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  1. Hi guys, Here is my patch test results from the new york office. My doctor helped me to take the picture with high details. I know they are using 3 pointed needle. To my surprise the image indicates there are three tiny dots for every punch instead of one dot as I original thought. Is this normal?
  2. Hi folks, I waited a month between session 2 and session 3 as advised. A 3rd session was defo needed as was un-happy with the amount of fading that had occured. This time pigment 20 was used, rather than the 24 used for 1st two sessions. Its been 8 days, and as expected, a bit of fading has occured. Fingers crossed no more occurs, as im very pleased with my current look. Pics were taken after 48 hrs of hair growth, the maximum i would leave my head unshaved. Comments welcomed.
  3. I know the first session is only a foundation for what is to come and that the true results begin to show with the second looks better than I even imagined after the initial treatment. I couldn't be happier right now. Dude is a beast. Transformed my egg-shaped dome into a work of art. So to all of my fellow egg-headed brethren (and you know who you are! ) there's HOPE! I couldn't wait for the day to arrive and when it finally did, I was not disappointed. After looking in the mirror, I was so amazed that my vocabulary was surprisingly limited to terms like, "Wow. That's crazy. That's...crazy. Man..." Truly was at a loss for words. The pain level was not bad, either. On a scale of 1-10, I would say it was probably a three. The treatment on the hairline was maybe a four. Nothing remotely close to being unbearable or to have a person squirming...nothing to be concerned about there. I am Black so the redness was not as noticeable and, surprisingly, my head was only the slightest bit sore after the session. Even today - a day after the treatment. The overall experience was exceptional. Conversation was great, as well. Talked about everything from the treatment to family to boxing (potential Mayweather - Khan matchup)! Very enjoyable. As humble as he is, Zang is confident in his skills and is truly a master at his craft. I usually tease my lady about her tendency to always look in any mirror (or reflection, for that matter) readily available, but driving back home to San Diego, she was the one ribbing me about constantly looking in the vanity mirror in the car. Probably lost some cool points by saying that, but whatever...couldn't help it! Reflections, too. Hahaha. Something else also happened before the drive back. I realized that a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had no idea how heavy that weight was until I stepped out of that clinic and walked around L.A. for a little while with no worries. I knew that it would be one of the best decisions of my life but I did not quite know the impact it would have until I experienced it. So grateful... Again, only the first session but can't wait for the second. If you are on the fence about going through with the procedure, don't hesitate. You're in great hands with HIS.
  4. Instagram is Live!!! :)

    Hi Gentleman! Just an update: last week we launched our Instagram profile. You can find us here: (This is slightly different to the one which we have previously posted!) For the social media savvy out there, this is of course another way you that you can keep up with the day to day happenings here at HIS Hair! As we have different members of staff (from across our global locations) who update each of our platforms, we hope this gives you a fully rounded feel for our company - as well as different content and pictures (unlike others who will re-post the same information on each site!). If you would like to be kept up to date, we'll be posting treatment pictures, snaps from each of our locations, images of what to expect from SMP, and if you are lucky - some of our talented practitioners, client services team, management and finance will all be making guest appearances. Stay tuned for fabulous results, behind the scenes action and updated information on our promotions, open days and clinic launches! To follow us, just use the search tab under USERS & look for "His_hair" or search HASHTAG "DoYouWantHisHair" and you should find us! Thank you, Lucy
  5. Patch Test #1 Done

    Hello gents Got my first patch test 2 weeks ago in Miami Excellent customer service Asked for a light color and small dots cause I shave with a razor everyday and Im not going for a "buzz" look Practitioner used #36, made small dots on a scar I have and bigger ones next to it Did not hurt much Test cost $100 First 6 photos - 1 week after treatment - freshly shaved - dots are too dark - 5 of 6 photos taken under SMP "unfriendly lightning" photos 7 through 9 - 12 days after treatment - dots seem to have "shrunk" and gotten a bit lighter - I had a hard time seeing the dots so I waxed that area after, did hurt a bit - Photos were taken in SMP friendly lightning because the camera needed 4that was not available - Photos 9, 10 - 2 weeks after treatment - just a close up under SMP friendly lightning I will take some more photos under SMP "friendly and unfriendly" lightnings soon. Dots look smaller/lighter and closer to what I d like but I think #36 is still too dark even after "fading". Id like the light, freshly shaved look shown on photo # . Which shade do you guys recommend ??? THANK YOU !
  6. So I've paid my deposit and booked my sessions, (4 in total) and although i wasn't going to post these, (as i really do hate the way i look without my hat) having seen other people post before Alopecia pictures has really really helped me. So if my horrible head can help someone else out there then it's worth it Some background, I've had AA since about the age of 1. My hair was coming and going in semi-regular 7 year cycles until the age of 14 when it stopped. Until recently (the last 18 to 2 years months or so) i had about 0.5% hair coverage on my head, i was fine with this and wore my bald head with pride. In the past 2 years or so the hair has grown back in the wonderful "map of the world" way that anyone with AA will understand. I'm really, really excited to be getting SMP, and have been researching HIS, other providers and people that have had this treatment for the past year (i've been a massive lurker on these forums!) So, to kick of my diary, here are my before pictures.