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  1. Hello everyone. I am new to the forum but have been following along for some time now. I actually am scheduled for my first treatment next week and am super excited and nervous as well haha. My second session is not until 10 days after the first, so my question is, how will it look after the first session? There will be several days before that second session where touch ups can be made and it can be blended better so I am wondering if it will look very awkward or noticeable for those 10 days in between. My other concern is my first session is right before Thanksgiving so I will be around a lot of family. Just wondering how noticeable it will be after that first session. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Scratching head?

    Hey guys, had my first session done about a week ago and I go in tomorrow for my second. I'll see if I can get a hold of some good photos to share with the community because so far, it looks solid. A bit of fading within the hairline, profiles and a bit on top but i've read the second treatment is king. Last night when I scratched my head very lighty, I notice tiny black stubble underneath my fingernail. Its surely the SMP, it doesn't look like hair follicles nor would there be any in that area anyway. Has this happened to anyone? Mind you I scratched very lighty to protect my SMP but it seems all too easy to take off. I was surprised so I tried it again even lighter and more came off. I would think the SMP rested deeper in the skin layer but it seems to be resting on top. I won't be touching it anymore no matter how bothersome the irritation but just thought i'd share.
  3. Before my treatment I have been suffering hair loss since my early 20's. When the progression of my hair receding happened, I felt that I looked older and began to accept the fact that there was nothing I could do about it. Fast forward to recent times, I have discovered HIS during my search for a solution to my hair loss. one link lead me to a video to hair pigmentation and bam! found HIS. After 2 years of following the site I have decided to give it a go. pictures before 1 session below My first treatment with Ranbir at the S.F. opening was great. I was a bit nervouse at first, but everyone at the Clinic made you feel comfortable which got me more excited about starting. The treatment didn't hurt at all at first but there were some tender spots...wasn't to bad though. here is the results after my first treatment My next treatment is in L.A. with Zeng....Can't wait!!!
  4. superb treatment!

    I was very reluctant to have anything done to my balding head due to being conned in the past, but after the initial meeting at HIS i had confidence that what i was told and shown was genuine and the right treatment for me. I have to say im 100% satisfied with how i look!! no one knows ive had anything done its so convincing and it has given me confidence to lead a normal life as previously i tended to wear a cap often. Everyone that knows what i had done say it looks fantastic and at close inspection cannot tell what has been done, they think its real hair that wont grow!