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  1. Hey everyone! Im Max and im 22, been floating around this forum a lot in the past month, mainly in an attempt to try encourage myself to go for SMP. I had a consultation (London) inJanuary which was really helpful, the guy (whos name escapes me!) was top and really made me feel at ease, so ive gone ahead and booked 2 sessions in April! As im a complete newbie with a lot of questions I thought Id make a diary so I could hopefully get advice along the way Ive been losing my hair since about 17/18, now 4/5 years into it I have literally nothing left down the middle (about a NW 6/7?) - a trait lovingly passed down from the men on my mother's side. However I have never embraced my hair loss and consequently covered it with a variety of wacky hairstyles, to the point now where my life is literally ruled by my hair. My morning routine if I started from scratch could take over an hour, straightening the sides and the back up over and dousing the very fine hairs on the top of my head with fibers - in order to get ready quickly for work in the morning it means i can rarely wash it all out - which means fibers on the pillow, top ups in the morning, straighteners burning my already rock-solid, hairsprayed locks. Luckily, Ive always been a confident guy so ive managed to strangely pull off my weird mohikan style and be relatively successful with women, to the few that did question it Ive always been honest and confessed my whole routine - every single one said something along the lines of "why dont you just shave it off?" - which I think just goes to show that hairloss is mainly an issue to us rather than others Ironically despite being outwardly confident, I have never had the confidence to take the plunge and reach for the shavers, almost as if the coverage from my weird mohikan (is that how you spell it?!) gives me the confidence I need - so when I saw SMP i thought its the perfect route, and can look really smart (from stalking everyone elses diaries) - as it gives that coverage and allows people to get on with their lives without worrying about rain, wind, which seat on the bus I take, which side of the street I walk on (yup, all true!). I was particularly inspired to by Cheekychops' story, as he seems to have gone through the same fiber craziness as me! - I will post a load of pics later on if thats cool with everyone:. First of my many questions I guess is what to go for, do younger clients mainly go for/get away with a lower, more defined treatment? - Also having never shaved ever Im not sure what shaver to go for, seen the R91 pop up a lot, is that the general best one people go for these days? If youve read through all of this then thank you! I hope to keep this up throughout the journey - and hope to hear from some of you guys! Max
  2. So I've paid my deposit and booked my sessions, (4 in total) and although i wasn't going to post these, (as i really do hate the way i look without my hat) having seen other people post before Alopecia pictures has really really helped me. So if my horrible head can help someone else out there then it's worth it Some background, I've had AA since about the age of 1. My hair was coming and going in semi-regular 7 year cycles until the age of 14 when it stopped. Until recently (the last 18 to 2 years months or so) i had about 0.5% hair coverage on my head, i was fine with this and wore my bald head with pride. In the past 2 years or so the hair has grown back in the wonderful "map of the world" way that anyone with AA will understand. I'm really, really excited to be getting SMP, and have been researching HIS, other providers and people that have had this treatment for the past year (i've been a massive lurker on these forums!) So, to kick of my diary, here are my before pictures.