid about being bald but I am considering treatment all over just worried what people will say if notice I was looking to follow my natural hairline and go for a receding look I've had some sort of treatment on the scars of a beautician but that went pear shaped and ended up blue so I went for consultation at his hair about a year ago and advised me to have it lasered of which I have.I've prob got about one more procedure to clear existing ink to barely noticeable. now my hairs got really thin bald I can no longer keep it long enough to hide the scars so I'm currently saving while making up my mind.the scars are from cyst what I had cut out about ten years ago I had scar revision but unfortunately my hair didn't grow back in them places the scars aren't really red or bumpy as any one any thoughts or advise I would be grateful thanks
  24. My scar revision journey

    Hi Folks, I've been reading HIS hair forums off and on for over a year now. Like most people within the HT forum I am not completely happy with the HT work that was carried out. I've never jumped into anything regarding my scalp and try to do as much research as possible when considering any treatment. I was bald at 24 and have had 3 HT's which has resulted in a wider scar than normal (probably 10mm+), my scar was also quite red and never matched the surrounding skin colour like a lot of the scars on this forum. The coverage I got from my HT's was ok at the start but now the crown area has since started to go bald or at least more see through. I, like a lot of people on here wish I knew then what I know now. My last HT was in 2011 and here is a pic of how bad the scar was: My hair is long enough to cover my scar at the back and no-one ever notices it. But, since starting to go bald around my crown area I have wanted it concealed so I can have my hair short. I attended HIS hair clinic at the start of 2013 in Birmingham and what I got was an honest consultation. Whereas I imagine most people in this industry are happy to take your money and leave you to deal with the consequences, HIS in Birmingham explained that I was probably in the 10% of people that can't have SMP due to the scar colour, texture and width. Their priority is your how your head will look, they want what's best for you and of course they have an excellent reputation so I felt sure that they were correct in telling me that I can't have SMP. Needless to say I was disappointed but appreciated the honesty. I decided to try and have my scar revised non surgically and looked into what could be done. Deciding on Fraxel I found it hard to find anybody willing to do this treatment on a scar on the scalp. I eventually found an excellent cosmetic surgeon and had the Fraxel:Duel done once. Fraxel, as explained to me by the plastic surgeon, is primarily to smooth the skin/scar/acne etc., a reduction in redness may or may not occur but usually does. To reduce the redness the surgeon recommended IPL treatment, of which I then had 3 sessions. The combined result has smoothed my scar and reduced the redness to the point where it is much more like the surrounding skin (sorry for the poor photo): So thats my story, I am now at the stage where I would like to have another consultation with HIS in Birmingham and to find out if I can be helped Any advice etc would be welcomed... Thanks!
  25. Anyone around Indiana?

    I would like to hear from and/or see someone who has had their transplant scar treated. I would GREATLY appreciate any and all information that can be provided from someone who has done the treatment.