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  1. I tried to book a consultation with HIS clinic in NYC, and I was informed that the clinic is not active anymore. Is this temporary? Has anyone gone through the procedure in NYC recently?
  2. Today was my first session with Jonathan and it was amazing! I don't know why I haven't had this smp procedure done sooner as I have multiple body tattoos and this was a cake walk compared to regular tattooing. jonathan is very skilled and his technique and knows how to recreate the look of hair follicles and a natural hairline, one that I haven't seen since I was in college over 17 years ago. it almost brought tears to my eye to envision myself with the look of a full head of hair because I have been shaving my head ever since my hair loss. I can't wait to my second session next week. the pictures I attached taken right after the procedure was done during the first session so there is redness associated with the process but that fades after a day. I would highly recommend anyone who has the same situation as me to consider SMP and Jonathan as well.
  3. First Session Sadness..

    Hi all, After a year of saving up on my student financial status, I got my first session in NYC last week. Very saddened by this progress..the treatment has only accentuated my crown balding. I know the power of SMP and real-life results, I just wonder why I was omitted from the magic. I don't know what to do. I have my second session tomorrow with Greg, hoping that will make a difference. I was not quoted for a third session, nor did Ranbir + Ian think I needed a third. I am only posting here because I have been an ambassador for HIS Hair, and I feel very slighted by the procedure so far. I've referred many people, and was referred myself. Hoping tomorrow brings a better day. R
  4. Concealer No More

    Hi All! Looking forward to my SMP treatments in the next few months. I have been a long user of keratin concealers--Toppik, Exfusion, Caboki, etc. Although passable in dark venues and dim lighting, being on a fluorescent subway car/sweaty hike/intimate shower-the list goes on and on-is haunting. You have to hide a part of yourself from others and it makes for a human disconnect. The simplest tasks always have a second thought of "will I be uncomfortable?" I met with Ranbir and Ian in the NYC clinic and I am going to follow through. Just have to save up some money and take the plunge into a life of freedom from this current hair loss remedy. Attached is a shot from the website that is most similar to me in coloring and shape. I can only hope to look this great! cheers! -ryan
  5. Day after procedure

    From the album October 8th Procedure

    Day after procedure
  6. Ok I wanted to start a better thread because this has been the best decision I could of made and I know it takes courage to finally take the step. Below are my before pics. Im 36 and always had thin hair. I still have my hairline and some hair on my head but def thinning. My appt was with graig on october 8th and I could not be happier. My session took about 4 hours but he was a great guy, we talked about everything. Hes a great guy and he knows what hes doing. He did my hairline free hand and just followed it. I didnt want a perfect hairline straight across so we decided to go with a different approach. Im so happy I went and had it done, And for those people who say it didnt hurt. Mine hurt like hell lol. After a while it does hurt. If anyone would wanna check it out around the jersey area just hit me up. Met all the guys, they are cool as hell. Thanks hishair for the new lifestyle
  7. Michael NYC Need Advice Pics

