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  1. They were slow getting back to me as i was looking to get my warranty touch up as it's been only 9 months since my last session and I have extreme fading over my head everywhere except the hairline which is way stronger than anywhere else done on my head. After two weeks of waiting, I was informed that the practitioner suddenly left the company without notice and they are working towards bringing a new one on board. I had a very poor experience with the previous practitioner, very rude, didn't listen well to my requests, was always rushed and condescending. So in a way I'm glad he has left and will hopefully be replaced soon with someone significantly more qualified and skilled. But now I am worried about the treatment I received as I paid a great deal of money for it only for it to have faded so much after such a short time, even though I have more remaining hair than a majority of treatments i've seen done on here. HIS has assured me that they will still honour my free one year warranty touchup whenever the new practitioner comes on board, but It's worrisome to have to wait for that unknown date as my expensive treatments have become virtually non-existent after such a short time when the promised time is much longer. I have taken extreme care of the treatment as advised, barely any direct sun exposure as Toronto has been grey gloomy for a long time. And yet still the poor results thanks to a dismissive practitioner who up and left suddenly. I've seen such great results from others on this site but I must say that my experience with the Toronto clinic has not been pleasant and I really hope HIS hair can help correct the situation. I really have had high hopes for this treatment being 24 and losing hair rapidly due to previous cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. I appreciate customer service re-assuring me that I will still get the free touch-up, but having to live with the poorly done and fading treatment until whenever that might be is upsetting and unfortunate to say the least. I have attached pictures for those who are interested. All light areas are my faded treatment, and the darker areas are my actual remaining hair. The practitioner did the hairline way more dense than anywhere else, hence the fading on top and the crown but a prominent hairline. I hope to correct this and soften the hairline during my warranty touch up. Just want to have this treatment done with so i can get on with life for a couple years and hope it holds up as promised this time..
  2. Hey forum, haven't posted in a while but id like to begin by expressing how huge of an impact SMP has had on my life and my confidence. It has made the whole hairloss experience so much easier. Obviously i miss having hair but this is the next best thing. I am going to be booking my fourth treatment soon and have realized XXXX is no longer working at HIS and am a little sceptical about using a different practitioner. I am sure the new practitioner is a master of his art like XXXX was but i am only worried about a practitioner working on another practitioners previous work and how the blending will be. please let me know of anyones experiences!
  3. Toronto Clinic

    Hello fellow norwoodies. Was just hoping I could get some information about the Toronto Clinic. I have gone through the consultation process over the phone and have been trying to get my first session booked in Toronto but have been having challenges doing so. First time I was told someone would call me and they did but I missed the call as I was at work. I called back a few days later and now was told that a practitioner isn't currently available in Toronto and there is a waiting list..... Can anyone speak to this? Also anyone had a treatment done already in Toronto? I lurked on here forever and finally got the balls and the cash to get this done but now I can't seem to get an appointment booked, and wanna take the dive before I lose my nerve. Casper
  4. Hey dudes, I'm looking to meetup with someone who's had the treatment and lives somewhere in Western Canada. I haven't seen anything on the forum as of yet and the last piece for me to get this done is to see it in person! Maybe you guys know someone who has it and lives close, etc. I understand the need for discretion, however, I'm hoping the desire to help out a pal supercedes that! I'm a white male, 29, with dark hair (what's left of it) - Hopefully someone with similar pigment choices is around? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. 3rd Session - Toronto - Dave

    hello his forum! I have finally done my third session and cannot get over how pleased i am with my results! i have another set of posts from my first and second sessions with Dave First, id like to start off by thanking Dave on his excellent work and for how much this procedure has changed my life. Dave, you are truly a master of this art. Dave really made me feel comfortable like in the other sessions and really cares about what you want as the client. He is someone that truly loves what he does and has a passion for it. He is someone that looks for the best interest in his client and is not going to put a hairline on someone just for the hell of it. What everyone needs to remember is that, as a customer, we are a reflection of the artists work so the outcome is just as important for him as it is for us. Coming into this procedure i had really high hopes and as usual Dave fulfilled