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  1. Zang

    Can anyone tell me if Zang is still an employee of HH or how I can contact him? He did not work on me the last time but was very helpful with guidance over the phone. My experience with HH several years ago was very positive but now all contact numbers lead to Bosley who can’t help beyond scheduling a consultation. Almost 6 years after smp I have very little fading and no complaints but need info on the NYC and LI techs and what the average cost is. I will be in NY next week. I live overseas and have concerns about getting a less experienced tech. I understand why HH has to say they are all equally skilled but that wasn’t my experience and I live too far away to risk having to return for corrective work. People naturally have varied talents to begin with and as with everything else it takes time for them to improve with experience. Does Hating Hats still answer questions on the forum or has he left?