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  1. Below are my before n after photos. I felt like His hair and Ian Dennis were just as determined as I was to get the results that I wanted after getting a botched job done at another scalp micropigmentation establishment in Houston Texas. To emphasize on how bad the botched job was....I thought I was going to have to have it removed by a professional. Not only did Ian fix the botched job, he did a miracle transformation. My only regret is not going to see him first. Scalp Micropigmentation is the best thing out there when done properly, by the right person and company.
  2. Background : I'm 27 years old and I've been aware of SMP/HIS Hair for quite some time (at least 3-4 years). I originally found HIS when researching hair loss treatments online, in an effort to be "ready" for the inevitable hair loss that had not yet begun but was likely-- due to genetics-- to occur. I've loosely followed the forum ever since. Sure enough, a little over 2 years ago, I began to notice my hair thinning and started using Minoxidil to buy myself time while I made a decision. Minoxidil wound up working better than I hoped and got me back to a full head of hair. Now, of course, I'm slowly thinning again as the DHT is beginning to outmuscle the Minoxidil. So, again, I'm now more intensely considering SMP treatment. That gets me to my question. Question : In a lot of these threads, both members and moderators often caution the necessary "research" or "homework" one must do before "taking the plunge." For those of you who considered, then ultimately decided on SMP and HIS Hair specifically, what did that entail? I know this forum prohibits discussion of specific competitors, so I'm just asking generally. What resource is there to compare clinics side-by-side? Or more simply, is there an objective voice out there that catalogs the varying clinics? I see plenty of testimonial videos on YouTube from various sources, and it's kind of hard to pinpoint which clinics are competitors and which are in fact under the same business umbrella. I've actually seen multiple clients testify to both HIS and other named clinics in separate videos. It does seem that HIS is the standard-bearer of the industry and I would like to "take the plunge" with HIS when my time comes, but I'd feel a lot better doing so without solely relying on this website. Without naming, disparaging, or endorsing specific competitors, what methods of research gave you the knowledge-base to confidently go with HIS? I should also say, I'd be looking to receive the treatment in the Chicago-region.
  3. Hey guys I'm a 21 year old student in Miami, I have been really considering getting the SMP procedure done but I really would like to see the results in person since I will be spending what I consider a substatial amount of money. Is there anyone that has had the procedure done in Miami or nearby that is willing to meet with me so i can see the end results? I would prefer someone white since I would like to see how the SMP treatment looks on someone with a similar skintone to mine.
  4. Hi guys, Here is my patch test results from the new york office. My doctor helped me to take the picture with high details. I know they are using 3 pointed needle. To my surprise the image indicates there are three tiny dots for every punch instead of one dot as I original thought. Is this normal?
  5. Hi guys, I'm considering getting the smp treatment from my local HIShair clinic in Birmingham and was wondering if anyone has been to the Birmingham office?i keep reading on this forum that Damon is the best guy you need to see in The London clinic if you want the best natural looking broken hair line and fading. I don't mind travelling to London if I have to for the best job but just need to know your thoughts and if it's worth me going there instead of staying at my local clinic in Birmingham. Thanks
  6. Lucky For Some

    So here I am after a year of following the forum and reading many others stories and posts I booked in for December 13 and it’s a Friday... I suppose that may put some people of but I like the number 13 so I’m cool with that; also I feel totally confident that even if I had anything that I was not happy about after my sessions HIS will most certainly sort it out for me. I’m 41 and had HT at 21, and some more at 32 and now I really think what a waste of money. In fact my views changed so much regarding hair and I can now see a shave head looks good and even really good if you have hair, so his is ideal for me. Losing hair was so traumatic for me years ago but how the HT clinics love all that. The thing is even though I wish I could shave my head now I can’t because of the HT scars and crappy old grafts. So as you can see from the pictures I’m neither here nor there. I just have some hair that doesn’t do too much. #### L is doing mine in Birmingham; I hope he’s a good one? I suppose though if a practioner was not up to scratch at HIS he’s not going to be there in the first place! Got crazy butterflies every time I think about having it done ;-) Some pics attached and shall upload some more the sessions go along so you can see the quality of the work and final results. Also I have a moustache for charity at the moment for Movember so I don’t normally look like a, well, um, like this. Some questions that have probably been asked a zillion times but, Do I get some sort of instructions as to anything I have to do before my sessions? Do I shave my own head the night before? Can I wear a cap out of there after first session as it’s not finished? I’ll have other questions I imagine before the big day so shall update regular.