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  1. Few questions about SMP

    Hi all, I am on the fence about SMP, almost leaning towards getting one. I am 33, almost completely bald and usually trim the horseshoe once a week. So its more or less the buzzed look which is why I think SMP might be a good choice. I had a few questions that I did not find answered on the forum or elsewhere (apologies if it is and I did not research enough) Regarding long term fading - I understand I would need touch ups when this happens, and that sounds okay. But I wanted to understand what happens if I didn't get one (or cant, say I'm broke or whatever, or I am older and feel I should embrace baldness and want to be carefree about daily shaving), would the SMP fade to a point where my head would look exactly like it was pre-SMP? I understand that it would be hard to say when this happens, but just want to know if thats what'll happen if I didn't do any touch ups at all I have had dandruff on my scalp that I treat well by applying apple cider vinegar. Would I be able to do this after SMP? Would vinegar affect the ink in any way? My horseshoe hair is not amazingly dense and thick so I don't trim too regularly. Whats the longest some one here has not shaved/trimmed before they break the illusion of SMP? I know this totally depends on individual hair growth, but just want to get a sense of what the max is. Thanks a lot in advance for your insights.
  2. Hello gents. Just a quick question. I use Jergens Natural Glow Lotion on my face and head regularly b/c I am a rather pale fellow and this lotion, which has a Gradual bronzing effect, adds some color to my pale complexion and pale bald head. My question is this: if I get SMP can I continue to use this lotion, or could it possibly fade the SMP dots?? I saw a similar thread on Spray Tans on this forum, and HatingHats said that spray tanning wouldn't affect SMP b/c spray tans only alter the outer layer of skin (the epidermis) and the SMP is located in the middle layer the dermis. Is the same true for Jergens Natural Glow and other instant bronzers? I looked at the ingredients in this lotion and it contains things like Cetearyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Stearic acid and some other harsh sounding chemicals. But if this lotion only penetrates the epidermis and the smp is in the dermis it should be okay, right? Any feedback would be helpful b/c I would like to get SMP but just need to know if I'm going to have to stop using that lotion and find an alternative way to add color. Thanks
  3. So I had my firth treatment last Thursday and today is Tuesday. I ask my practitioner when I can return to the gym he said after 4 days. Well today is the 5th day and I went to the gym I don't really sweat heavily when I work out I only worked out for maybe about 40 minutes. But then my paranoia started to kick in about how long should I actually wait to workout. So I came on here and it says wait to workout after 10 days but then it says don't sweat excessively after 10 days I would say I have a little bit to moderate sweat. So is it okay for me to work out or should I wait the max of 10 days. Please help me because now im worried that I possibly messed up
  4. Hey guys I just had my 2nd session with Dave in Seattle this past Wednesday the 26th. Although I am loving how its coming along it is still not complete and will be going a bit darker with more density next session. I am a norwood 5 and have really dense side profiles so I feel that we need to add a bunch of density on the top in order to match that. I am going for the fade look just like Jowell. I have black hair so I believe we went with 18 my first session and 16 on my 2nd. The pictures are from this morning shaving with a dry foil shaver What do you guys think? More density? Does it look like its coming along?
  5. Hey guys I just had my 2nd session with Dave in Seattle this past Wednesday the 26th. Although I am loving how its coming along it is still not complete and will be going a bit darker with more density next session. I am a norwood 5 and have really dense side profiles so I feel that we need to add a bunch of density on the top in order to match that. I am going for the fade look just like Jowell. I have black hair so I believe we went with 18 my first session and 16 on my 2nd. The pictures are from this morning shaving with a dry foil shaver What do you guys think? More density? Does it look like its coming along?