    Im booking my appt for either orion or Graig. I know they are both good but none of orions work is up on this forum. This is a big step and I was wondering who to go to. All the forums say they are both good but would you go to an artist without seeing anything? Please send me some opinion. Much appriciated. My hairline is still intact so they would have a good blueprint to go by. I just really wanna pick an artist and go.
  8. Hey guys, Im going to cut right to it. Im 33. a NW 6-7 and I have a complicated comb over. I feel like I just stood up in front of a crowd and admitted I have a drug abuse problem. Anyway, I want to be perfectly honest on here because I feel I haven't been honest with anyone in my life about my hair "situation". So naturally I decide to spill to the internet of strangers. I am going to take before and after pictures starting as soon as I get home. I will include pics of me before I start my faux over. I call it that because I style it in a way that makes it sort of like a grown out Mohawk or "faux hawk". I started cutting it this way myself because I didn't even want my barber to see me when it started getting really bad. I have been cutting my own hair for about 3 years. Then all the way till the finished product. It makes me have the illusion of hair. As a lot of guys on here and around the world it started thinning around 22-23 in the crown mostly and then as years went on, more hair went on the bathroom floor. So I decided to cut it and style it and cover it up for years. I knew a time would come where I would have to shave it or transplant it. Those moments started happening more frequently as i lost more hair. I would sometimes get looks from people that are up close to me. One time I was with a girl and we were in the moment and she tried to run her fingers through the front of my head. You would have thought she told me she was actually my biological sister because of how fast I pulled away. Which in turn, made it super awkward. Windy days, No. Going in the ocean, No. Taking a shower at someones house with out my Clarke Kent comb over cover up kit, No. Going under water in a pool, No. Basically no one has seen me with my hair wet in about 8 years. Pretty sad. All the things I have missed out on because of this crap. My first session in on Sept 13 in NYC. So regardless how it goes, either I love it or I want to jump off a bridge, I will stay true and post as much as possible with pics an updates to help people make their decision. I know with out the people on this forum, I wouldn't have made the decision to do this. So, Its only right to give back. Posting before pics when I get home. Talk to you guys soon.
  9. Thanks Matt and NYC Office!

