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  1. saving for smp jason blog

    hi there just like some people iv'e been lurking on this site good 5 months think I found a link through a torrent site crazy I know. I just thought id share my story so far. at age of 19 I started going bald I think through depression lots reason losing my granddad plus first love got to me badly anyways . like a lot of people I use to spend hours styling hair in a way cudnt tell losing hair as years went by it got worse even tried nourkrin tablets. I convinced self in mirror look good and would go work knowing it didn't Id feel like shit and hate someone being behind me and when sitting on a bus id sit on the side I know crazy lol. anyways it hit home when at work at boots as some people will know you give customers surveys and at our shop they go in staff room so we see what customers say . Well one day I was upstairs and saw the list one with my name on start reading and I see it says this staff member lets boots down and there reason my badly receeding hair which he tries to cover up . could of died right there think I was 26 then. so 2 years go last years I found nanogen and at first was brilliant told my m8s had transplant for reason of sudden look of hair. unfortunately again now my hair loss is got even worse tbh it all now fibres more less down by hairspray. last year I met an amazing gf so sweet and she never mentioned it but I know sometime when looking at me she was looking at hair thinking what is it . and with nanogen I cudnt let the girl touch my hair which we all know girls like to do lol. and even making love haha ure trying make sure hair not touching anything as fibres could fall out even found out fair rides awkward as wind can blow it out when on rides and the wet rides or swimming I made excuses not to go to. we now split up for different reason I even don't go on lad holidays as cause nanogen even though still better than bald . sorry if im rambling recently at work last few times ive had customer if I was wearing a wig could of died right there. But now ive found this site and I can't wait can finally get my life back to normal had a quote and was 3600 which haven't got at moment im paying overdraft now so hopefully then be given loan for this. I spend bout 90 a month on nanogen so ive I get touch ups 3-5 years will save me thousands lol. hopefully this time next year ill be smp happy . Like lot people ive had questions but I know this site always help especially Damien . im just happy that this nightmare will soon be over and there light at end of tunnel. tbh im not sure of style I want maybe a shanye ward singer or lad out of wanted look summat similar tbh any shaven look as long as suits me ill be 29 next year so a youthfull look broken hairline. ty if you read all this just thought id share my story so far and wanna say thanks to everyone on ere who everyday I read makes me smile thinking soon ill be so happy again . oh I forgot my names Jason and im 27 lol .