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  1. Hello guys,I have had my smp recently ,not by his though. Now I have a problem with crown area and it's always looks odd to me. I have shaved with 2 different shaver : braun foil and Philips(do it yourself model) clipper With foil shaver ,it is a definitely no for me , because it's get too disconnected and gets to skin , however with the clipper (gets to 0.5 shortest) , front looks ok , but still not so good on crown area. Just wondering if a closer shaver could solve this for me ? and any suggestion regarding to that ? or something else needed to be done ? It kinda seems the hair and smp not blending together that so good on the crown area (norwood7)and a bit of color differences , since I cannot post pics(forum rules) ,cannot describe well , though I guess you guys with more experience might guess what I am talking about . mentioned I am norwood7 , so nothing on top. I appreciate some input. Cheers
  2. Hello guys, I have done my 3rd session recently about 3 weeks ago elsewhere and not by hishair and not really happy with some of the details ,just wondering some of you with more experience could shed some light. I tried to post some pics ,but seems it against the rules of forum ,so I am going to explain. I was Norwood 7 , and treatment was done 3 weeks ago ,however I have problem finding best solution to cover the crown and it is not blended very good or maybe I am too sensitive and it is what it is ? Since you cannot see the pics , you can not judge , but can you please tell me how good the border between your SMP and real hair looks like when looking in the mirror( at the BACK of head specifically) ? is it very noticeable by your eyes ? slightly noticeable ? I am not sure what is the problem ,the SMP ,the way I shave ? or density ? For shaving , I have tried a 8000 braun foil shaver (10years old) whichI used to use for shaving beard but since it's gets all hair to the skin, the result was awful and disconnected, so I tried this Philips clipper and with this one I get as short as 0.5 . for the front look it's perfect ,, but problem is on the crown. I can not find any way to solve that . I have booked another session for assessment but if not getting best solution from there ,I am happy to reconsider other options . Regarding the shaver , is there anything in the market ,that gets shorted than 0.5 (to the dots) , but not getting to the skin ? do you think maybe that could help ? How some of you wet shave or use rotary and get to the skin , but don't get disconnected from SMP dots ? Appreciate all the help guys , Cheers
  3. Not shaving to skin

    Morning all, I haven't posted in a while, I'm on the fence, but pretty sure if the circumstances (of life) worked out I would do this, BUT, only under one condition. That is kind of the reason for my topic. I will only do it if its to match a shaved head, shaved clean with a razor. I posted a topic a while ago about getting laser hair removal on my head, which I'm still doing, not cause it takes this long, cause of my work life schedule delaying the sessions. But regardless of whether you get the laser hair removal first, I truly cannot for the life of me understand why so many people get the SMP to match a short buzzed look. I look at post after post and go straight to the pics, then come back to the write ups, and seems like often, I will see a mention of the person choosing to match the stubble look, and when I go back and look its that area where it blends with the side hair that's .... not obvious, but its there, its visible. Not to mention, that stubble on top will continue to go away, and eventually you will have to get it reblended to a shaved to skin look. I almost think for this to truly look acceptable, you have to accept you are bald, let your hair go, even stubble, and be content to look like you choose to shave your head to the skin. I don't say anything on the posts cause it does look better than bald, but it also looks like something was done. The eye is extremely perceptive to variation of height and shadowing and even the smallest stubble gives off a different look than the look of to the skin. Not only that, but when that day comes, and you have to shave, there is no more hair on top, now your sides will look lighter shaved, and your blend on top will be too dark matching your previous blend to stubble. Not trying to be Debbie Downer here, but I remember how sickening it felt to be losing and thinning and everyone knew it, and I can't help but think some people are dooming themselves to feel that way the rest of their life (or getting laser removal) by blending to stubble and it being obvious now... or in 5 years. And you can't just get touch up after touch up or the density will be too much and will look lie a blob of color Anybody else? Am I the only one? I'm not hating, I think this an awesome awesome thing, and from what I've seen HIS does it best, and cares the most, I just worry that the mindset going in is going to disappoint in the end.