    Hi gentlemen of the forum I wanted to come back to the forum and share about how my smp treatment is going. I live in bergen county NJ and finally made the jump two weeks ago. I finished my second session today with Matt in NYC and im friggin thrilled so far. First let me say, that i had heard so many great things about Matt's talent and artistry-my friend had gotten treatment from him over 2 yrsago, but now that i have recieved treastment i truly believe it. Guy is an absolute master and took a lot of time with me, especially on the first session. He also helped me design the hairline i always wanted, which was a sharpish rounded type look (it fits my face). Also, the NY team run by Matt and Graig is awesome. They take so much care and put out great work...i saw 2 guys on my visits who were finishing up and they looked like studs! Anyway i posted a pic post 2nd session, just to give an idea how its looking. Im a bit nervous about posting photos, i may post some after 2 weeks of settling. But i just wanted to share my story and let you know that you are in the best hands with Matt- or anyone in NYC. Best of luck guys, ill be happy to answere questions if you have any. -LF
  10. We are looking for a former HIS client in the NYC tri-state area to participate in a media segment next Wednesday (12th). If you are interested in sharing your hair loss story, and your experience with HIS & SMP, please contact me at Incentives apply Matt
  11. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    I finally faced my fears and dropped into the NYC office for a consultation. I was greeted by Matt who was very friendly and personable. We went into a closed room and discreetly discussed any and all SMP concerns that I had. It wasn't until maybe half way through the conversation that it dawned on me : as an employee, Matt has probably had SMP. It was so realistic that I failed to detect it. He allowed me to take a closer look. It looked fantastic. I was quoted 2 sessions as I have a relatively fair amount of stubble still left on the top of my head. I took in this photo as an example of what I'd consider a success/goal. I don't know which user it is but when I came across it during my countless hours of forum browsing, I was sold. My main concerns were getting a gradient and broken hairline and to not neglect building side profiles/temples. Matt said it would certainly be achievable. I have one bit of lingering concern. I manage marketing for a startup by day and shoot/edit video for a media company by night. This leaves my schedule pretty full. Due to my time limitations, I was only free for Saturday sessions. The pleasant young lady who handled the booking accommodated this but was only able to achieve it by scheduling me with two different practitioners. I'm afraid the communication of my final goal could become lost in translation with several chefs in the kitchen, as it were. Is this something I should be concerned with? I haven't been informed, yet, who the practitioner(s) will be. I may not find out until the day of. I've posted some "before" photos and will take high-res shots with my 5D after each treatment. It's too early to claim victory yet but after meeting Matt and visiting the office, I am very confident in the company.
  12. Guys, Uploaded a quick little video taking a look inside a treatment at the NYC office. Its on our Instagram page, which contains inside photos, vids, and news updates Check it out: his_hair -Matt
  13. Hey everyone, I just had my first treatment in NYC yesterday with Graig. He did a really good job. I'm posting a few pics below to see if anyone had any suggestions for adjustments for the second session. Personally, I feel that the face shaver made my scalp look really white and perhaps that is why I feel that my treatment is not dark enough. The pictures show a darker color than what i see in person. Ideally, I feel like I could get away with hair length between the shaver length and a .5. I have a somewhat broken hairline and am thinking of getting a more defined one for next time, that's been my usual style anyways for my last 20 years. Also my scalp is still very red. long does that last? Anyways, any suggestions are appreciated including hairline shape and positioning, pigment (30 and 32 was used) etc. overall I'm excited about the second treatment on the 21st , however, I'm dreading the painful process. I'm also thinking about reemphasizing the sides. What do you think? This is definitely a change for me, but hopefully i'll get more and more used to it as the days pass by.
  14. So i went for my consultation the other day and had a great meeting with Matt at the NYC clinic. During the consultation i was able to inspect his head a bit and thought it looked pretty solid on him. I fall into the norwood 6 area and i was hoping that there would be other clients around and possibly see someone with the similar scale of my own so i could really get a better idea for my self...Unfortunately my appointment was towards the end of the day, so there were no other clients there...Is there anybody in the New York area that has had the procedure and wouldn't mind giving me a few moments of their time just so i can be clearer on my decision before going ahead with this?
  15. Hello, I'll do my best to make this quick in the interest of everyone's time: My story is your average one. I am 27 years old, been losing hair since I was about 18, and it was mainly due to a combination of stress and bad genes (mother has 5 brothers 4 of which are completely bald & father is completely bald as well). I have gone through the standard phases of losing hair; 1) denial 2) depression 3) exploration of hair growth options 4) depression again (lol) 5) acceptance 6) exploration of hair replacement options 7) anxiety and ready to comitt to a decision. I am in stage 7. I have posted some pics below and would appreciate any general advice you may have for me. I booked my first session for August 31st and have a youtube interview for August 3rd. (You all will see me on the website soon!) So here are some general questions and concerns I have and I am hoping you will be kind enough to offer me words of support, advice, and experience: The pain levels seem to be much higher on the forum versus the website promotional videos, any advice with pain? Does it get better or worse with additional sessions? Anyone else have the procedure done or planning on getting it done in New York? And had Greg? I don't plan on shaving my head with a razor instead plan on buying a close crop machine buzzer...any advice here? Maintenance...I understand the need for constant hair cutting and sunblock in sun, but is there anything else that you can advise from a maintenance perspective? Long term...anyone have any long term inputs (having the procedure for more than 3 years)? I have heard of fading and touch ups in shorter timeframes than what was advertised? Ok that should be good to start I think - photo's attached below - thank you in advance for your time guys. Samir
  16. Hello everyone I'm taking this idea from Yankee515 thread about the possible switching of appointment dates. As of right now I am booked with the N.Y.C clinic on July 16th and 23rd. The problem with this for me is that there is a life changing event I will be going too in early July and would truly really appreciate switching with anyone that might have an appoitnment anytime/date in June. I am willing to sweeten the deal for you and even pay a couple hundred cash to switch. I can meet with you or we could do something through paypal if that would be easier. We can discuss the money part privately. I'm desperate here and if there's someone out there who doesn't mind waiting a few more weeks to get their treatment in I would love to hear from you. Please let me know.
  17. Selecting a practitioner.

    Guys I know you can't criticize any practitioner here and i'm not asking you to but could you then instead give me a recommendation for a skilled one based on personal experience? I'm at the point of scheduling appointments at the New York location and I'll be flying in from overseas so won't have the flexibility to hang around if things don't go well. Also I'm going from a full system, so there'll be enough of an adjustment to make and enough attention drawn to the big change. Please give me some guidance on choosing a practitioner. If you prefer to discuss privately send me contact details and I'll call you. Thanks