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  1. Background : I'm 27 years old and I've been aware of SMP/HIS Hair for quite some time (at least 3-4 years). I originally found HIS when researching hair loss treatments online, in an effort to be "ready" for the inevitable hair loss that had not yet begun but was likely-- due to genetics-- to occur. I've loosely followed the forum ever since. Sure enough, a little over 2 years ago, I began to notice my hair thinning and started using Minoxidil to buy myself time while I made a decision. Minoxidil wound up working better than I hoped and got me back to a full head of hair. Now, of course, I'm slowly thinning again as the DHT is beginning to outmuscle the Minoxidil. So, again, I'm now more intensely considering SMP treatment. That gets me to my question. Question : In a lot of these threads, both members and moderators often caution the necessary "research" or "homework" one must do before "taking the plunge." For those of you who considered, then ultimately decided on SMP and HIS Hair specifically, what did that entail? I know this forum prohibits discussion of specific competitors, so I'm just asking generally. What resource is there to compare clinics side-by-side? Or more simply, is there an objective voice out there that catalogs the varying clinics? I see plenty of testimonial videos on YouTube from various sources, and it's kind of hard to pinpoint which clinics are competitors and which are in fact under the same business umbrella. I've actually seen multiple clients testify to both HIS and other named clinics in separate videos. It does seem that HIS is the standard-bearer of the industry and I would like to "take the plunge" with HIS when my time comes, but I'd feel a lot better doing so without solely relying on this website. Without naming, disparaging, or endorsing specific competitors, what methods of research gave you the knowledge-base to confidently go with HIS? I should also say, I'd be looking to receive the treatment in the Chicago-region.
  2. It's got to be done

    Hello everyone Looking for advice, been looking into smp treatment at his, for about 8 months and been reading comments on this forum Help me out lads, I don't worry about pretty much anything anymore, but shaving my head is scaring the life out of me I don't want to have the slap head/horseshoe or what ever you want to call it look but the hair what's left has to go, any advice anyone can give would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi guys: Had two sessions so far in July on my HT scar. Pre-treatment looked liked this: I was very happy with results 4 days after the second session - here is the photo just after shaving: But it is now 2 weeks since second session, and it actually looks to be getting worse!! (again, just after shaving) Has the SMP faded/blended too much?? Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hi, don't know how many kids are on here, but im gonna be 19 and im going bald. Been noticing it for the past couple years, but its gotten bad over this year. Im taking propecia( generic finasteride) and am using toppik daily. Its really annoying always having to worry about my hair, even though it always looks awful. I want to just shave it all off, but my crown is where the hair loss is the worst and it would be very visible I think even using a #1 guard on clippers. Ill attach my pictures for all to see. Want to get this operation done, looks very nice to the people that have gotten it. Dont have enough money yet but hopefully soon. In the mean time, does anybody know about any concealers that are meant for close buzz? Its summer and would love to be able to buzz my thin, bad looking hair.