them. i had just came back from a months vacation where i got a little sun exposure to the pigment and to my surprise is held pretty well. i used a spray on sunscreen that was made for tattoos and applied it regularly whenever i new id be sun worshipping. I moisturized in the morning and at night (maintenance is key) - look at it as brushing your teeth, if you dont, theyll fall out.... I also got the chance to meet Torontos new practitioner, Kyle. He is currently in training and got the chance to draw on a lower hairline for me. which really was the cherry on top. You'll be an awesome practitioner one day, all the best! He also had the procedure done and it looked awesome! He's a great example of a low cut with a solid beard. Comparing this procedure in pain to the other two, id definitely say it was 2/10. i could barely feel it at times. i almost fell asleep at one point haha. and I've never gotten a tattoo in my life and I'm terrified of needles. so it just goes to show for the people who are scared of pain. mind over matter. For anyone in the Toronto or Seattle area, Dave is the man! don't hesitate at all for this procedure. i can honestly say it was the best thing i could have ever done. i almost had a full head of hair going into the procedure (see last post) and i can truly say i like this way more. Hair loss is such a gradual thing and at 20 years old i was not expecting it at all. For anyone, at any age I'm sure it can be hard but honestly this IS THE ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION in my opinion. it is the best bang for buck. it is something i wish i could just preach to the world. and at times i can't even tell where the pigment is and my actual hair unless i run my hands through my head haha. At my age, my dad actually had a hairpiece and he told me that he stopped wearing it due to the fact he always thought someone was starring at him and he said id feel the same about this. Sorry dad, you were wrong haha. To anyone who feels the same way, trust me... at the end of the day always remember, its better then what you had. I've told people (close family) and they can't even tell. REMEMBER, you have to live with it... not them.. so do what makes you feel better. HISHAIR and Dave, i can honestly say, you guys saved my life and i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. If anyone in the Toronto/GTA area wants to meet up, message me and id be more then happy! SEE PICTURES BELOW Before First Treatment : December 6, 2014 First Time Shaved : Right Before Treatment : December 6, 2014 Right After First Treatment: December 6, 2014 1 Day After First Treatment: December 7, 2014 3 Days After Second Treatment: December 15, 2014 Immediately After Third Treatment: January 7, 2015 5 Days After Third Treatment: January 12, 2015
  6. Hello Toronto, Canada and the rest of the HisHair followers. I just want to give everyone a taste of the experience i had with HisHair. Before I do i just want to give a little background on myself. I am from Toronto, Canada and I am 20 years old. i began starting to see hairloss/thinning and some receding when i was around 18. It was never anything drastic just slowly and slowly i noticed it was getting thinner as i got towards present day. Haircuts became more frequent and comb overs became an everyday thing haha. Hairloss does run in my family. my father is a Norwood 7 and out of all my mothers family members her dad is the only one who still has a full head of hair and he is in his 70's. So by looking at my family history i already no that Norwood 7 is the farthest potential hair loss i can go. My father around my age was almost completely bald so in a way i am kind of happy that i wasn't at that stage yet but i new it wasn't far away for me. i looked for every option and did countless and countless amounts of research on systems, ointments and surgeries. For myself i couldn't justify wearing a wig or hairpiece, so that was out of the picture. i also didn't want to use any concealers or ointments like rogaine, etc. i just wanted a quick fix (I'm young and impatient haha). i even went as far as looking into and booking up to 7 consultations with hair transplant surgeons. for someone at my age you are going to believe everything you hear, especially if it sounds right and the doctors no exactly what to say in order to suck you in. i am very lucky that both of my parents were very supportive of any route i wanted to take. The worst part for me was that after every consultation i would get a different outcome or answer from the surgeon. some surgeons said "FUT is perfect for you, in order to get the most follicles per strip" and some surgeons told me "FUE is perfect so i wouldn't have a huge scar" but for both there was always pros and cons. every surgeon would say to me, "your age is a huge factor, but well still do it" ---- looking back at it now it was definitely a red flag ---- as frustrated and as upset that i was still determined to have that full head of hair. my last consult was with one of the biggest transplant surgeons in Toronto. i met with 2 doctors, who like everyone else went through all my options. what they told me next surprised me and really opened my eyes. They both looked at me and said "we can do the procedure for you tomorrow if you really wanted and take your money and that'll be the end of it, but in no way are we going to sit here, tell you we can do it and ruin the rest of your life. How will we sleep at night?". To me that showed me right