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  1. Hello, I have been surfing the smp forums for his for a while now Im 26 and I had a fue surgery done 4 years ago and tbh the results are not what I expected I was young and rushed to the first place I saw I had this done abroad I didnt know much about the procedure but I was so fixated on having hair I went for it without a second thought. They seemed to have harvested quite a lot of grafts from the back and sides of my head and in some places excessively than others. When I grow it out it doesn't look to bad but because of just behind my crown they took too many there seems to he a significant bald thinning patch which was never there before. I want to know how well smp will camouflage my scars. Will it look like shaven hair on the scars or look different to the rest of my sides of my scalp. I am really on the edge as to what to do. I have considered more fue but like I mentioned the donor was harvested in such a manner that taking more an absolute disaster, if it isn't already. I am of Asian descent so I have relatively brown skin. From.what I have read this is more ideal than a caucasian skin colour but I still am wary because to be honest there aren't any real examples of Asian men on here who have had the procedure generally or even for FUE scars I could do with some.genuine advice from.someone who has a better idea of this sort of situation. I wouldn't mind getting my whole head done. I have a good hairline from the fue and near the crown but the middle of my head wasnt attended to in the procedure so this is the only area which causes me to believe my fue was not a success but I want to know if different areas will end up looking the same.once buzzed down. I'm not a fan of balding my.head but I wouldn't mind a 0 guard look. Will my fue scar area, along with the implanted area and my significantly thinned bald patch on the top all end up looking the same. If there is anyone on here that could help me out would be totally grateful as I feel extremely hopeless as to how to fight this problem and not end up regretting it. Sorry for the long essay but I haven't really been on forums before and this subject has become.more of an issue for me.
  2. Gentlemen (and, I presume, some ladies), Let me start by saying thank you to all the major contributors to this forum. It is a fantastic resource for anyone considering SMP and ultimately, it was the information I gathered here that gave me the courage to get the treatment and, in turn, regain the confidence that MPB had stolen from me. It really is a tremendous service you provide. Anyway, a bit of background. As noted, I have received the treatment about a year ago and am exceedingly happy with it. With the help of Finasteride, I have managed to arrest my hair loss somewhere between a Norwood 3-4 and currently shave every day with a Philips rotary shaver. I am satisfied how I look that provides. With one exception. After shaving my head pre-treatment, I discovered I had some red hyperpigmentation on my scalp that I hadn’t previously been aware of, most probably from a burn I received a few years ago. Aside from the obvious aesthetic drawbacks, this scarring detracts from the treatment insofar as it calls into question why, when these imperfections exist, I would shave my hair so short in the first place. After a couple days of growth, the hyperpigmentation is basically invisible however, by that stage, the disparity between the ink and the hair is obvious. I think you see my problem. Having seen a couple of instances of SMP being combined with FUE to great success (at least as far as the photos would suggest), I am intrigued. Ultimately, the goal would be a zero guard buzzcut which I would maintain daily. A few questions; 1. How feasible is this? Are there any issues I’m not considering? 2. Given that I already have SMP, what kind of graft density would I be able to get away with? 50%? To reiterate, I would like to maintain short hair and really, just want enough around the hairline to add the 3D effect and enable me to wear a millimetre or two longer. 3. Below are a couple of photos of where I am at, taken in the harshest light possible. This is with a couple days growth to show both the difference between my remaining hair and the ink and the overall length I would like to achieve. With the density in mind, how many grafts do you think I would require? 4. I have good donor area. Would having my hair this short cause visible scars? 5. Are there any practitioners either in Britain or Ireland who have achieved good results with FUE/SMP combo? Price, while not inconsequential, is not something I’d scrimp on for something like this. Obviously I recognise this is no substitute for a proper consultation but with the level of knowledge I’ve seen on here, I just thought I’d dip my toe in the water so to speak. A lengthy post, I know and thanks a million to anyone whose read through it and even more to those who offer any input. Cheers, Gav
  3. Risks of SMP after FUE?

    Hi, Are there any risks associated with having an SMP in the recipient area where an FUE was done? (scalp & beard grafts were placed into the crown, and want to add SMP in the same recipient area for added density). I know that it's usually best to wait 10-12 months for the grafts to grow before doing the SMP, but apart from this, is there any risk of SMP damaging the hairs in the recipient area? I've read that SMP is placed at a more superficial level and thus can't affect hairs, but maybe the transplanted hairs are not placed as deep as the native hairs? Thanks in advance.
  4. Smp just for camouflage FUE

    Hi there, Thinking of getting smp but only to mask scars, will not being going onto the crown at all and will only do scar cover on the horse shoe area for a natural look. Any my thoughts on this? Is this realistic? I am 25 and worried about how aging turns hair grey and my balding isn’t finished yet. I don’t want anything too drastic or to paint outside the lines of the scars at all. I hope that this will be my solution. pics attached
  5. Hi I’m a new poster i want to get smp done but only as scar camouflage and leave the rest of my head as bald as it is. Everything as natural as possible. So just the horse shoe will be done after I was wrecked by Turkey fue procedure. Will post pictures some of dots are large but many hopefully small enough to cover with a dot. one part of my plan is to just do the small dots and then hopefully everything will be at a level I find acceptable and go leave house without a hat on confortably.
