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  1. Hello guys, I have done my 3rd session recently about 3 weeks ago elsewhere and not by hishair and not really happy with some of the details ,just wondering some of you with more experience could shed some light. I tried to post some pics ,but seems it against the rules of forum ,so I am going to explain. I was Norwood 7 , and treatment was done 3 weeks ago ,however I have problem finding best solution to cover the crown and it is not blended very good or maybe I am too sensitive and it is what it is ? Since you cannot see the pics , you can not judge , but can you please tell me how good the border between your SMP and real hair looks like when looking in the mirror( at the BACK of head specifically) ? is it very noticeable by your eyes ? slightly noticeable ? I am not sure what is the problem ,the SMP ,the way I shave ? or density ? For shaving , I have tried a 8000 braun foil shaver (10years old) whichI used to use for shaving beard but since it's gets all hair to the skin, the result was awful and disconnected, so I tried this Philips clipper and with this one I get as short as 0.5 . for the front look it's perfect ,, but problem is on the crown. I can not find any way to solve that . I have booked another session for assessment but if not getting best solution from there ,I am happy to reconsider other options . Regarding the shaver , is there anything in the market ,that gets shorted than 0.5 (to the dots) , but not getting to the skin ? do you think maybe that could help ? How some of you wet shave or use rotary and get to the skin , but don't get disconnected from SMP dots ? Appreciate all the help guys , Cheers
  2. Has anyone had the "problem" of getting the colour match perfect after the first session? The coloured has faded nicely to be a bit darker than my normal hair and is just about right after a nights growth. Now I'm concerned for the second session, I definitely dont want to go any darker but it seems adding the same colour will give me the "helmet" effect, but after the first session the SMP just looks like dots on my head so something needs to be done to make it "hair like". Anyone had the same situation before?

    Hi, just had my first treatment in chicago 48 hours ago by Brian, great guy and great service. my next treatment is monday. I have some questions (my second session is in 3 days) and im hoping the great bald guy in the sky community can help me out. Im 40 yrs old and I beleive I made a mistake on the "choice of shape" of the SMP... I Think I went too "streight and round monk look" rather than the V shape featherd receding sharp angle look that suits my age, again, Im 40. here are my questions.. 1. ANGLE. can the angle be changed by applying lightr color pigmentation (i had #29 applied), im shooting for the V shape (kind of like the guy from new york on HIShair Utube commercial) or will I need laser to get it changed, and if so, what is the cost and what kind of result will I get? 2. COLOR. I beleive I went too dark, can the second session application somewhat cover the first session, I shave very close and would like to have a VERY LIGHT look so... anything can be done as far as color? THANKS for any advice. S.