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  1. Hey everyone. Alopecia took my hair away. With SMP I got the next best thing to getting it all back again. Alopecia also took my beard away. So what about SMP for my beard and moustache as well? ...for the same reason - to have a healthy fresh-shaved look instead of a blank undefined sallowness.
  2. HIS...ahem HerHair

    What: SMP When: Tomorrow am Where: Houston Why: Androgenic hair loss secondary to medications in my 20's. That along with some traction alopecia from attempts to camouflage. I'm an advanced Ludwig. Women use the Ludwig stages, versus Norwood for the guys. Trials: What you guys called systems and units, we call wigs, weaves, extensions, tracks, glue in's, sew in's, braids, scarves, hats Rationale: 1) attempt to regain the appearance of full coverage. I want a more professional look when I don't wear wigs instead of "patchy alopecia head" 2)I live in Texas, it gets fricking hot. Systems can be torturous . I'm a bit 3) tired of little kids asking if I have cancer and finally 4)it seems like a great option and alternative Challenges: 1) I hope I don't look like i have shoe polish or a tattoo on my head (my hubby's fear) But wait honey, I WILL have a tattoo on my head! Unlike many of the guys on the forum, I'm out. EVERYONE knows that I have alopecia and most have actually seen me au natural. I go between hair, the way women change shoes. I have TONS of hair. So by doing this, what does that say? Does it mean that I'm insecure? I don't think so. What if it comes out weird? Hell, that will definitely undermine, the "love yourself mantra" I try to live. Anyway, enough on that... The other challenge is 2) A hairline that looks feminine. Luckily many AA women wear bald fades, but the goal is for me to still convey femininity and workplace professionalism. Luckily the rest of me, will never be mistaken as a male. I just want the SMP rock. I have a story, but this will do for now.
  3. Transform Bald into BOLD

    TRANSFORM BALD INTO BOLDThis New Year we want to celebrate all the transformations we had the privilege of being a part of. So to begin 2014, we are launching our TRANSFORM BALD INTO BOLD campaign! For over a decade, our SMP treatment has helped men all over the world gain back their confidence and make moves that have changed their lives. So for the month of January we want to hear how we can help you be BOLD. Be sure to follow us on Twitter & Instagram @HIS_HAIR and on Facebook: HIShairclinics - and look out for a chance to win weekly prizes! YOU could be the Grand Prize winner and receive a $250 VISA Gift Card and 50% off your HIS Treatment! Other prizes include: -Headblade Grooming Kits -$100 Visa Gift Cards -$50 Visa Gift Cards
  4. ALOPECIA areata

    Hello all, I'm 30, have alopecia areata and have lost my hair around the back and sides of my head, I shave the top. I assumed I would be able to have the full scalp treatment which would safe guard me against future hair loss but while talking to one of HIS hair staff on the online chat feature of the website she told me I wouldn't be able to have this due to the density of the treated areas which have hair. I've been left a bit confused by this and still hope that HIS hair is an option for me. Would welcome help from anyone who has had this full scalp treatment and also still has some hair to let me know how their experience went. Also an answer to this question by the HIS team would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. My alopecia started about 7 years ago and I quickly lost all hair on my body (in about 6 months). I started the DNCB treatment and it grew my hair back also very quickly (within 6 months). My eyebrows and eyelashes took a couple of years to grow completely back. A terrible side effect of the DNCB was skin discoloration on my scalp, I have 3 big patches that are very visible. Since then my eyebrows and eyelashes have managed to stay on but my scalp keeps losing hair, sometimes it will get back to about 90% and then start getting patchy again. At the moment I have about 40% hair left on my scalp. I made an appointment to HIS hair in LA but it didn't go very well, I started asking questions but the guy that I talked to wasn't very friendly and seemed annoyed with my questions. Almost felt like I was trying to sell him something. So I am writing this hoping that some someone more friendly and with more knowledge will be able to help me decide if this is what I should try to do. I am wondering if the scalp micropigmentation will be good enough to cover the lighter skin patches on my scalp and what happens when hair grows back on areas that have had the treatment? will it then start looking more dense than the rest?
  6. Hi all, My name is Steve. I'm based in London. I have been suffering from alopecia for around 18 months now. It started as a small patch on my beard in January 2012 which ultimately spread to the whole of my chin. In June last year, my hair dresser noticed that I had begun to lose the hair on my head. Since then it has spread to make a band of baldness around the side and back of my head from ear to ear. It appears to have stopped shedding since around Feb this year and I have experienced light, white, baby hair regrowth both on part of my chin and my head but this does not seem to be improving. I have been seeing a Trichologist since the hair on my head began to shed. She advised me to used Dermovate steroid lotion on my scalp to slow and stop the hair loss and Regain to promote regrowth. I have also had numerous blood tests including a test for hemochromatosis which was negative. I attended the HIS Harley Street open day in February and was impressed by the treatment process. However, there were no other patients with alopecia there on the day and unfortunately due to client confidentiality HIS are not able to permit me to watch a fellow alopecia sufferer having the treatment (instead I was directed to this forum). I have spoken of the SMP treatment with my trichologist who has advised against it. Her exact words were : "Micro pigmentation is useful in some instances, however it seems a little excessive in your case. My other concern would be whether the introduction of foreign pigments into your scalp tissue invasively might trigger another autoimmune response and you essentially open a can of worms. I would be extremely cautious when considering such a procedure." I am now confused as to my best course of action and would be grateful if anyone who has any experience in this area could share their experience with me. I am interested in the treatment offered by HIS but would not want any permanent damage to my existing hair because of it or to suffer further hair loss due to a further auto immune reaction to it. Thanks guys, Steve
  7. So I've paid my deposit and booked my sessions, (4 in total) and although i wasn't going to post these, (as i really do hate the way i look without my hat) having seen other people post before Alopecia pictures has really really helped me. So if my horrible head can help someone else out there then it's worth it Some background, I've had AA since about the age of 1. My hair was coming and going in semi-regular 7 year cycles until the age of 14 when it stopped. Until recently (the last 18 to 2 years months or so) i had about 0.5% hair coverage on my head, i was fine with this and wore my bald head with pride. In the past 2 years or so the hair has grown back in the wonderful "map of the world" way that anyone with AA will understand. I'm really, really excited to be getting SMP, and have been researching HIS, other providers and people that have had this treatment for the past year (i've been a massive lurker on these forums!) So, to kick of my diary, here are my before pictures.