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  1. Hair system wearer considering SMP

    Hi Guys, So a bit about myself. I am 27 years old, of Asian descent and have been wearing a hair system/wig for the past five years. I would say that I have lost all my hair on top but still pretty thick on the sides and started losing my hair at the age of 17/18. I have a similar story to most people here who lost their hair at a young age, it knocked my confidence deeply. I opted to wear a hair system at the age of 22 as I felt this was the only available treatment which was affordable and could give me instant results. Up till now, I'd say the hair system has done a good job for me and has definitely accomplished its task of lifting my confidence from rock bottom. However this came at a price for me. There are some aspects of hair system wearing which I personally have not been able to come to terms with (and not addressed until now). They relate primarily to the 'stigma' (in my eyes) surrounding wig wearing, the constant anxiety of being 'found out' and the 'shame' of telling those closed to you of this secret. In my case, these psychological problems have proven too stressful for myself and have hindered my ability to form close relationships. With regards to dating, there is a terrible irony in looking the part but having no confidence in pulling because you just can't handle all the baggage that comes with wearing. I'm not saying everyone is like me - some guys can wear hair system and not give a shit about it (no guilt, shame etc.). So here I am. I hope that this diary provides some impartial views on the pros and cons of hair system vs SMP. Granted, my knowledge of SMP to date is based on what has been posted on these forums but hope this may be useful to ppl. Please note that when I talk about hair systems, I am talking about fairly good ones not something that looks like a rug or some John Travolta shit. Here are some general observations which are affecting my deliberations at present:- Cost Hair systems - I'd say a decent hair system (with fairly good hairline) would last for 3-6 months and cost £300+. Plus there's all the tape, cleaning fluid, haircuts etc. So you are talking £800+ per year. SMP - Around £3k initial, touch ups - guessing worst case £200/300 per year? I'd say SMP is cheaper once you get over the initial sum of investment. Maintenance Hair systems - you need to change the tape every week to maintain a strong hold on your scalp and to avoid the glue looking shiny SMP - worst case scenario you have to shave every other day to maintain a natural look. Have to moisturise, maybe apply anti-shine cream. I'd say SMP wins hands down on maintenance. No need to carry glue around with you etc. As long as you are within 24hrs of a razor you are sorted lol. Detectability Hair systems - I believe that no matter how good your system, it COULD be detectable if people see your hairline, touch your hair. You see photos of hair systems which look incredibly realistic but it simply doesn't look like that 24-7 in my experience. SMP - From seeing photos, IF IT IS DONE RIGHT I cant see anyway people, your colleagues, your girlfriend would notice. I'd say both are detectable UP CLOSE and to the TRAINED EYE. But SMP definitely seems less detectable to the casual observer. Plus, you DO NOT want people touching your hair system or looking closely after a long sweaty workout. Trust me. Psychology Hair systems - As I've said, these can come with a lot of baggage, stress etc. There is a feeling of hiding something and shame - just my experience. SMP - The concept just seems way cooler, I feel that its a step closer to accepting hair loss instead of wearing hella lot more hair than what you had. Notwithstanding this, I know some people on here can't mentally handle the SMP treatment either so its really in the eye of the beholder. Personally think I would fare better with the SMP in this regard. What is interesting is that there is a stigma with men wearing wigs but not with women wearing them. I wonder if the converse is true of SMP. Hair Hair system - it will 95% of the time look like real hair. If you ONLY WANT LONG FLOWING LOCKS than this is a good option. SMP - I find that the best styles are the one which give a skinhead look rather than those attempting to mimick buzzed hair. I have come to terms with the fact that I can never have long flowing locks unless I wear a hair system. Fact is, I don't value having longish hair anymore - I just want a look that makes me look my age. This might be a sticking point for some people - you'll probably still get called baldy with this SMP treatment but the idea is that it just looks like you choose to shave your head. So I hope that was helpful to certain ppl and I hope I have not contravened any of the house rules in expressing my views in the way I have. Of course, I invite comments and look forward to becoming embroiled in a fierce debate over something or the other at some point in the future. I have my consultation booked in early October in London so lets see what happens. On another note, I am Asian and have dark brown skin so my experience would also probably be useful for those who want to see the treatment on darker skin tones too. Best wishes P.S. I would like to thank David1963, CheekyChops, Piperx, G-star, Jowells, Robby, MaxG, Andybecks89 (hope your good man) and Damien for their insights and shared experiences over the last fortnight that I have been perusing the forums. Perhaps I will post some 'before' pics in due course. Philosphair86