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  1. Toronto Clinic

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. i have been following for a couple weeks now and have seen lots of SMP Cases and i am amazed. I am a 20 year old from the Toronto area and have been noticing hair loss/thinning for about 2 years now and it really has affected me immensely! I am currently a college student and i find myself wanting to skip out on things every college activity, hanging out with friends or just going out in general. Though i still have a good amount of hair, it is something that is bothering me because it went from me noticing to long time friends pointing out to me. From early teenage years i was always the kid with long curly hair and i remember when i first wanted to cut it my father (Norwood 6/7) would always say to me "Enjoy it while you can". i always brushed it off like "no way it would happen to me, my moms parents don't have hairloss in the family". As i cut my hair shorter and shorter i slowly noticed less growing back in certain areas (temple areas and frontal area) and thinning in crown. I have looked into every type of hairloss treatment, surgery, etc. and the cons never outweighed the pros. And i have been told many different things from different companies either telling me "i am the perfect candidate" and some telling me "whoever told you this treatment is right for you is crazy". where there was other cases who were in disbelief that one told me to go through with FUT and others telling me i was crazy for considering FUE. The end result, a lot of confusion and a lot of stress with a side of an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Many travels for consultations where they would just tell me everything i didn't want to hear. There were many cases where i was told yes and my mom would say to me "get another opinion" and me being a young adult was just wanting to act upon my decision out of desperation. Though frustrated at the time, there isn't a day that goes by where i don't thank my mom for saving me from having a huge scar in the back of my head! When everything looked and felt hopeless i remember the night i came across HisHair advertisement on youtube. I have heard about "Hair Tattoos" before but never was willing to look into it because i was stuck on the idea of just wanting a full head of hair like my friends! But as i soon came to realize, it wasn't about having a full head of hair. Though in my life i have NEVER shaved or buzzed my head, i didn't think of it being something that would bother me. what bothered me was the fact i am 20 and having a head of a 35 year old man. I felt that with the thinning of my hair it would take away my youth, not only physically but mentally as well. When i saw His Hair i felt the biggest relief due to the fact that pretty much EVERY ONE was a candidate! Being from the Toronto area there is not much of a big market for SMP CLINICS. I have done countless and countless amount of research on this procedure like i did with the transplants and other topicals. Unlike those procedures/treatments, SMP was by far the most affective physically and costly. I don't think i have ever been this excited. I think it will take the edge off for future hairloss, because though it is gradual, the Pigment will cover up where i would eventually be loosing hair. In my opinion, this time of my life is the most important in order of finding myself and creating an image for myself. Please HisHair, help me get my life back on track. This procedure in my opinion is truly a blessing. For anyone who has MPB, Alopecia, scar victims, etc. I would truly like to hear more about the Toronto clinic as i am very interested in booking an appointment ASAP!
  2. La Practitioners

    Hello all! I am having my first two treatments done in LA in a few weeks with Danny and Zhang. I know that "all practitioners have the same high-quality training" and are supposedly similar, but I know that every practitioner is different. Can I please get some HONEST, OBJECTIVE information about any experiences, good or bad, with these guys? I appreciate it very much! Anyone in LA that is amazing that you know of? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be honest. Okay, thanks again