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  1. Risks of SMP after FUE?

    Hi, Are there any risks associated with having an SMP in the recipient area where an FUE was done? (scalp & beard grafts were placed into the crown, and want to add SMP in the same recipient area for added density). I know that it's usually best to wait 10-12 months for the grafts to grow before doing the SMP, but apart from this, is there any risk of SMP damaging the hairs in the recipient area? I've read that SMP is placed at a more superficial level and thus can't affect hairs, but maybe the transplanted hairs are not placed as deep as the native hairs? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, After reading some of the posts here, I am realizing that SMP is not a one time investment that I had thought it was. It looks like some of you have gone through multiple treatments and recurring touch ups to maintain the look. From a money spent perspective, I am trying to compare SMP to HT. I am still exploring my options since I suspect I might not be a good candidate for HT, but with a bit more money, I could get some of my beard hair up there. I could get a HT done from India where cost per graft is relatively low (around $1). I could also get a low density HT and get an SMP so I would have the best of both worlds (buzzed look with texture). I can calculate how much an HT would cost me but I have no idea how much of an investment SMP would be (initial + recurring touchups) Comparisons with money spent on SMP vs that spent on a hair transplant might not make sense for people who are bad candidates for hair transplant, but for others, I want to ask you for your insights if you had considered these options before you got an SMP. TIA
  3. I had my first session with (practitioner named) and I cannot thank him enough for his work of art. That's how I see it. in 2009 I got a hair transplant and I wish I never did that. One of the biggest mistakes I've even done. I was going to go for a second one to make the first one better. The Doctor told me I'm not a good candidate for a second one and suggested I look into SMP. A week later I had my first session in NYC and I lucked out with getting assigned to (practitioner named). The detail he puts into this is amazing and I cannot wait to get the second session next week. My scar from the HP was pretty bad. I had to deal with an infection due to the surgery and it left a really bad scar on the left side. (practitioner named) is working his magic to fix it up and after just a couple of hours from when I left the NYC office, I can already see a major improvement this is the scar that even after growing my har about an inch in length, I could not hide. the right side wasn't that bad check out how great it looks! Yes, it's still visible and yes it's red. This was taken about 5 minutes after we finished the first session. By tomorrow the redness will be gone and with the second treatment, it'll be a lot less visible next week once I get the second session done, I will share more pics. Jonathan - YOU DA MAN
  4. Is there in Italy someone who have smp done? I would like to see it in person. I'm another hair transplant victim (about 500 transplanted hairs & a very long scar from ear to ear). All my hairs are thinned and I need to shave my head... HT has been the worst mistake of my life. DON'T DO IT if you are on time!!! Need to know what to do, please.
  5. Lakerfan's diary

    Hey everyone- I'm here to tell my story with hair loss, what I've tried to "fix" it, and how I got here. I'm in my mid 30's and started to lose my hair in my mid 20's. Unlike people with a receding hairline, I experienced more of a general thinning throughout the top. Initially I panicked and got a hair transplant, which did not provide anywhere near the density that I was seeking. Additionally, it then left me with a large scar I wanted to cover up as well (in the back of my head). A "friend" of mine offered to do cover-up on the scar, promising it would be "micro pigmentation" like HIS Hair. However, it was a tattoo instead, leaving me with big blue dots on the scar, and no camouflage to it at all. Finally, I found HIS, which will enable me to get the density look that I want on top, and camouflage the scar (and poor tattoo cover-up) as well. I'm looking forward to throwing out all of my hair thickening sprays, powders, and other garbage that I'm always afraid will come off anyway. After 2 treatments at HIS, I can already see my normal life returning to me; something that I realize I had given up nearly all hope for. My 3rd session is going to solidify the deal, and I look forward to posting pictures of the treatment soon so that others in my situation can get the same help, relief, and peace-of-mind that I am getting!