there that if someone is willing to loose money for the good of someone, this procedure was definitely something to take real precaution toward. At this point i truly learned not to just act on my emotions like many people seem to do in desperation. i really need to thank my parents for constantly making me do my research and telling me to get more opinions from clinics. i honestly can say that they saved my life from making a horrible decision. ----- SKIP MY BACK STORY ------ As time went on and i almost felt hopeless, i was on YouTube one night and one of the ads were of HisHair (i believe it had to do with all the websites i was looking at for hair transplants so it was "cached" into Youtube for me) when i seen it was immediately in disbelief. i began to search it up and see many different stories about the procedure and success stories. i did not see one bad result from HisHair and was still in disbelief. i had never heard of such a thing other then people who have Alopecia and they receive a form of tattooing for their eyebrows. i remember right away booking a consultation and sending in some pictures. the same day i received a phone call from Luis. we had a very long discussion of how the procedure would happen, all the pros and cons to it, how the clinic works, etc. by the end of it he had me convinced that this was the procedure for me. i later went on that same week to book my first session for October 26, 2014. i was counting down the seconds to my first session but to my luck it got canceled for unknown reasons. i did not want to give up and was determined to get the procedure done. Christie, Fiona and Chris at the head office really made it feel like i was first priority and really made me feel comfortable and that everything was under control. they were such a pleasure to work with and was very blessed to have dealt with a very reliable team. When i finally got word the clinic was opening i immediately booked my appointment. (First session, December 6, 2014 and Second Session December 12, 2014) in Toronto. i had never been so nervous and excited in my life. Before going through with the procedure i met up with Luis to see how a settled treatment looked and i could not tell the difference from the real and SMP hairs. it was truly a blessing in disguises and Luis you sold me on it so thank you brother! Because i am 20 and i still have a lot of growing to do i wanted a hairline not that was square, but a hairline that was appropriate for my age but also something i would eventually grow in to. On the day of my first session i was very nervous, i was prescribed Adavan from my family doctor just to take the edge off not for the pain really. (i also took advil, but i believe it caused more bleeding for me in my second session). i met with Dave who came from the Seattle Clinic to do the procedure. He also had the treatment done and it looked AWESOME, he is a great example of how people who have remaining hair can really embrace the SMP and just redefine your edge up look with hair on top. Dave was a really cool guy, he is very confident with the procedure and really makes you feel comfortable as a patient. he is a pleasure to work with and really cares about the patients best interests and is very straight forward. i feel that with this kind of procedure that in order to get the best results you need someone whose not just doing the procedure for the hell of it. Luis and Dave were once clients of HisHair and so they are perfect candidates for selling and doing the procedure as they no first hand what its like and can be related to very easily. When it comes to pain, i would honestly say a 3/10, a lot less pain then i expected and ive never had a tattoo before. for anyone that cannot handle the pain, i always say keep in mind the end result. mind over matter. As the first session was done i immediately had unexplainable happiness towards the results. besides the redness, you could barely tell i had the procedure done. As the days went on awaiting my second session i noticed some settlement. REMEMBER its NOT fading, because fading is when it does not exist in the skin no more, settling is the pigment going to its settled state. i did not shave my head for the week as i was waiting for my second session On the day of my second session i was really excited for the fact that the density factor was going to come into affect. the first session is more or less creating a shape or template for the SMP and the second session is creating more density. Yet again Dave was awesome and really knew how to make me feel comfortable and give me a treatment that truly suited my needs. i would say that the second session was a little more tender then my first, but completely worth it. Nothing really changes in the second session so I'm not going to bore you with a step by step. but by the end i felt even better then i did in my first session. Dave, you are the man and i cannot thank you enough. you truly changed my life. i cannot wait to do my third session with you. it has been a couple of days since i got my second session and i have been to christmas parties with family and friends and none of them can tell i did anything other then the fact i cut my hair. THIS PROCEDURE IS UNDETECTABLE. i put money on it! i only would tell because now i am looking for it, which I'm sure everyone would do if they had the procedure done. This procedure honestly changed my life and thats coming from someone who had a full head of hair and never once in