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  1. HT goose bumps

    Hello all! I have a question for the ones of you who have come in contact with FUE. About two years ago I had 3500 grafts done to the hair line and crown, but like many else I have come to realise that this is not a solution, so now I’ve booked SMP. I have seen some people where the skin of the reciepient area of the HT looks really uneven and almost like exema/goosebumps. My question is if this is something that is noticable with 5 mm trim as well or if it reveals it self when you wet shave. I can see some slight difference in the texture of the skin and what Im seeking is some indication if this will be visible after an smp. thanks for any help!
  2. Hello Everybody! I've been browsing these forums for quite some time now and what i've seen and read so far, really put the hook in me. I'm more than intrigued by the thought of a permanent sollution to hairloss, namely SMP. I've even had a short E-Mail consultation with ####, who was super friendly and informative and gave me good info and the possible cost of a treatment. I'm a 25 y/o male from Switzerland, and i have to count vanity as one of my sins. I've always been someone who likes to fight adversity, and hairloss is no different. Many People claim it is an uphill battle, which you are destined to lose. I agree to some extent. But seeing the results of some of my fellow posters is proof that you CAN win against silly genetics while looking young & fresh. In my attached pictures you can see that i have a mixture of diffuse hairloss and regular one (brighter spots at the back of my head). I've had a FUE Hair transplant done (hairline c.a 1200 follicels or something) with a great surgeon, virtually no scarring and good results. But i know that this is only temporary, and Finasteride will only hold back further hairloss for a limited ammount of time. But seriously, those hormone altering drugs are a pain in the behind and i hate taking them. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Also: I hate hair, i dont like the way it feels, i dont like the way it distracts from my sport. Now i like to ask any of you this: 1: How will my FUE factor in on getting an NATURAL looking SMP done? (I can't stress NATURAL enough, its the most important thing.. a Natural, jagged hairline and a natural brigthness, im REALLY affraid of blue dots on my head) 2: Can my FUE Hairline even be of some benefit to the SMP treatment? (i.e blending it in, or using it as a more realistic hairline?) 3: Or will it hinder a good outcome? 4: Has one of you a similar story to mine, or knows someone that does? I'm looking forward to your answers! Have a great day. -2limbo
  3. What has been people's experiences in shaving their scar before getting SMP? I am contemplating on wet shaving my head and getting preSMP laser work on my scar before getting it camouflaged with ink this fall after the TO office opens. A few years ago I buzzed my head to a #1 and my scar could be seen from across the room. I am hoping that since my scar is reasonably flat, white and thin and the fact that I have light colored hair (red) that my follicles should be so light that the scar will not be that noticeable. I know that if I buzz my head that the scar will look terrible before getting SMP but will it look passible if I wet shave every day minimizing the contrast of the follicles and the white scar? Also, after getting SMP does the ink look more noticeable than the follicles if you wet shave? Anyone have experience with this?
  4. Who has had with luck with scar repair - creams, gels or oils? Just ordered scar zone sudden change recommended by another member. I will be trying it on other scars before I take the plunge and shave my head. I remember reading posts long ago mentioning Mederma and Bio oil. If these creams are legit I want to get the best results with the cream, then fraxel or CO2 laser, then SMP.
  5. My scar revision journey

    Hi Folks, I've been reading HIS hair forums off and on for over a year now. Like most people within the HT forum I am not completely happy with the HT work that was carried out. I've never jumped into anything regarding my scalp and try to do as much research as possible when considering any treatment. I was bald at 24 and have had 3 HT's which has resulted in a wider scar than normal (probably 10mm+), my scar was also quite red and never matched the surrounding skin colour like a lot of the scars on this forum. The coverage I got from my HT's was ok at the start but now the crown area has since started to go bald or at least more see through. I, like a lot of people on here wish I knew then what I know now. My last HT was in 2011 and here is a pic of how bad the scar was: My hair is long enough to cover my scar at the back and no-one ever notices it. But, since starting to go bald around my crown area I have wanted it concealed so I can have my hair short. I attended HIS hair clinic at the start of 2013 in Birmingham and what I got was an honest consultation. Whereas I imagine most people in this industry are happy to take your money and leave you to deal with the consequences, HIS in Birmingham explained that I was probably in the 10% of people that can't have SMP due to the scar colour, texture and width. Their priority is your how your head will look, they want what's best for you and of course they have an excellent reputation so I felt sure that they were correct in telling me that I can't have SMP. Needless to say I was disappointed but appreciated the honesty. I decided to try and have my scar revised non surgically and looked into what could be done. Deciding on Fraxel I found it hard to find anybody willing to do this treatment on a scar on the scalp. I eventually found an excellent cosmetic surgeon and had the Fraxel:Duel done once. Fraxel, as explained to me by the plastic surgeon, is primarily to smooth the skin/scar/acne etc., a reduction in redness may or may not occur but usually does. To reduce the redness the surgeon recommended IPL treatment, of which I then had 3 sessions. The combined result has smoothed my scar and reduced the redness to the point where it is much more like the surrounding skin (sorry for the poor photo): So thats my story, I am now at the stage where I would like to have another consultation with HIS in Birmingham and to find out if I can be helped Any advice etc would be welcomed... Thanks!