  6. Very Disappointed!

    So I'm an 18 year old from Connecticut who was suffering from the typical male pattern baldness. I started thinning at the age of 17 and immediately became a Toppik user. I loved Toppik and the way it made my hair look fuller (Picture below). Although, I hated the fact that I couldn't go swimming and had to avoid girls touching my hair so I thought HHC was a better option. I been looking at HIS for little over a year but kept the Topik as I saved my money. I booked my treatments at the NY clinic and was very excited. The guys that work there are great, very professional, and easy to talk to. I was very comfortable talking about my insecurities. I went with a hairline that was sharp and extended outwards from my widows peak. In short, the results were great. The second time I went, he went over the full head again and made it more dense. It looked even better than before. There was even a customer there that said he wanted his just like mine. I was planning on growing my hair out since I had enough left and everyone including my mom and girlfriend wanted me to and didn't like the look so much. In all, no one noticed a thing. From there, I followed every after care instruction. I didn't sweat lightly until around day 7 and did't go all out with the exercising until day 10 like it said. I didn't let water run down my head until day 4 like it said and after day 10 I started taking regular showers letting plenty of water on my head. I had my second treatment Nov 7. Today, you can see the dots are fading and my thinness is very noticeable. I'm very upset as I type this. I still have a third session but I'm afraid the same will happen. As of now, I just want to let it grow an inch and start using toppik again. The photo showing my face is what I looked like with the Toppik. The second picture from the left is my natural hair with no Toppik or SMP. The photos on the far left and on the far right is how I looked following the treatment. The rest is what I look like now a little under 2 weeks of my second treatment. Any feedback what be great.
  7. Hi folks, I waited a month between session 2 and session 3 as advised. A 3rd session was defo needed as was un-happy with the amount of fading that had occured. This time pigment 20 was used, rather than the 24 used for 1st two sessions. Its been 8 days, and as expected, a bit of fading has occured. Fingers crossed no more occurs, as im very pleased with my current look. Pics were taken after 48 hrs of hair growth, the maximum i would leave my head unshaved. Comments welcomed.
  8. Spent a weekend plus a few days at the beach under the sun and came back with random white spots in my head. I've had 3 treatments 3rd one being done last November. I've had some major faded as you guys might remember from my previous thread but this one is ridiculously obvious. It's right on top of my head and the area is pale, not even my regular skin color. Pictures attached. Will this go away? Is it a reaction to the sun? I am hoping it's only temporary and that my skin pigment will return to normal. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys: Had two sessions so far in July on my HT scar. Pre-treatment looked liked this: I was very happy with results 4 days after the second session - here is the photo just after shaving: But it is now 2 weeks since second session, and it actually looks to be getting worse!! (again, just after shaving) Has the SMP faded/blended too much?? Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Fading issue less than 1year

    Hi all, I wanted to check with the moderator if you honor the warranty that you are promising. I have mailed my pictures to LA center. But its been more than a week and they have not even replied to my email. I have already paid for 3 sessions and every one knows how expensive the procedure is. Its been less than a year and I noticed the fading recently when some one mentioned to me. Can some one advice me if any one has been able to make use of this warranty, and got their fading issue fixed? I dont even know the phone number of the LA office. I would appreciate if any one can reply back immediately and give me some advice asap as I am nearing the 1 year timeline.
  11. Hi Gentlemen-- been experiencing a heavy amount of fading and flaking as of last week. The sides, back and crown have nearly disappeared at some points and I have been experiencing a quite good amount of flaking. I have started moisturizing but not sure if there's much else I can do. The front and hairline although have come a light lighter don't seem to look to have faded much. Is it a bad idea to go in earlier then 1 month for the 3rd session? Pics attached.