  6. Hi there, I've had a recent FUE transplant (4000 grafts) and will have another at the end of the year. After that I'm looking at having SMP to give the appearance of more density while still having my hair long. I was wondering if anyone who has had an SMP at His has grown their hair long afterwards? How did it look? I can't seem to find any before/after photos like that on the website or from looking through the forums here, So I guess my question is, can I get something done with HIS?
  7. HT goose bumps

    Hello all! I have a question for the ones of you who have come in contact with FUE. About two years ago I had 3500 grafts done to the hair line and crown, but like many else I have come to realise that this is not a solution, so now I’ve booked SMP. I have seen some people where the skin of the reciepient area of the HT looks really uneven and almost like exema/goosebumps. My question is if this is something that is noticable with 5 mm trim as well or if it reveals it self when you wet shave. I can see some slight difference in the texture of the skin and what Im seeking is some indication if this will be visible after an smp. thanks for any help!
  8. Hello, I think I need to start by saying I've already posted an earlier thread in the British forums but didn't quite get the depth of knowledge and expertise I seek. Checked with Ed and he was okay with me posting here as well to draw experience from a broader userbase. Some introduction on my road so far, I have had FUE done on my temples and widow's peak about 3 years ago. The result was horrendous and I was no-where near satisfied and it left me to say the least, very depressed. I have drawn out where I have FUE on a picture below. Will also upload a post-SMP photo taken at the clinic right before session 1 as soon as it gets sent to me by my practicioner tomorrow. I had 800 grafts for the purpous of having my hair medium to long, did not think much about how sparse it actually would look and it being obligatory to use toppik for the rest of my life up until the year of growth waiting had past. I was dumb and naive and I do not wish to hear any beating about it as I have myself already doing that to myself. I wish to finally stop thinking about my hair as much as I've done from the day I started receding at the age of 16/17. Im also aware that I might be having more texture than most of the users in here but we're all in here because we are more or less vain. Im a bit of a perfectionist but when it comes to the hairline that is what everyone sees first and also oneself when looking in the mirror. If it looks realistic in 95% of different lightning from further away than 20 cm I would be more than satisfied, at the moment it looks artificial/weird under daylight and harsh industry lightning. Ironically Im an electrician so I will stumble across all kinds of light and collegues will be very near, more than the average-joe. I have had 4 sessions, the last one in November and Im not regretting this decision, what I do regret however is my hairtransplant as it's now also destroying the look/realism of my SMP (small benefit for the touch of the hand as stubble) It looks good in darker light and noone would be able to guess but in daylight and direct light from above, especially in elevator mirrors (doesn't matter if its white light or yellow) it makes my temples stand out from the rest of the head, if 8 hours has passed since shaving as close as possible with my Phillips Shaver Series 3000 (its a cheap one I know but I was recommended it by my practicioner for the closeness of the blades) the transplanted hairs has grown out longer than the rest of my hair and as it's so sparse put it looks bad in reflection to my scalp around it. My routine so far has been to shave my entire head before going to bed as I have more time during the evening, really hard to get all the hair around my neck when in a rush in the mornings. Then especially shaving my temples as hard as possible and also even it out all up to the top of my head so that it blends as good as possible with my temples. BUT even with a fresh shaved head it looks weird in elevators and outside as my skin looks like chicken skin where the transplant is done, from the deep insections of the grafts. The transplanted hairs are as they usually come thicker, darker and more fast-growing. One side especially looks worse and "swollen", it goes red when appying pressure/touching it and is softer and also a bit sensitive. It also sucked alot of ink, and I might even be needing a 5th session for it to blend, along with adding a bit of darkness to the crown as I've read tips on that it doesn't stand out in colour. The advice I've gotten so far from 1 person is to fraxel-laser my temples to smoothen out the small bumps (chicken skin), but I am not fully convinced that only doing that would solve it all. The pictures I've named Elevator are taken just to show it as much as possible, it is hard to take pictures as I don't think they show the in person view justice. On the elevator pictures I have actually shaved with a razor and compare the rest of my head with the temples, it is smooth and even where'as the whole transplant'ed area is knobbly. My thoughts so far are leaning the way of removing some of the transplanted hairs(?) doing fraxel-laser (really hoping its possible to get it more or less smooth as the rest of the head so shine doesn't expose that area so badly. And after this doing a 5th SMP to blend better/filling in what ink would disapear after fraxel-laser. Also if you could recommend any clinics in Sweden if you have any experience from them. Should also mention I have SMP over my entire head as they do that for the overall look and if one would lose more hair in the near future. The only product I use is normal moisturising skin lotion after shave. Have tested Milk of Magnesia, but I think that helps people further on the norwood scale more than it does me. Has anyone gone through this before and would like to shed some light to my situation? Im a bit in the dark here as this is not something HisHairclinic solely can do as it is not their line of work with Hair and Skin. TL:DR highly appreciate any advice and feedback! Marcus
