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  1. Hi all, I am an ex hair transplant patient or victim, who had 4 bad treatments, which have left 4 bad scars on the back of my head (I would say hypertrophic type - pink and risen). I have not had any HTs for over 10 years and I do not plan to have any more. The top of my head I'm fine with but I'm paranoid about these scars. I have kept my hair long and have tried many things to temporarily keep those scars hidden. I have been reading up on SMP and I think this can be a good solution to permanently cover this region, which I have to cover daily. I live in Birmingham UK, and HIS Hair sounds like the most reputable clinic in my area. They recommended 2 sessions a week apart (with possibility of a third) after a month. A few things concern me. 1. After asking, I have been told that the practitioner will indeed need to shave the area. This is a concern as I typically have the back long to conceal them. There’s a one week gap between Session 1 and Session 2 and I would like to avoid shaving on the first treatment if the scarring will be noticeable. I raised these concerns with the Client service team who have stated that if I wish to do it with longer hair, the consultant will make it work but ideally a shave during the second session would be beneficial. I think I will agree with this as I don't want the result to be compromised but after shaving the back, there's no going back. It will either look seamless or really noticeable and then I will have nothing to conceal it with. What do you think? 2. I thought the procedure is low risk but then I heard about the results being too light or even worse too dark, which requires painful laser removal and then your back to square one. I have been through painful hair transplant procedures (including corrections) and don't want a repeat of this. On average what % coverage can I expect from SMP and with what length? Is it worth the risk? I have done a good job in hiding the scars and don't want to jeopardise this. Would love the thoughts from Practitioners as well as those who have scars and have had tried SMP to conceal them. Thanks
  2. Considering SMP But Need Reassurance

    TiredOfHairHucksters Bit of a long name, sorry about that, but it really describes where I'm at now. Having been thru it all, wearing a hairpiece, scalp reductions, multiple strip transplants, Propecia, & various lotions, potions & promises. One thing I've found in this business, it's a BUSINESS, big time. So the guys selling are always lying. That's been my experience so far. Now, my head is all scarred up, of course I wish I'd never wasted a ton of money on the mutilated scalp & thin little doll hair patches I ended up with, but everyone's got 20/20 hindsight. Over the last couple of years, I've been hearing some jibber-jabber hyping FUE. There's a Doc in LA who says he's great (don't they all?), but 8 bucks a hair! Man that's going to add up. Also I asked the guy specifically, on the success rate. He said it takes a full 2 years to know which hairs are going to emerge from their shock induced dormant state, AND somewhere around only 50% ever do! What??? Sure I've got some beard n body hair to spare, so I thought... it's a long-shot possibility, especially if I ever came into some big money. However, a recent event kind of opened my eyes. I'm sure some of you guys are aware of big time poker playing celebrity Daniel Negreanu, he's all over the media & looks like he's in the owner/management of PokerStars. Anyway, it's no secret this guy was follically challenged & none too happy about it. He's been wearing hats for the last couple of years, then recently came out of the closet with a new "do." He kind of spoke openly about hair transplants he'd had, on some 2014 shows, though didn't actually use the words "hair transplants," but he didn't have to, it's obviously not a wig, it's way too thin. In fact, it looks like crap. So I'm thinking, if this guy has all the money in the world, worth over 20 mil, & THAT'S the best that can be done for a guy... oh man, there's got to be an alternative. So, here we are now, looking in on HIS. Plenty of glowing reports, but forgive me if I sound a bit jaded or skeptical, I've ruined a large portion of my savings, life & emotions on this hair business. HIS is appealing for several reasons; the price, the ease of maintenance & a look which seems like it's here to stay. Before I go for it, I need some reassurance in a few areas. When I first started looking into SMP about a year ago, the critics were saying it will turn green over time. One of the vids here allays that fear by saying there is no green or blue in this ink, it's supposed to be superior ink or healthier in some way too. Ok, I'll have to take your word on that one. The next thing I heard is that the ink will seep into surrounding tissue over time & therefore lose its detail, becoming a kind of blurry mess. The possibility of this concerns me for some ancillary issues. As mentioned my head is substantially scarred. I've been doing pinprick derma-rolling for the promise of increased collagen & eventual reduced visibility of scar dents, ridges, discoloration, etc. I'm expecting that I'll probably have to get all my derma-rolling done before I choose the HIS treatment, as I figure if there is any ink migration, surely it would be accelerated by the micro pinprick roller. On a related topic of circulation, I like to do scalp massages, headstands, etc. Wouldn't all these things speed up the process of ink being dislodged from its original placement? Of course, I'm only speculating or extrapolating from the original blur fear negative report I'd heard. However, there's a nagging suspicion in the back of my mind that wants to supplant this blur theory. I've been around plenty of tattooed types, guys who were working out hard, even kicking punching bags with shin tattoos, I don't recall any of those shifting or blurring. But to tell you the truth, I never really examined the tatts closely or did any kind of study over time. This hair tattoo's success seems to be predicated on the fine detail being maintained. So, that's my first concern. Next; I really dislike the idea of having to use sunblock on my head all the time. Do some research on that crap. It's so full of dangerous chemicals, that some studies place it as the cause of skin cancer. Since I love the outdoors, swimming, sun, etc, I'm not excited about the fading prospect. Good news is, I've been researching this part on my own & have discovered I can easily make my very own 100% organic natural sunblock from natural oils & ingredients. So this aspect I think I can deal with. This next concern is my biggest. Scar coverage. From the claims I've heard about the frequency of HIS' work on scar coverage, there doesn't seem to be an abundance of photographic evidence to support the claim. Unless I haven't found it yet. The one featured case on the site shows a young guy from Korea with one strip concealed. I've got more than that to do, & to be honest, the Korean kid's work isn't perfect. I mean you can still see the scar. Are my expectations too high? So before I shave off my remaining fuzz, I'd really like to know of all the HIS practitioners/artists, which one has the MOST experience with covering scars? And please let me see some of the best examples of their work. Which location isn't an issue, I'll fly to wherever the most experienced most capable technician is. Right now, I'm feeling a familiar sensation, as when going up that long first hill on a roller-coaster. Filled with palpable anticipation & an almost giddy excitement, but like every single one of the hair scammers I've dealt with over the years, the massive let-down & emotionally crushing disappointment of being betrayed & literally branded for life, overwhelmingly buries any benefits. The hair liars have left me reclusive, bitter, angry, frustrated & forlorn. I'd really like my life back. Please be different. Or at least be honest. Thank you TiredOfHairHucksters
  3. Question for the lads who've had MHT with scars to cover. Looking at pictures of scar treatments I think it seems to look best when the area around scars is wet shaved to minimise the 5 o clock shadow of the surrounding hair, thus giving less contrast between har and scar. Some treatments you see are excellent however I sometimes think that the hair is still too long and it would look even better when shaved down with a razor to give even better coverage. The downside is obviously that any imperfections are completely exposed when wet shaved. From your experience is this most often the case? Or do some of you find it looks better with a bit off growth? Cheers