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  1. Hi, first time poster, but have been reading for a while. I've been shaving my head grade 0 with clippers for about ten years now after my hairline went crappy in my mid twenties. It's starting to creep back further now and getting thinner on the top, so grade O just ain't cutting (excuse the pun) anymore. I've tried recently to give my hair one last chance, by growing it a bit and seeing if there's any style that could look alright. But it just looks rubbish no matter what, like an aging guy desperately trying to cling onto what hair he has left. So it's coming off again. As you all probably have experienced, it gets quite depressing looking at it everyday in the mirror, so I'd like to get it done for me, more than anything else. I've been looking at this treatment on and off for a few years now, but have always been put off by it potential looking too obvious and not being able to really justify the price or being able to afford paying up a grand and a half up front. I was wondering if you lovely fellas could answer a few questions/doubts I have, please? I work with kids in care, in a very tightly knit team, pretty much like a second family. So obviously the banter is pretty strong and people notice new things about each other, quite easily. I was wondering how obvious it looks when it's first done? Do you have clear marks or scabs on your head while it's healing? Does it look like a rash when first done? Basically, would they notice? And if people do question it, do you tend to deny or own it? I'd be more inclined to own it and say so what? People get tattoos all the time to enhance themselves. But I just know it would be an ongoing thing with the kids I work with. I think I've got a sting enough character to 'own' it and have a sense of humour about it. But I'm concerned my collleagues and kids I work with, will lose a bit of respect for me, thinking I'm vain or something. I have pretty sensitive skin, so don't want to razor my head. Can anyone recommend an electric shaver that would do the job. Has anyone tried that bald eagle one? I was also wondering about the payment. Do they take instalments or is it lump sum only? Thanks for taking the time to read this, apologies for the essay. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Is SMP for me?

    Hi,I've recently discovered SMP via a promotional feed on my Twitter timeline, believe it or not. It was actually for another SMP provider, but after reading lots of reviews etc, this led me to HIS. I have never had a massive problem with being bald but the more I look at this procedure, the more integrated I am. I have a few questions that I hope some of you might be able to help with: - How natural does this actually look? - How many sessions are required? - Does this fade like normal tattoos? - Does ink need to be reapplied over the years? If so, how long can this be expected to last? - Is this reversible? - What happens if sides of hair go grey? - Any other maintenance? Sorry for all of the questions, just want to research this fully before taking it further. Thanks!!
  3. Post deleted?

    Hello, apparently my previous post was deleted for some reason....was just hoping to find users on the forum who had input about the Seattle location. I'd love to see some examples of the work done there. Most people on the forum seem to have had pretty good experiences at other locations and are well documented. Thinking of getting a consultation very soon.
  4. Hey guys, Like all of us in here, I too suffer from MPB. I have been trying to combat it with Rogaine and the Hairmax laser comb with little success. A few years ago, I discovered Toppik--and I have been able to pull it off quite well (No one has noticed). However, I know it's only a matter of time before my remaining hair falls out and Toppik will be completely ineffective (I have to think about the future). Again, Toppik has worked well for me, but I do suffer from some anxieties. What if it starts raining and I'm caught in the storm? What if I'm in the club and someone brushes my hair really hard, and now half of my hair--literally--has been wiped away? I want to be able to jump head first into a pool; or not have to worry about someone vigorously running their hands through my hair. Fortunately, I have come across this great procedure and I am definitely considering having it done. I am hoping that you guys can help answer my questions with the utmost integrity, so if you can please do help me answer some of my concerns: -You will see from my pictures that I have some hair left, and you will see how I can use Toppik to disguise a full head of hair. Now before any of you chime and with a "keep dreaming" response, I am well aware that SMP will not be able to pull off the Toppik look. However, I can imagine having my hair kept at a "1" level would be able to give a nice low buzz look (Currently--and reflected in the pictures--it's at a "2"). I do understand that a "0" or fresh razor makes it look most natural. But if Toppik can do what I am showing in my pictures, I would like to believe I can get away with a "1" and be completely satisfied. -Let's say that we wake up tomorrow and the cure for baldness has been discovered (Highly unlikely, but just theorize with me for a second). We are getting closer to a potential, no joke, cure for baldness. How will SMP look if you start growing natural hair again? Furthermore, can you still use Rogaine with no negative effects? -OK back to a Toppik question. Worse comes to worse and I am unsatisfied with my results from the SMP procedure. Could I grow my hair out and use Toppik again? Do you know of anyone that has tried it? -The closest clinic to me would be Miami. I see the best reviews for the New York and UK clinics; how does Miami compare? Has anyone been there? I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. I know it's long, but I'm sure you can empathize with me about wanting to know all the details before investing in this life changing procedure. -Thanks again, guys!