  9. Hello! Been lurking these forums back and forth in the past year(s?) and figured it was time for myself to get some insight, I am very protective about my secrecy and know this should probably be posted on the Swedish forums but figured the British or American would have more readers and also no stalker friends eventually finding my thread like the nerds they can be. (lol far-fetched I know ) Anyhow I am very pleased about my procedures and wish to thank HIS for doing a great job and accepting me at this age. 3 years ago I went ahead and got myself a FUE HT to my temples and after a year of anxious waiting I was seeing the end result, needless to say I was very disapointed and depressed because of my broken dreams. Found out about SMP through some googling and after ALOT of research I went for it, going in with the idea that having hair where I was going to cover would only add to the realism. Well, it does -to the touch. However I am at unease with how the recieving donor area looks because of the deep insections, the hairs are as it usually goes, sparse, thick and darker, also grows way faster. I read something about Bio oil/micro-needling/ Mesotherapy and wish for some insight? At the moment it looks good right after the shave (with some moisturising skin lotion) but I wish to fix the uneven skin which the hairs grow out of, alternative would be to take them out altogether if thats what it takes to fix it. Really hoping there is an answer to this. Also its mostly 1 side that's bothering me, which also seemed to suck alot of ink, some serious fading between sessions. The skin is easily red if touching/pressing against it and softer on that side. Will try to take pictures outside in the sunlight, so far its different lightning im the most afraid of as it really stands out in certain lights. Best of luck to you all, you are not alone and may you never develop BDD seriously tho.. nothing to joke about
  10. I have a strip scar from a transplant many years ago but still shaved my head. I was so self conscious about the scar that I sought a solution. I found HIS and have been very happy with the results BUT, I would like to have more hair coverage and have been considering FUE along with my SMP for a fuller look. I do not want to remove my SMP with a laser but I also don't want to mess up what has been done. I have a decent donor area and want to achieve a tight buzz cut. Has anyone considered or has anyone done this? Comments, input and feedback is greatly appreciated. ~Max
  11. Hello Everybody! I've been browsing these forums for quite some time now and what i've seen and read so far, really put the hook in me. I'm more than intrigued by the thought of a permanent sollution to hairloss, namely SMP. I've even had a short E-Mail consultation with ####, who was super friendly and informative and gave me good info and the possible cost of a treatment. I'm a 25 y/o male from Switzerland, and i have to count vanity as one of my sins. I've always been someone who likes to fight adversity, and hairloss is no different. Many People claim it is an uphill battle, which you are destined to lose. I agree to some extent. But seeing the results of some of my fellow posters is proof that you CAN win against silly genetics while looking young & fresh. In my attached pictures you can see that i have a mixture of diffuse hairloss and regular one (brighter spots at the back of my head). I've had a FUE Hair transplant done (hairline c.a 1200 follicels or something) with a great surgeon, virtually no scarring and good results. But i know that this is only temporary, and Finasteride will only hold back further hairloss for a limited ammount of time. But seriously, those hormone altering drugs are a pain in the behind and i hate taking them. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Also: I hate hair, i dont like the way it feels, i dont like the way it distracts from my sport. Now i like to ask any of you this: 1: How will my FUE factor in on getting an NATURAL looking SMP done? (I can't stress NATURAL enough, its the most important thing.. a Natural, jagged hairline and a natural brigthness, im REALLY affraid of blue dots on my head) 2: Can my FUE Hairline even be of some benefit to the SMP treatment? (i.e blending it in, or using it as a more realistic hairline?) 3: Or will it hinder a good outcome? 4: Has one of you a similar story to mine, or knows someone that does? I'm looking forward to your answers! Have a great day. -2limbo
  12. Fue Scars Aka The Minefield

    Hi Damien, while browsing the site's case study section I felt a bit curious about Jazz's case, since scars are mentioned but none are shown. could you pull up the pics or refer me to a similar case ? Thank you (this was a pm I tried and failed to send) I'll post some pics this week
  13. hi everyone im new to this forum, so please forgive me if ive made any posting errors or if im not doing something properly - back in august 2012, i had a 3000 FUE hair surgery in los angeles. my intent was to keep my head buzzed but still have the density, etc etc. unfortunately i didnt have good donor area ( apparently because im asian according to my doctor ) - needless to say, im a bit bummed by the results. its been about 8 months post op - ive tried growing the hair, but the reciepient area is still wispy, and not thick. when i shave my head, my whole head still looks patchy, i basically want all around coverage and to have it look "even" all around. i also want to point out that i have heavy scarring from the fue surgery in my donor area, something i wasnt expecting, and i have mild alopecia ( from what i told ) where i have 2 grey patches on left side of my temple and upper crown. it makes my head look lopsided. its been pretty depressing to be honest, as i spent a LOT of money, when i could have just done SMP to begin with. so my question is will getting smp cover my fue scars in the donor area, and will i be able to have "full coverage"... any advice would be so appreciated... and again, this is my first time posting, so apologies in advance if i did something incorrect on these forums. thanks again to everyone who is reading this.