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  1. Hello everyone, New to the forum. Had my first 3 treatments performed in Chicago this past December and January. I am pleased with the results and highly recommend the practitioner working there. He is quite personable and very skilled at his job. He definitely made the whole procedure very comfortable for me. Not being from Chicago, I took advantage of the situation and made a little holiday out of it with my wife each time we went. Going in the winter was great for me as the hotels were far cheaper and I could comfortably wear a beanie in the cold weather while my head recovered. Lots of great restaurants and things to do all within walking distance. How I feel - All I can say is, man, it feels good to ditch the ball cap after all these years. Very liberating. I also think my clothes look a lot better on me now that I have a hairline, especially my work clothes. Now, I just have to get in better shape (hit the gym) to really complete the look. Now that the pigments have had time to fully settle, I have decided to get a 4th treatment to just fill it out a bit more with a slightly darker pigment and work on the fading around the sides. I prefer the illusion of the shaved sides with a little growth on top. I believe I can achieve this with 1 more visit. Wish me luck as my appointment is rapidly approaching! Just a few tips I have for anyone considering doing this procedure for the 1st time - 1) If you have a difficult schedule to work around, make sure you book well in advance to get the exact days you want. 2) Before you go, consider asking your doctor to prescribe you some pain killers (i.e. Vicodin) to help dull the pain when getting the procedure. I personally found it very helpful as I experienced both procedures with and without medication. It's tolerable without, but I just found it much more comfortable when I took them. I also heard something about a tattoo numbing cream, but I am not privy on the details of that. 3) If you are from out of town, take advantage of the situation and make a mini-vacation out of it. I researched restaurants and places to go and had a blast. Definitely made the whole thing a lot more enjoyable for me. Cheers!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm new to this forum but not hair loss.... Now as everyone already know, hair loss can be a kick in the nuts to your self esteem. But anyway, long story short, I'm from Chicago and driving to downtown is always painful. On the way over to my appointment, I had so many doubts as to what I was doing. I never imagined actually trying to do something about my hair loss, especially tattooing my head. I met the practitioner. Guys, as soon as I walked in I saw his treatment and I got a glimmer of hope. This guy was awesome and his hair/head looked great. If I didn't know any better, I would walked out of there thinking this guy was blessed with a bad ass hairline. So in talking to him and seeing it up front, I was immediately convinced. Im going to moved forward with the treatment but I still have my doubts. I just hope it looks just as awesome and undetectable. Which is my biggest concern. I went ahead and tentatively scheduled, so I will be posting pictures of my progress. I never blogged in any forum but I feel it's the right thing to do for the next guy, as I know how damaging this issue can be to someone's self esteem. Anyways thanks for listening, I will keep you guys posted! I'm like a Norwood 2/3 btw. Still have a significant amount of hair with a bad hairline. I'm posting some pics, I just shaved my head down, tired of the comb over which held on great until I started sweating or a gust of wind blew my hair apart lol I'll show u the pics....
  3. I'm hoping to meet someone with SMP in chicago - preferably a caucasian male so I can get the best idea of how it may look on me.
  4. Any pics of recent work by polish mike any before after would be helpfully Thanks fellas
  5. 1st and 2nd Session-Complete

    So happy to announce that I have completed my first and second session. I went to the Chicago Clinic on Friday (July 25th). All I have to say is that I am so happy for having the opportunity to have had my procedure done by Mike. The guy is a true professional and really loves what he does for a living. I am excited about my upcoming sessions because I know that Mike will only continue to improve my overall look. Since I have never had any tattoos, I was extremely nervous going into my first procedure. Call me a wimp, but I have never been a huge fan of needles. After finishing up my workweek last Thursday, I decided to call His Hair to possibly set up an appointment at the end of August. But the end of August seemed like ages for me. I was so tired of my horseshoe shape on top of my head. I wanted to go through with the procedure as soon as possible. Since I had the next 4 days off from work, I randomly asked if there was opening for the following day? Lucky for me, there was. So before I knew it, I was on my way to Chicago. As soon as I walked into the clinic, Mike made me feel at ease by assuring me that everything would be alright. Also, since Mike had the procedure himself, I was really motivated about the possibility of achieving similar results. He started the process by drawing my hairline and taking a few pictures. He also applied a few pigments to test the pain level. Then he started working his magic and after about 2 1/2 - 3 hours my first session was complete. As for the pain level, it really was not that bad for me. Obviously there were a few nerve areas that were a little painful, but nothing was unbearable. I just felt bad for Mike because I feel as if I bled quite a bit and he constantly had to wipe my head. Today, Tuesday (August 5th) I completed my second session. This time it was a much easier process. I really feel as if my head was used to the needle and I really didn't feel any real discomfort. For this session, I decided to lower the hairline by just a couple centimeters. I asked Mike for his input about my decision and he agreed that we could go a little lower. We also also chose a little darker pigments for this session to get rid of that dreaded horseshoe shape. Right now, I am very happy with the results. It has only been a couple of hours since my second procedure and I have been getting bombarded with compliments by close friends and family. I cannot wait to see what happens after the pigments settle in and all redness goes away. I cannot express enough how much of a confidence boost this has been for me. Thank you Mike for your fantastic work of art.
  6. BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION Valid Today (11/27) till end of the day Friday (11/29) (US ONLY) Since every other brand in America is using Black Friday to extend discounts to customers, we thought we'd do the same for our lovely clientele. In honor of BLACK FRIDAY we will be offering 2 DOORBUSTER, BLOCKBUSTER, STORE CLEARING DEALS for you guys! (Sorry I had to) DEAL 1 – If a client books in for treatment Today thru Black Friday he will be discounted 15% of the original quoted price (2 sessions). He will also receive a FREE Headblade kit that may be picked up during his 1st session appointment. DEAL 2 - If a client books in for a consultation on Today- Black Friday for the months of November or December, he will be discounted 15% when quoted (2 sessions). He will also receive a FREE headblade kit that may be picked up during his consultation OR 1st session appointment. Get in touch now to take advantage of the offer. 1-855-447-4247 or

