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  1. Hey guys, This will be my first post on this forum, but I have been lurking on here for a while already. I know that SMP is not only possible for those with light hair, but also often times, looks pretty damn good. I have seen a few examples so far, such as the Bald Ego, Magnus, and Ray in the before and after area. I have seen a few people like Kojak, who went darker on their entire head. From what I can tell this looks good too, under the right circumstances. Kojak if you're still on here, or anyone else who did something similar, I would like to see what that looks like, with more pictures. Any way, the bottom line is that I am almost certain that I am going to get this procedure done soon. I am 27 years old and probably a NW 2.5 slowly moving towards a 3 and beyond. I still wear my hair medium length and im pretty sure that no one really knows that I am balding yet. I doubt that I can get away with this for much longer though. Instead of taking drugs for the rest of my life that would potentially kill my boners and my wallet, I have decided that a shaved head plus SMP is a much better long term solution. It kind of fits my lifestyle as it is anyways. I am a personal trainer and small business owner and the low maintenance, alpha, military look appeals to me. If I get this procedure done soon I doubt anyone, except for a select few, would even ever know that I was balding at all, which would also be ideal. I would be looking to shave it down, for the first time, about the same time as getting SMP. This is something that some of you, may advise against, but I feel like its the best option for me. I guess my questions for you guys would be: 1. Can someone with as much hair as I have left get SMP without issue? 2. Can I get some input from other light haired/light skinned guys who have had this done? Pics are awesome too 3. Any general input/advice from anyone else would be appreciated too. Thanks everyone! This truly seems like an awesome group of people on here. I look forward to being part of the community and sharing my results when I eventually do get the procedure done myself.
  2. Hey Guys, everywhere I look , I see guys are really concerned about shine. I've had SMP myself, and no, Im not an expert, just wanted to share my 2 cents here I've tried several recommendations , like milk of magnesia, OTC matting creams, etc, looking for matting and antishine agents for SCALP or for guys. Nothing really there. then i looked at products for girls. Turns out that ladies have been dealing with shiny-oily skin for generations, and they have a multitude of tried and tested products especially made for them. Remember the little powder case that they would carry around in their bags, and dab on at every occasion? thats what its for: to reduce shine!! So i recently got myself a transparent compressed powder , and guys, it works! kills shine all over the scalp, evens out scalp tone, lasts for hours, probably all day if you dont sweat, and is easy to apply. I have several long and shiny scars in the back of my head, courtesy of the nice "Doctors" who did my plugs years ago, and the |SMP does camouflage them to some degree, but the scar skin is particularly shinier than normal skin. The powder matting agent kills the shine and makes the scar way less noticeable in direct light. Just be discreet when pulling out your little powder case and dabbing your noggin in public! When it comes to make-up, no point in reinventing the wheel , the girls have been doing it since the stone age, so we should look at what they do, they know every trick in the book. for example, just try a search for "best anti shine face powder transparent" on google, amazon, ebay... btw, mine cost me 4 or 5 quid on ebay, free ship.
  3. Hello, I am considering fully shaving my head and having SMP but I am concerned about how well my scar can be camouflaged with SMP. I shaved my head to a #1 i think and took these pictures. How worried should I be with this scar? Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect with SMP? I am planning on going to the San Franciscio clinic. Any help, advice, tips or comments is appreciated, thank you
  4. Hello, So I just wrote a really long post but it froze up and didn't post. But, to sum things up I am looking for some advice. I've had 2 treatments because I had some significant hair recession. My issue. Personally I'm having an issue of whether or not I should get my third treatment. To me I've had little noticeable changes with the treatment. Especially compared to other users on this site. I even didn't tell my wife until a few months after and she was upset because I've almost spent $3,000 on 2 treatments with little noticeable effects. Im not trying to be negative about HIS as they were very professional!! Very nice people. The treatments: My practitioner used the shades of 40 (1st treatment) and 38 (2nd treatment). The first 5 days the treatment looked nice. Then the little dots fell off and it looked washed out and faded There was and is no definition to my hair line. it looks faint and smudged. I followed all after treatment procedures. Is my wife and I being unrealistic with this treatment? Is it because I have Light hair ("dirty dishwater" blonde)? Did my practitioner go too light? did it just fade rapidly? should I spend the extra money and get the third? Or am I just crazy? I apologize if this post seems to lack detail. Im just worried Ill lose another post lol *actually crashed 3 times and 4th time realized I need 5 pots to upload a pictures lol wow