  12. WOW! I can't believe I am finally posting after being SUCH a long time reader/researcher of SMP. I finally did smp yesterday. Before I get into that I think many will appreciate my story: I turn 17 and had such thick hair that it looked like I had a rug on my head, in fact you couldn't see my scalp even if my hair was parted. Except now at 17 I did. Towards the back left. Long story short, as one may assume my hair loss progressed, exponentially. Oh boy the things I did to cope: First - hair style change (no biggie) 2nd- went to hair club for men, lady asked me and my sister who is this for? She couldn't even tell I was thinning but my goal was to strap on this rug to my head prior to anyone noticing my hair loss and it worked, no one knew. Not even my high school girlfriend. When we got sexual she would try to grab my hair and I would act as if I had OCD and didn't want my hair style to mess up. I remember this one girl was obsessed with my hair and she always wanted to grab it when we got frisky and i would instinctively turn her down and she once yelled "I don't get why you won't let me touch your hair, it's not gold!!!" You're right Hun but it's not hair either I couldn't bare sleeping, showering, sex with this glued hairpiece on my head which the company insisted on calling a "system", for psychological reasons and social stigma attached to it, no pun intended. So it came off and I was well on my way to a third magic illusion of hiding mt. Baldy. 3rd- Hair fibers. Lord have mercy. I would sprinkle one third a bottle a day. I had a whole routine. Did it for a while until I would hit a pillow with a lady and bam my magic trick would be up. Hello embarrassment nice to meet you and your cousin shame. 4th- time to own up to mt. Baldy and shave it off. Hey I have a nice chiseled face, cheek bones, full lips, perfect eyebrows.. I can look like a model plus I am muscle toned, amazing body I could make vin diesel jealous. Call me Vin Premium Octane. Na, something was missing...aww ...brings me to the next magic trick 5th- Couvre cream. God bless the person that made this. 10 years straight I wore this stuff and my own family and girlfriends couldn't tell. This was a temp smp in a bottle. Geez Louise did I look good with this, so natural as If it was made for me. Norwood 6 and all I had on was some cream and I looked like a kid with a full head of hair. Everyone would tell me "you rock that buzz cut well" or worst thing would be "you have such a full head of hair, grow it out ". It wasn't the perfect solution because as you all probably know, everyone loves running their hands on the shaved heads hair. Also my pillows would take a beating from that cream. So even me David copper field had to stop playing magic. I did my smp treatment yesterday I had the most amazing guy do it for me at HIS By, Zang. I sit here and type this to you with a red head that seems like it has a heartbeat. I am eager and anxious to see the results as I know all to well the first session is just a tease of what's to come. My hairline seems a bit sharp however it is identical to what I would draw on with the cream which not one person could tell was fake. What are your thoughts? My face looks best with a somewhat triangular hairline and Zang agreed. Also, I was in a quite high pain level and discomfort during the treatment, people say to stay away from meds as they thin your blood and is bad for the treatment. Let me know your input. I feel like a brick was just taken off my shoulders by simply sharing my story with you all which I haven't shared with a single soul before. Cheers!
  13. Wet vs Dry Shaving?

    Does wet shaving accelerate the rate of fading? Went in for a consult with Zang today. Spoke with him for about 10 minutes before I realized he'd had SMP himself. Couldn't tell from 2 ft away. Asked for a closer look....can you tell from 6 inches? Yeah. Does it matter? Nope. Nothing odd looking about it. The only thing stopping me is showing up to the office with "new growth" as I've shaved my head for 10 years. The other minor concerns I have are in regard to the fading with wet shaving and the fact that I couldn't select Zang himself for a treatment. You would think at this cost you could select the practitioner. Alas, I am told that the other staff are just as qualified. Still deciding on the patch test or if I just want to jump right in.
  14. Hi, I was booked in for two treatment sessions; the first on 13th July and the second was six days later on 19th July, so I am now 7 days post treatment. The treatment was carried out at Birmingham UK and was by #### Clarke. I was extremely happy with my results initially and was about to post a happy blog, but unfortunately tonight I went in the shower and washed my hair for the first time since my scalp was starting to get quite greasy. once I got out and looked in the mirror I was shocked to see a chunk of my hairline looked like it had simply come away and when I put my finger on it to investigate I noticed I could wipe more skin off which was only making the area worse, so I panicked and came down stairs right now (midnight) and took photos to submit onto this forum with the hope that someone from HIS will help. The SMP looks like it has simply come away with my skin (possibly via natural exfoiliation) the dots are still there but have faded a heck of alot and as such are only slightly noticeable now against the rest of my scalp. Please see the photos attached (my right side of my hairline). Can you please help as i'm back at work now and this simply doesn't look right. I would like to see a practitioner if possible please, with the view to correcting this asap - As I have an important wedding to attend soon. Thanks in advance. Leo.