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  1. 3rd Session - Toronto - Dave

    hello his forum! I have finally done my third session and cannot get over how pleased i am with my results! i have another set of posts from my first and second sessions with Dave First, id like to start off by thanking Dave on his excellent work and for how much this procedure has changed my life. Dave, you are truly a master of this art. Dave really made me feel comfortable like in the other sessions and really cares about what you want as the client. He is someone that truly loves what he does and has a passion for it. He is someone that looks for the best interest in his client and is not going to put a hairline on someone just for the hell of it. What everyone needs to remember is that, as a customer, we are a reflection of the artists work so the outcome is just as important for him as it is for us. Coming into this procedure i had really high hopes and as usual Dave fulfilled them. i had just came back from a months vacation where i got a little sun exposure to the pigment and to my surprise is held pretty well. i used a spray on sunscreen that was made for tattoos and applied it regularly whenever i new id be sun worshipping. I moisturized in the morning and at night (maintenance is key) - look at it as brushing your teeth, if you dont, theyll fall out.... I also got the chance to meet Torontos new practitioner, Kyle. He is currently in training and got the chance to draw on a lower hairline for me. which really was the cherry on top. You'll be an awesome practitioner one day, all the best! He also had the procedure done and it looked awesome! He's a great example of a low cut with a solid beard. Comparing this procedure in pain to the other two, id definitely say it was 2/10. i could barely feel it at times. i almost fell asleep at one point haha. and I've never gotten a tattoo in my life and I'm terrified of needles. so it just goes to show for the people who are scared of pain. mind over matter. For anyone in the Toronto or Seattle area, Dave is the man! don't hesitate at all for this procedure. i can honestly say it was the best thing i could have ever done. i almost had a full head of hair going into the procedure (see last post) and i can truly say i like this way more. Hair loss is such a gradual thing and at 20 years old i was not expecting it at all. For anyone, at any age I'm sure it can be hard but honestly this IS THE ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION in my opinion. it is the best bang for buck. it is something i wish i could just preach to the world. and at times i can't even tell where the pigment is and my actual hair unless i run my hands through my head haha. At my age, my dad actually had a hairpiece and he told me that he stopped wearing it due to the fact he always thought someone was starring at him and he said id feel the same about this. Sorry dad, you were wrong haha. To anyone who feels the same way, trust me... at the end of the day always remember, its better then what you had. I've told people (close family) and they can't even tell. REMEMBER, you have to live with it... not them.. so do what makes you feel better. HISHAIR and Dave, i can honestly say, you guys saved my life and i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. If anyone in the Toronto/GTA area wants to meet up, message me and id be more then happy! SEE PICTURES BELOW Before First Treatment : December 6, 2014 First Time Shaved : Right Before Treatment : December 6, 2014 Right After First Treatment: December 6, 2014 1 Day After First Treatment: December 7, 2014 3 Days After Second Treatment: December 15, 2014 Immediately After Third Treatment: January 7, 2015 5 Days After Third Treatment: January 12, 2015
  2. When HIS Clinic in Italy?

    When HIS Hair Clinic is going to open in Italy? I hope next year...
  3. Is there in Italy someone who have smp done? I would like to see it in person. I'm another hair transplant victim (about 500 transplanted hairs & a very long scar from ear to ear). All my hairs are thinned and I need to shave my head... HT has been the worst mistake of my life. DON'T DO IT if you are on time!!! Need to know what to do, please.