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  1. I'm booked in with #### at Hagley Road this coming Friday and it couldn't come soon enough.. I came across His Hair Clinic via Google in mid-July and booked my first session within about 2 days. Your diaries gave me so much confidence to pick up the phone, pay my deposit and get on with it - thank you. I'm 41 and have had Alopecia Areata for about 6 years now. I was slowly receding anyway but since taking Champix to give up smoking my head has transformed into a map of the earth (hence my profile pic). I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on creams, shampoo and oils over this period - some worked for a while then back to square one ..... I don't think I have any particular questions really. I just feel that I want to get involved and also thank everyone for the time and effort that they have put in to document their own journeys and subsequently persuade me to begin my own. Bring it on! Jonny
  2. So I've paid my deposit and booked my sessions, (4 in total) and although i wasn't going to post these, (as i really do hate the way i look without my hat) having seen other people post before Alopecia pictures has really really helped me. So if my horrible head can help someone else out there then it's worth it Some background, I've had AA since about the age of 1. My hair was coming and going in semi-regular 7 year cycles until the age of 14 when it stopped. Until recently (the last 18 to 2 years months or so) i had about 0.5% hair coverage on my head, i was fine with this and wore my bald head with pride. In the past 2 years or so the hair has grown back in the wonderful "map of the world" way that anyone with AA will understand. I'm really, really excited to be getting SMP, and have been researching HIS, other providers and people that have had this treatment for the past year (i've been a massive lurker on these forums!) So, to kick of my diary, here are my before pictures.
  3. Alopecia Areata at an early age.

    Hey, I've created this topic because I feel the people in this forum will understand more than anyone what people with any form of alopecia or hair loss have to go through... So I have had Alopecia since I was 16 I'm currently 19 years old. I have been to over 7 different hospitals/clinics because they didn't know what was causing my hair loss at an early age, they thought it may have been stress related.. eventually at 17 they found it to be Alopeicia Areata and started giving me some treatment for the hair loss.. I tried many different Creams, Liquids, home remedy's nothing seemed to help if anything it felt like it only slowed down the process. Eventually I decided to grow my hair to cover the patches where Alopecia Areata was obvious and have been doing so ever since... I hate having to feel like I'm constantly hiding something from my friends, family, social environments.. I will be honest and say I have lost a lot of confidence whilst having Alopecia and it has stopped me from being in a working environmental and social environments on many occasions. I fortunately found HisHair in January 2013, which has given me a great amount of confidence and hope although as the high cost price I haven't yet been able to get the treatment I want. I have seen many videos of the transformations you have created and I'm so happy that there is a company out there supplying this amazing service. Thanks~Kevin