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  1. Not shaving to skin

    Morning all, I haven't posted in a while, I'm on the fence, but pretty sure if the circumstances (of life) worked out I would do this, BUT, only under one condition. That is kind of the reason for my topic. I will only do it if its to match a shaved head, shaved clean with a razor. I posted a topic a while ago about getting laser hair removal on my head, which I'm still doing, not cause it takes this long, cause of my work life schedule delaying the sessions. But regardless of whether you get the laser hair removal first, I truly cannot for the life of me understand why so many people get the SMP to match a short buzzed look. I look at post after post and go straight to the pics, then come back to the write ups, and seems like often, I will see a mention of the person choosing to match the stubble look, and when I go back and look its that area where it blends with the side hair that's .... not obvious, but its there, its visible. Not to mention, that stubble on top will continue to go away, and eventually you will have to get it reblended to a shaved to skin look. I almost think for this to truly look acceptable, you have to accept you are bald, let your hair go, even stubble, and be content to look like you choose to shave your head to the skin. I don't say anything on the posts cause it does look better than bald, but it also looks like something was done. The eye is extremely perceptive to variation of height and shadowing and even the smallest stubble gives off a different look than the look of to the skin. Not only that, but when that day comes, and you have to shave, there is no more hair on top, now your sides will look lighter shaved, and your blend on top will be too dark matching your previous blend to stubble. Not trying to be Debbie Downer here, but I remember how sickening it felt to be losing and thinning and everyone knew it, and I can't help but think some people are dooming themselves to feel that way the rest of their life (or getting laser removal) by blending to stubble and it being obvious now... or in 5 years. And you can't just get touch up after touch up or the density will be too much and will look lie a blob of color Anybody else? Am I the only one? I'm not hating, I think this an awesome awesome thing, and from what I've seen HIS does it best, and cares the most, I just worry that the mindset going in is going to disappoint in the end.