    Hello HIS family, Im excited to announce that our upcoming CHICAGO OPEN DAY will take place September 27th, from 11AM-7PM at our location on 980 N. Michigan (Magnificent Mile). This event will give prospective clients the opportunity to -Meet with the local practitioners -Observe live treatments and demos -Chat with other clients -Undergo a full consultation with HIS Staff Open days are informal and without obligation. Simply a laid back event to see the treatment in the flesh and have your questions answered. To book a slot time and RSVP to the event please contact us at 1-855-447-4247 or email us at Look forward to meeting you there! -Matt
  8. Too Blessed To Be Stressed

    It was hat day my sophomore year in high school and we were in the gym after working out. I went to grab my visor from my locker when one of the guys said to me, "wow, you've got a receding hair line." I remember thinking about it all day and then for months to come. That comment started the downward obsession and insecurity of thinking something was wrong with my hair. However, in all fairness I never was really a fan of my hair even when I had it. I had curls and I wanted straight hair; hair that I could style like the celebs and not frizz and curl all the time. So clippers became my friend and I always buzzed my hair real short. Everyone liked the buzz cut on me, including myself, it suited me real well. College came and I started doing research, I knew that the buzz cut would eventually go to a bald cut and I didn't really want that. So I started the mission of getting my hair back. First was the dermatologist and their suggestion of Rogaine and possible Propecia. I did the Rogaine and it managed to retain some hair, but it was expensive back in 04 with no generics to my knowledge. Propecia was completely out of the question, not at $100 or so a month. A few years later when the balding became worse I went to Toppik and Concealers to fill in the gaps. It worked, but I never wanted anyone to touch my hair since they would ruin my fake creation on top of my head. Finally, came my 6 hour road trip to a reputable Hair Transplant Dr. in Mid-Texas. Oh was I excited! I had looked at the before and after pics, read the forum, and picked out a few of my old high school pictures that I was hoping the Dr. could replicate. I sat in the lobby for about an hour filled with hope and dreams of a new life, a new me, and another chance. All of it was smashed in less than 15 minutes. The Dr. told me that my baldness was occurring in a pattern that would not provide enough density to cover my whole head. Hair transplantation was not an option for me and that I should never let anyone convince me otherwise. She said I had lovely eyes and a nice shaped head and not to worry about it. Completely drained of hope and depressed I drove back home. However, thankful that she was honest and that I wasn't going to do something I would regret later on. Funny thing is, you might assume from reading my story that I was a recluse. Possibly the shy type that was completely destroyed of self-confidence. Well, that couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth about who I am. I am an extreme extrovert, driven type A personality and executive at my hospital. Over the years I have learned that my hair doesn't define who I am. My identity and self-worth are not tied with my outward appearance, my job, my income, or my wife. My fulfillment comes from above, my Lord, Jesus. We all have God-shaped holes in our hearts. Holes that we attempt to fill with different things that we believe will give us fulfillment and peace. However, if we appropriately allow God to first fill our whole being, then we can enjoy other things for what they are worth, as add-ons not as fulfillment. Example, A person is walking through a field in the morning on which he considers to be a perfect day, the sun is out, the temperature is right, the birds are singing, and he is content. He thinks to himself, "nothing more could satisfy my content state of being." At that moment a breeze blows through carrying the scent of the field and adds to his overall euphoric experience. Another add-on to the pleasurable day he was already having. The thing is though, he was already content, satisfied and fulfilled. The breeze was additional, and enjoyment that he could have lived with or without. He did not need it to satisfy him, for he was already satisfied. I say that to express this. I am very interested and excited in SMP. I have a patch test this Thursday in Chicago and am amazed by the results that I have seen throughout all of these great forums. So many men and their outward appearance has changed for the better! I hope that this technique works out for me as well and I can't wait to possibly join the group of successful HIS clients. However, I go into this knowing that even if I get my hairline back, the excitement of it will fade away after awhile and the initial cloud 9 experience will diminish. But its okay. Because I am already content and this procedure will be my breeze in the wind. It'll just add to my already beautiful content day. Thanks for reading and I appreciate your commitment to helping me develop my hairline and look as I share this journey with you. All the Best, Feroshez
  9. Brian's work (Chicago)

    Is there a way to see photos of Brian's work? I found one on here but would like to see more.
  10. Hello HIS community! I'm very excited to announce we will be holding our first open day for our Chicago location on Thursday, April 11th from 11AM- 7PM. I want to cordially invite all those from Chicago-land or from afar, prospective clients or HIS veterans, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, skeptics and believers to come check out one of our newest and busiest locations! As you may have heard from our previous open days, these events are great opportunities to see the treatment in the flesh. You'll have the opportunity to see first hand not only the treatment, but the application process as well. Ask your questions, converse with other clients, and meet some of our wonderful staff! As always, our open days are absolutely free to attend and without obligation. Individuals can book in for 2 hour time slots (you can hang as long as you like), and will also have the opportunity to book separate private 1-on-1 consults with a HIS team member. Our Chicago location is located on the beautiful Magnificent Mile and a quick walk from many Chicago attractions. Make a day of it (hopefully the snow will be gone)! To find out more information and to book your spot don't hesitate to call us at 1-855-447-4247 or email us. Look forward to meeting each on of you in April! -Matt