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  1. SMP removal

    Hi everyone Four years from getting my treatment done I'm back on the forum . I had significant hair loss in my early/mid 20's which was definitely not a pleasant experience as a young man it is considered too young to be bald. I think people who go bald in their 20s are much more affected than somebody who goes bald in their 30s/40s. I'm now in my late 20s and I have overcome the insecurity that I had when I was younger. I see that they are doing in-house laser removal now which is a relief considering it will be more safe and straightforward now and there will be more information availible at hand Can anyone who has been through the MHT removal proceedure tell me their experience on how it went and what to expect? How much would it cost roughly to get just the hairline removed? and are there any side effects of this laser treatment? Would I lose any hair follicles? I dont want to lose any even though only the sides of my hair grows now Thanks P.S is there any other alternatives to laser removal? like a removal cream which is endorsed by HIS hair clinic?
  2. Would Like To Introduce Myself

    Hello wonderful people of the forum. I feel like I know you all so well although you will not know me! I have been lurking on this forum for around 6 months. I thought I would share my story and ask a few questions and I have a useful tip to people that will hopefully help a few of you out. I started to lose my hair at around 16 (I am 25 now). I thought I was being paranoid originally. My hairline was quite high however still managed to pull of a usual hairstyle without detection. This did not change until I was around 21 when my hair thinned considerabley. I remember the day I woke up washed and tried to style my hair and I couldn't. It scared me senseless. I started using thicker hair gels that worked initially however I was just delaying the inevitable. I feel our main problem with balding is knowing that it is steadily getting worse. I was terrified of people thinking I was losing my hair. That was the biggest problem for me. It wasn't so much how it looked. Luckily I've spend years hiding my baldness and luckily I think to this point I have gotten away with it. I went on finasteride for a year and it worked wonders for me however it is so inpractical having to take it everyday so I decided to stop. One thing I have noticed and a lot of you guys seem to highlight this: Your hairloss doesn't look anywhere near as bad to other people. We can all admit us, who have been sufferers have become somewhat norwood experts. Although a full head of hair does frame your face which is why I believe this treatment to be so superb. I debated a hair transpant a long time ago but at 15k it really doesn't seem worth it. Even if they was just 3k like MHT I would still opt for MHT for being a permanent solution. Anyway I decided to shave my head a few months ago and noticed I was thinning in more places than I originally thought. This gave me a huge sense of relieve knowing if I hadn't decided to shave it I could have been clinging on to my remaining follicles for years. I feel a lot better with a shaved head you see. I have dark brown hair. I reckon I am a norwood 2/3 with some thinning on top and no thinning at the crown. How much do you guys think the treatment will cost? I also would love a higher density look. I think David's treatment looks superb! It won't let me add the link but it's on HIS's youtube channel and he's welsh My second question is I will try to have my first session on the day I finish work. I will then be back in to work in 4 days. Will that be enough time for the redness to go down so it isn't too noticeable. Luckily I work at night and don't see anyone for long hours. My consultation is coming up and I am looking forward to it! And finally my tip which will hopefully help a few of you guys out who have shaved their head and are waiting for MHT. I have been shading in the top of my head with an eyeliner pencil. It looks great! Kind of like MHT. I have been planning on useing it until I get MHT for reals. I've seen a lot of guys on here worried about using concealers and them coming off after being touched. Well I recommend applying your concealer as usual. THEN applying some hairspray all over your head. Wait for 5 minutes. Your head will look really shiny however the concealer should not come off for at least 3 days. It will not come off on touch or on the pillow. It's genius! Ok next up grab some CHEAP anti perspirant and spray on top of the head after that. Wait another 5 minutes and softly rub than in too! That will remove all of the shine and your head will look great and you will not have to worry about it rubbing off. It isn't fool proof because you have to keep applying it every 3 - 7 days however it eases the stress. Hope that helps some of you guys. I have only tried it with eyeliner but I can imagine other concealers should work as well. With the concealer in right now my hair looks looks like a norwood 2. However I am planning on creating a norwood 1 and if anyone asks I will just tell this my mate (Who's a hairdresser) has shaved the front of my hairline with a bic razor to make it look a bit straighter. Hopefully that will fool them. I can't wait for my treatment I love the idea of not having to worry about hairloss with pretty much 0 maintenance apart from shaving it. Which is easy Thanks for reading guys. This forum is superb. It's a great community here. You have helped me a lot Sam