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  1. Thanks Matt and NYC Office!

    Hi gentlemen of the forum I wanted to come back to the forum and share about how my smp treatment is going. I live in bergen county NJ and finally made the jump two weeks ago. I finished my second session today with Matt in NYC and im friggin thrilled so far. First let me say, that i had heard so many great things about Matt's talent and artistry-my friend had gotten treatment from him over 2 yrsago, but now that i have recieved treastment i truly believe it. Guy is an absolute master and took a lot of time with me, especially on the first session. He also helped me design the hairline i always wanted, which was a sharpish rounded type look (it fits my face). Also, the NY team run by Matt and Graig is awesome. They take so much care and put out great work...i saw 2 guys on my visits who were finishing up and they looked like studs! Anyway i posted a pic post 2nd session, just to give an idea how its looking. Im a bit nervous about posting photos, i may post some after 2 weeks of settling. But i just wanted to share my story and let you know that you are in the best hands with Matt- or anyone in NYC. Best of luck guys, ill be happy to answere questions if you have any. -LF
  2. The walk to the ring has begun and I simply view it as another chapter in my hair battle that has stretched from 1984 to present. I wore hair for over 25 years, was a transplant guinea pig three times, transitioned to lace hair "systems" and now I'm looking to take things in a whole different direction. Suffice it to say I have experienced all the varying emotions expressed by others on this forum and it all began when I left for military college in 1980 with a full head of thick hair! By my sophomore year my cystic acne was out of control on my back and I became one of the first US patients to take Accutane upon its approval. They prescribed it in very high doses for six months, which was certainly no fun with all the side effects! By the time graduation rolled around I had diffuse thinning throughout my head, which was one of the horrible Accutane side effects. Feeling utterly distraught to put it mildly, within a couple of years I was going for hair consultations because it was not at all fashionable to shave ones head at that time. Kojak was the only guy that could get away with that then and I did not want to be him! By 1987 I was wearing hair with some kind of archaic hook system. Even then I wanted to be able to take the animal off my head to shower and sleep and only wore it to bed when entertaining a female guest (or she was entertaining me)! I hated it from the start but we learned to live with each other. Amazingly the hair went undetected and I kept those vixen female guests at bay with the old PTSD story to not touch my head. I became a hair savant and even my future wife had no clue until I finally told her. I did learn a hard lesson about hair attachments while on my honeymoon when I made the fateful decision to body surf after a Bermuda hurricane. Who does that?!? I think you all know how that turned out!! Needless to say my new bride and I wound up combing the beach looking for a washed up rat. To this day I imagine it washing up on the beach somewhere scaring some unsuspecting kids! As I’ve mentioned I hated the hair and when I transitioned to a fully taped (I refused glue) hair system it made the whole process easier and when my suit came off it often came off! My collection of baseball hats is huge because that was/is my go to around my house, going to the gym, doing yard work and even going to family events when I did not feel like putting the hair on. My identity as an executive, Canali wearing suite guy, was completed with hair and that was all in my head! This thought process drove me to seek a way out of taped on hair which led me to the biggest hair mistake in my sordid hair tale! A sales guy at the hair clinic I frequented began working for a transplant surgeon. It was early in the era coming out of plugs and techniques were still being perfected for high yield strips. Three procedures later and I was left with a very recessed and fairly natural hairline, however, not near enough coverage and a lovely smiley face scar in the back of my head..ugh! This was in the late 90’s so I threw my hands up literally and continued to tape on my hair. Fast forward to today and I’m an open minded, tatted up, gym rat, reaching for a new solution to an old problem. A few months ago I took a clipper to my head and about a month later I wet shaved. The scar bothers me because it looks like a white stripe across the back of my head but I am comfortable with the shaved head. What totally sold me on SMP is when my girlfriend dotted the scar with an eyeliner (her idea) and in my eyes it nearly disappeared! I can’t thank forum members enough for answering my questions/concerns and telling their stories. BSB has become an awesome friend; who has guided me up to this day and not one person on this forum ignored my emails! The pics below show my front hairline, my mocked up broken hairline about 3/8 in front of my tp hair. Also my scar and a pic of the scar dotted with the eyeliner. The scar is skin color, completely flat and has been treated with Retin A. Keep in mind that this is a tale told by and idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  3. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    I finally faced my fears and dropped into the NYC office for a consultation. I was greeted by Matt who was very friendly and personable. We went into a closed room and discreetly discussed any and all SMP concerns that I had. It wasn't until maybe half way through the conversation that it dawned on me : as an employee, Matt has probably had SMP. It was so realistic that I failed to detect it. He allowed me to take a closer look. It looked fantastic. I was quoted 2 sessions as I have a relatively fair amount of stubble still left on the top of my head. I took in this photo as an example of what I'd consider a success/goal. I don't know which user it is but when I came across it during my countless hours of forum browsing, I was sold. My main concerns were getting a gradient and broken hairline and to not neglect building side profiles/temples. Matt said it would certainly be achievable. I have one bit of lingering concern. I manage marketing for a startup by day and shoot/edit video for a media company by night. This leaves my schedule pretty full. Due to my time limitations, I was only free for Saturday sessions. The pleasant young lady who handled the booking accommodated this but was only able to achieve it by scheduling me with two different practitioners. I'm afraid the communication of my final goal could become lost in translation with several chefs in the kitchen, as it were. Is this something I should be concerned with? I haven't been informed, yet, who the practitioner(s) will be. I may not find out until the day of. I've posted some "before" photos and will take high-res shots with my 5D after each treatment. It's too early to claim victory yet but after meeting Matt and visiting the office, I am very confident in the company.
  4. Hello HIS community! I'm very excited to announce we will be holding our first open day for our Chicago location on Thursday, April 11th from 11AM- 7PM. I want to cordially invite all those from Chicago-land or from afar, prospective clients or HIS veterans, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, skeptics and believers to come check out one of our newest and busiest locations! As you may have heard from our previous open days, these events are great opportunities to see the treatment in the flesh. You'll have the opportunity to see first hand not only the treatment, but the application process as well. Ask your questions, converse with other clients, and meet some of our wonderful staff! As always, our open days are absolutely free to attend and without obligation. Individuals can book in for 2 hour time slots (you can hang as long as you like), and will also have the opportunity to book separate private 1-on-1 consults with a HIS team member. Our Chicago location is located on the beautiful Magnificent Mile and a quick walk from many Chicago attractions. Make a day of it (hopefully the snow will be gone)! To find out more information and to book your spot don't hesitate to call us at 1-855-447-4247 or email us. Look forward to meeting each on of you in April! -Matt