  4. Hello, I think I need to start by saying I've already posted an earlier thread in the British forums but didn't quite get the depth of knowledge and expertise I seek. Checked with Ed and he was okay with me posting here as well to draw experience from a broader userbase. Some introduction on my road so far, I have had FUE done on my temples and widow's peak about 3 years ago. The result was horrendous and I was no-where near satisfied and it left me to say the least, very depressed. I have drawn out where I have FUE on a picture below. Will also upload a post-SMP photo taken at the clinic right before session 1 as soon as it gets sent to me by my practicioner tomorrow. I had 800 grafts for the purpous of having my hair medium to long, did not think much about how sparse it actually would look and it being obligatory to use toppik for the rest of my life up until the year of growth waiting had past. I was dumb and naive and I do not wish to hear any beating about it as I have myself already doing that to myself. I wish to finally stop thinking about my hair as much as I've done from the day I started receding at the age of 16/17. Im also aware that I might be having more texture than most of the users in here but we're all in here because we are more or less vain. Im a bit of a perfectionist but when it comes to the hairline that is what everyone sees first and also oneself when looking in the mirror. If it looks realistic in 95% of different lightning from further away than 20 cm I would be more than satisfied, at the moment it looks artificial/weird under daylight and harsh industry lightning. Ironically Im an electrician so I will stumble across all kinds of light and collegues will be very near, more than the average-joe. I have had 4 sessions, the last one in November and Im not regretting this decision, what I do regret however is my hairtransplant as it's now also destroying the look/realism of my SMP (small benefit for the touch of the hand as stubble) It looks good in darker light and noone would be able to guess but in daylight and direct light from above, especially in elevator mirrors (doesn't matter if its white light or yellow) it makes my temples stand out from the rest of the head, if 8 hours has passed since shaving as close as possible with my Phillips Shaver Series 3000 (its a cheap one I know but I was recommended it by my practicioner for the closeness of the blades) the transplanted hairs has grown out longer than the rest of my hair and as it's so sparse put it looks bad in reflection to my scalp around it. My routine so far has been to shave my entire head before going to bed as I have more time during the evening, really hard to get all the hair around my neck when in a rush in the mornings. Then especially shaving my temples as hard as possible and also even it out all up to the top of my head so that it blends as good as possible with my temples. BUT even with a fresh shaved head it looks weird in elevators and outside as my skin looks like chicken skin where the transplant is done, from the deep insections of the grafts. The transplanted hairs are as they usually come thicker, darker and more fast-growing. One side especially looks worse and "swollen", it goes red when appying pressure/touching it and is softer and also a bit sensitive. It also sucked alot of ink, and I might even be needing a 5th session for it to blend, along with adding a bit of darkness to the crown as I've read tips on that it doesn't stand out in colour. The advice I've gotten so far from 1 person is to fraxel-laser my temples to smoothen out the small bumps (chicken skin), but I am not fully convinced that only doing that would solve it all. The pictures I've named Elevator are taken just to show it as much as possible, it is hard to take pictures as I don't think they show the in person view justice. On the elevator pictures I have actually shaved with a razor and compare the rest of my head with the temples, it is smooth and even where'as the whole transplant'ed area is knobbly. My thoughts so far are leaning the way of removing some of the transplanted hairs(?) doing fraxel-laser (really hoping its possible to get it more or less smooth as the rest of the head so shine doesn't expose that area so badly. And after this doing a 5th SMP to blend better/filling in what ink would disapear after fraxel-laser. Also if you could recommend any clinics in Sweden if you have any experience from them. Should also mention I have SMP over my entire head as they do that for the overall look and if one would lose more hair in the near future. The only product I use is normal moisturising skin lotion after shave. Have tested Milk of Magnesia, but I think that helps people further on the norwood scale more than it does me. Has anyone gone through this before and would like to shed some light to my situation? Im a bit in the dark here as this is not something HisHairclinic solely can do as it is not their line of work with Hair and Skin. TL:DR highly appreciate any advice and feedback! Marcus