my life have shaved my head. I am 20 years old and had only begun my hairloss cycle that wasn't even that drastic. i no how hard and self esteem killing it can be but I'm telling you, there is nothing like this treatment. i have been around countless numbers of friends and family since getting it done and NO ONE! has a clue. and it was literally the day after. Hairloss to me is a slow killer, very progressive and slow. With SMP it literally takes all of those negative feelings away and you never even realize that you had it done because personally i can't even tell where my old hair was haha. so for anyone that is feeling indecisive about making the decision i am telling you its worth every penny. Take the plunge. if your already bald or going to be you have nothing to loose, even just to see the procedure done on someone. and coming from someone whose in the "technology era" there is no photo editing being done. it is the real deal. what you see is what you get. i hope everyone has the amazing experience i had. can't wait for my third session. Thank you again Dave, Luis, Fiona, Christie, Chris and the rest of the HisHair Team! Before Session 1 After Session 1 3 Days after Session 2
  7. This weekend i will be having my first session! i have many emotions going into this procedure. both excited and very nervous!! what should i expect?? are there anything i can do to reduce pain and anxiety. also, i have a good amount of hair on my head but will be shaving it down. Will the clinic be able to shave my head ? or do i need to do it at home? the reason I'm hoping the clinic will do it is because I've never seen my head shaved down and id rather not see it at all unless i have the SMP done haha. i will be posting before and after pictures as well soon. can't wait! very very very excited!
  8. Toronto Clinic

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. i have been following for a couple weeks now and have seen lots of SMP Cases and i am amazed. I am a 20 year old from the Toronto area and have been noticing hair loss/thinning for about 2 years now and it really has affected me immensely! I am currently a college student and i find myself wanting to skip out on things every college activity, hanging out with friends or just going out in general. Though i still have a good amount of hair, it is something that is bothering me because it went from me noticing to long time friends pointing out to me. From early teenage years i was always the kid with long curly hair and i remember when i first wanted to cut it my father (Norwood 6/7) would always say to me "Enjoy it while you can". i always brushed it off like "no way it would happen to me, my moms parents don't have hairloss in the family". As i cut my hair shorter and shorter i slowly noticed less growing back in certain areas (temple areas and frontal area) and thinning in crown. I have looked into every type of hairloss treatment, surgery, etc. and the cons never outweighed the pros. And i have been told many different things from different companies either telling me "i am the perfect candidate" and some telling me "whoever told you this treatment is right for you is crazy". where there was other cases who were in disbelief that one told me to go through with FUT and others telling me i was crazy for considering FUE. The end result, a lot of confusion and a lot of stress with a side of an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Many travels for consultations where they would just tell me everything i didn't want to hear. There were many cases where i was told yes and my mom would say to me "get another opinion" and me being a young adult was just wanting to act upon my decision out of desperation. Though frustrated at the time, there isn't a day that goes by where i don't thank my mom for saving me from having a huge scar in the back of my head! When everything looked and felt hopeless i remember the night i came across HisHair advertisement on youtube. I have heard about "Hair Tattoos" before but never was willing to look into it because i was stuck on the idea of just wanting a full head of hair like my friends! But as i soon came to realize, it wasn't about having a full head of hair. Though in my life i have NEVER shaved or buzzed my head, i didn't think of it being something that would bother me. what bothered me was the fact i am 20 and having a head of a 35 year old man. I felt that with the thinning of my hair it would take away my youth, not only physically but mentally as well. When i saw His Hair i felt the biggest relief due to the fact that pretty much EVERY ONE was a candidate! Being from the Toronto area there is not much of a big market for SMP CLINICS. I have done countless and countless amount of research on this procedure like i did with the transplants and other topicals. Unlike those procedures/treatments, SMP was by far the most affective physically and costly. I don't think i have ever been this excited. I think it will take the edge off for future hairloss, because though it is gradual, the Pigment will cover up where i would eventually be loosing hair. In my opinion, this time of my life is the most important in order of finding myself and creating an image for myself. Please HisHair, help me get my life back on track. This procedure in my opinion is truly a blessing. For anyone who has MPB, Alopecia, scar victims, etc. I would truly like to hear more about the Toronto clinic as i am very interested in booking an appointment ASAP!