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  1. Toronto clinic

    Hi guys, i been considering this treatment for years now and finally had a consultation this past week. I was wondering if they are any members That had the procedure done and are fair complexion like me in Toronto area. I understand there is one practitioner working here any information about the quality of his work? Sorry if this been talked about already. If anybody had the procedure here would be willing to meet up that would be great. Of course lunch or a drink on me. I should mention I’m about Norwood 7 now. Thanks!
  2. Hello! Been lurking these forums back and forth in the past year(s?) and figured it was time for myself to get some insight, I am very protective about my secrecy and know this should probably be posted on the Swedish forums but figured the British or American would have more readers and also no stalker friends eventually finding my thread like the nerds they can be. (lol far-fetched I know ) Anyhow I am very pleased about my procedures and wish to thank HIS for doing a great job and accepting me at this age. 3 years ago I went ahead and got myself a FUE HT to my temples and after a year of anxious waiting I was seeing the end result, needless to say I was very disapointed and depressed because of my broken dreams. Found out about SMP through some googling and after ALOT of research I went for it, going in with the idea that having hair where I was going to cover would only add to the realism. Well, it does -to the touch. However I am at unease with how the recieving donor area looks because of the deep insections, the hairs are as it usually goes, sparse, thick and darker, also grows way faster. I read something about Bio oil/micro-needling/ Mesotherapy and wish for some insight? At the moment it looks good right after the shave (with some moisturising skin lotion) but I wish to fix the uneven skin which the hairs grow out of, alternative would be to take them out altogether if thats what it takes to fix it. Really hoping there is an answer to this. Also its mostly 1 side that's bothering me, which also seemed to suck alot of ink, some serious fading between sessions. The skin is easily red if touching/pressing against it and softer on that side. Will try to take pictures outside in the sunlight, so far its different lightning im the most afraid of as it really stands out in certain lights. Best of luck to you all, you are not alone and may you never develop BDD seriously tho.. nothing to joke about
  3. fingers crossed

    1st down, went well
  4. Hi everyone my name is Duncan and I live in stockport, I'm 29 and I have always had a receding hairline since I was 12! Like most men and stories I have read on here I have been so effected by losing my hir to the point I have cried myself to sleep! It really got bad 5 years ago when over a month period it all fell out! The worst bit its all t the front and I get called robocop (when his helmet is off) which to be honest my mates are correct and I can have a good laugh and even play up to it! But deep down I'm really effected by it, the worst is when your at the petrol station forecourt paying for petrol and the CCTV cameras are pointing at the top of your head its so shiny and hideous and I cry inside! I also have a job where I have to present where the companies I look after are up to and how they are going to achieve targets etc in front of 100 people on a stage with hot lights its very a very conscious situation. I have luckily met a fellow baldy called ken on holiday in Egypt last week who has had the work done recently and it looks amazing! He gave me the details and I have jumped at the chance for the consultation in April with ian on 10th. I really want this to work and for it to look like a lot of your stories but with the massive difference between the front of my head and the back will it stand out and will I look silly? At the moment I cut my hair once a week with number 0 clippers! I have read a lot of your stories and I know I will have to at least use Remington clippers. I have included lots of photos of how I look as well as where I have drawn my idea of what I would like my hir line to look like! Please give me advice and feed back of any changes you think I should make! Please be nice as I'm really nervous about getting it done! I'm lucky to have. Fiancée and child even though I'm bald at the front and she likes me the way it is! But I'm doing this for me no one else and want to be bable to go it with out looking the way my hair line does! Or to wake up thinking that this is it for me that I cannot change my hair line! I actually don't mind going bald at the back I think it looks ok it's that I have no hair apart from a very small un noticeable bit in the middle! I've been told I look 42 which is horrible to hear! Thanks again and I appreciate you reading my thread! Hopefully in a couple of months I will look the way I I should for my ages!