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  1. SMP Laser Removal

    Hello, I recently had a bad SMP result, not at HIS, and I want it to be removed, I live in San Diego California, Do you know of any clinics here that does laser removal for SMP? what's the typical price range and how many session would it require? I have a wedding coming on may 11 and I am hoping that there's enough time to remove this SMP. Thank you.
  2. Any full removal pics?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any pics/knows of anywhere to find pics of full laser removal? I know that tattoo removal rarely works 100% but I've heard great things about SMP removal because it's not as deep into the skin as SMP. I'd love to see some full removal pics to see how the scalp takes to it.
  3. Removal process for SMP

    Hi everyone, So I just got my first SMP session done a day ago, and the results are actually very good. I have diffuse thinning on top so it matches perfectly at a 1 guard. However, I am having second thoughts. I know, I know, the rollercoaster, but the truth is I feel like having it done was what was needed for me to accept the process of going bald. Anyways, I do plan on at least postponing my second session for now before making anymore decisions. And I also plan on speaking with my practitioner (His Hair) about my options. In the meantime, I had some questions for you guys since I’m sure I’m not the first one to have come to this conclusion: 1) What is the risk of existing hair loss or discoloration if I use laser removal? My practitioner said it was minimal but wondering what people’s experiences have been 2) How long do you have to wait in between getting the procedure to removal? Will it look “bad” in the process? 3) Are there any ways to speed up the fading process naturally in the meantime? For example exfoliating, sun exposure, retinoids, etc... Thanks for your time!
  4. SMP removal

    Hi everyone Four years from getting my treatment done I'm back on the forum . I had significant hair loss in my early/mid 20's which was definitely not a pleasant experience as a young man it is considered too young to be bald. I think people who go bald in their 20s are much more affected than somebody who goes bald in their 30s/40s. I'm now in my late 20s and I have overcome the insecurity that I had when I was younger. I see that they are doing in-house laser removal now which is a relief considering it will be more safe and straightforward now and there will be more information availible at hand Can anyone who has been through the MHT removal proceedure tell me their experience on how it went and what to expect? How much would it cost roughly to get just the hairline removed? and are there any side effects of this laser treatment? Would I lose any hair follicles? I dont want to lose any even though only the sides of my hair grows now Thanks P.S is there any other alternatives to laser removal? like a removal cream which is endorsed by HIS hair clinic?
  5. Hi guys finally had laser yesterday to fade and lighten the top , it seems the laser has blasted away a lot of ink - I have lots of bald patches now. Any advice from anyone who has had it before? Slightly panicking!
  6. SMP Laser Removal in Toronto?

    Hello all, Firstly, let me say I will not be bashing HIS or SMP. So please don't flood the thread with questions about my treatment. If I were to have SMP treatment done again I'd go to HIS. My treatment is as good as SMP can good as it gets being the problem here. I had 3 sessions of SMP and now, 2 months later, regret it to the point of having falling into a depression. I was a confident, good-looking bald guy in my 20s and 30s, always with my head shaved. Had never looked into a "solution" for my "problem". Baldness never stopped me from doing anything. A couple of years ago I came across a poster for SMP at a pub washroom. I thought "what an interesting idea". Then went on with my life but started to look at myself in the mirror and think "humm, what would it be like for me?" Every now and then I would watch HIS videos on YouTube, etc. Fast forward 2 years later, I paid over CA$5,000 for 3 sessions. Since my very first one, I've been living in a miserable hell! I don't know who those guys on the videos work with or what they do, but everyone noticed my head from the first session, and I even took a week off. People stare at it, some ask what it is, some know about "head tattoos". Most are polite and try not to stare and don't comment. But their eyes stilll go there. You can't be bald then show up with dots on your head and expect people not to notice/comment. After my second session it became even more apparent. Then the 3rd cmae a month after and it still looks like something strange has happened to the top of my head. MY TREATMENT IS AS GOOD AS THE VIDEOS...but I do not live in a studio with dark lights and make up on my head, so any amount of light shows a weird conglomeration of tiny dots shinning bright for all to see. It's one thing to have a shinny head and be bald. It's a completely different thing to have a shinny top of the head where it is grey/'s a different shine and it is BRIGHT. I'm embarrassed to go places, I didn't even own hats before and now I've a collection, I've bought all the products for shine available in Canada and abroad and nothing removes the shine and the fact that I have tiny dots on my forehead and head. I'm on medication for depression and anxiety because of the past 5 months. I will not name names or badmouth HIS. Except for the fact that when they say SMP can be completely removed by HIS, they mean ONLY IN LONDON. Well, maybe if I had another $5,000, but how the hell can I afford two trips to London? And how can I trust a company here to laser my freaking head and get me back to being the confident man I was? They do not have the expertise or even know how. I want my life back and am desperate. So, can someone please recommend a clinic in Toronto/NYC/even Chicago area? How come we can't see a photo of the after Laser treatments completed by HIS? It's usually the laser treatment in progress, right after, or after the new hairline gets put in. What will my head look like after Laser? I've made a big mistake. If baldness is an issue for you, I'd recommend the treatment. If you have good self-esteem and are confident with your bald head like I was, think long and hard...