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  1. Hi guys, It has been almost 4 days since my second session. I a little worried about the colour (cant believe i'm being that guy now lol). Im hoping it will fade and settle a little over the next week. What do you guys think? Too dark?
  2. Hey guys so I had my 4th treatment back in January of this year and have been loving my new look. The only issue I am noticing now is the back of head and how it doesn't mix very well... I am not sure if it has been fading or what but you can totally see the dots.... Please take a look and let me know your opinions...
  3. Dark Ink, GET IT RIGHT

    I have attached 3 photos of the1st and 3rd days after my 2nd session. The 4th picture, the mirror shot, is 3weeks after my 2nd session. Although the gentlemen who did my treatment did a fair job, I was somewhat surprised at how faint the treatment appeared. In the photos below, the lighting is making the treatment appear darker than it really was. These first 3 pictures are 3weeks old now, and the 'freshness' of the ink has faded. Therefore, my immediate concern of the somewhat faintness of the 'hair' dots was legitimate, so I signed up for a 3rd session. You can see that I am fair skinned (Italian in ethnicity). But the ink shade they used on me was 8, and 6, which is the shade that they supposedly use on men of darker ethnicities than mine. Apparently, 2 is the darkest color they have. As I was being treated, I looked in the mirror, and requested they use a darker ink, and they were hesitant, because they were already supposedly using ink which they usually wouldn't use on someone with my skin tone. However, in the back of my head, it now appears as if I haven't even had two sessions! You can see for yourself (the 4th picture). So I suppose my question is: why should I need to sign a waiver for them to use an even darker ink at my next treatment? Look again at that mirror shot (the 4th photo): that is only 48hrs after I buzzed my hair with a zero. That is after 2 sessions, and I am STILL bald back there. I am very surprised by how ineffective the ink held up, and I am still wearing hats as a result. Either I'm overlooking something, or the guys who did my treatments missed the appropriate shade to use on me by a LONG SHOT. Sure, the first 3photos might look fine, but the most recent photo, the 4th one that I took in the mirror, shows just how faint the supposed 'dark' ink ended up being! So if your looking into SMP treatment, I greatly encourage you to keep an eye on the shade they are using on you. Why? Because I ended up being right; and the people who work there and who do this for a living were wrong. I knew they were using too faint of a shade, but I took their word for it that it "was indeed 'dark' enough." But how else do I know I was right? Because I have to go up there again and pay for a 3rd session. Thoughts?