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  1. Hairy Again

    Hey folks, This post has been a long time coming since I started lurking on here five years ago. Started noticing hair loss my freshman year of college (19), and while I didn't let it change my outward behavior much it started killing me to look in the mirror or at photos of myself. I'll spare you the grim details since people here have said it all before better, but you know the drill: hating photo ops, grimacing every time I saw last year's holiday card with more hair, and dreading seeing relatives and friends that I hadn't seen in a few years. Wondering if people considered me "good looking" anymore. Seeing the authenticity of stories and pictures on here is what really pushed me over the edge to do it (along with meeting several people who had actually had the treatment done), so I feel I owe it to anyone on the fence to share my experience. If there's any blessing to losing my hair this young (24 currently) is that I'm pulling the trigger on SMP now, not when I'm 35. I'm a little nervous about getting called out at work (even though everyone says no one ever notices), but just in case for the past couple months I've been shaving head, letting it grow back for about two weeks, and then shaving it again midweek just so my coworkers get used to my hair changing a lot. Throw them off the scent a bit . I had my first session in Houston yesterday morning. I'm not sure if we're allowed to say practitioner names on here, but the Houston clinic guy is phenomenal in talent, experience, and ability to reassure you at every step. My super-supportive girlfriend came for the first session, and if you can bring someone close to you along I really recommend it. (Having someone there to assure you you're not insane for inking up your head comes in handy.) I popped two tylenol pre-session, and I almost started laughing when the needle first hit — I was expecting pain; this felt more like someone playfully poking you with a paperclip. Practitioner told me my skin was very easy to get into, so I think this was part of it. Three hours later, first session complete. We've got a before, a just-before pic and a mid-session pic, and the rest are from 24 hours after. Overall, I'm feeling great about it. Just seeing the pulled-back pics of myself with a hairline is incredible, even though it's not blending yet. Apparently it should be a lot lighter once I can shave in a few days and the current darkness is mostly from tiny scabs; it won't be until session 3 that we really add in the dark dots to get that full 3D effect. The main thing I'm trying to decide is if I like is the hairline... height seems about right, but is it slightly higher on one side? I'm noticing that I don't have a perfectly symmetrical head, so that's probably contributing to any potential lopsidedness. I'm going for a very broken and natural hairline, so I think in future sessions we'll be diffusing it even further. Anyhow, would love your thoughts, especially on the hairline. I'll say this: after five years of feeling helpless, finally doing something about it feels damn good.
  2. ... And I feel like my old self again. It looks awesome even in the bright sun. ;-) Life is good.
  3. I am thrilled that I did SMP with Ian Dennis in Houston! Like anyone on this forum, there is apprehension with such a big decision. I eventually took that leap, and my life is changed for the better!, I am more confident and can live a more active life. Minoxidil never worked. I used Caboki for awhile but that was very inconvenient. Looked into hair transplants but expensive and one of my friends did not improve dramatically from it; can get some more hair up top, but cannot get back the density like when you were younger. I looked into Vinci Hair Clinic and HIS Hair Clinic, they both introduced me to a client and let me observe the procedure; prices comparable, ultimately I chose HIS because the office looked more professional made me feel more comfortable. The results of my SMP are in the attached photos: before, after session 1, after session 2, and after session 3 (two photos). Very satisfied! It's about results, and it lived up to my expectations, see photos. Why did I appreciate Ian? 1) results 2)) results 3) results Ian is experienced and gets the results you are looking for! He is nice and wants you to be happy. I communicated what I wanted, and he accomplished it. I wanted it very dark, he made it happen. Remember, it is a process, have to start off slow first then progress. I have dark black hair, so higher ink numbers; 1st session started with ink color 10 back and 12 front (looking promising), 2nd session 4 back 6 front (looking very good), 3rd session 2 back 4 front (looking great). I just had my 4th session after 1 year because it did fade to get it back to looking like it did at the end of 3rd session.
  4. After 3 Years

    Hi you doing comunity , I have a big question for all of you ? Has any member here has the treatmeant done over 3 years ? The reason is because I have been read that after 2 to 3 years the tatoo start to have Blending issues out and you have to done some touch up but I am no sure what is the actuall cost for that , I heve my first season next week and I dont mind to pay $4,200.00 but after reading about come back few years later and re pay thats what it worries me so every 3 years for the rest of my life I have to pay , which again I dont mind only if the price is right , any one knows about the 3 year touch up and what is the cost ? I hope to hear soon especially people from HOUSTON area
  5. BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION Valid Today (11/27) till end of the day Friday (11/29) (US ONLY) Since every other brand in America is using Black Friday to extend discounts to customers, we thought we'd do the same for our lovely clientele. In honor of BLACK FRIDAY we will be offering 2 DOORBUSTER, BLOCKBUSTER, STORE CLEARING DEALS for you guys! (Sorry I had to) DEAL 1 – If a client books in for treatment Today thru Black Friday he will be discounted 15% of the original quoted price (2 sessions). He will also receive a FREE Headblade kit that may be picked up during his 1st session appointment. DEAL 2 - If a client books in for a consultation on Today- Black Friday for the months of November or December, he will be discounted 15% when quoted (2 sessions). He will also receive a FREE headblade kit that may be picked up during his consultation OR 1st session appointment. Get in touch now to take advantage of the offer. 1-855-447-4247 or
  6. I'm very close to booking my procedure but before I do, it would be awesome if I could meet up with someone who wouldn't mind showing me their new look in person. I have had two consultations, one with HIS and one with another popular clinic. I met the owner of the other clinic while he was visiting Dallas a couple of weeks ago, which is the only example of the procedure that I have seen up close. My consultation with HIS was over Skype so I wasn't able to get an up-close up, in person view, of my consultant's SMP. If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area or will be visiting here soon and wouldn't mind meeting me for coffee, please reply back so that we can arrange a date, place, and time to meet. Thanks.
  7. Just booked with Houston!!

    Hey guys! I justed booked with Houston for Nov. 20 and 27!! Im excited and nervous all at the same time! Johnathan from chicago is doing both sessions. Any input to help calm my nerves would be appreciated! Heres a before pic.