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  1. Shine and realism of the procedure

    OK, SO, i had treatment done about 3 years ago, I must point out that I do not regret having it done, and I would rather have it done than not, but I would be interested if anyone else like me feels that, especially at night with the shine from artificial light that to most people you are just still BALD, am I the only one who feels like this? I read so many posts of people saying how people think they now have hair, yes Ive had a few comments over the years to this affect, but just as many comment from people who still think Im bald I'm constantly trying new ways to stop the shine at night, if you ever sweat by the way, its all over anybody else in the same camp???
  2. Hey forum, haven't posted in a while but id like to begin by expressing how huge of an impact SMP has had on my life and my confidence. It has made the whole hairloss experience so much easier. Obviously i miss having hair but this is the next best thing. I am going to be booking my fourth treatment soon and have realized XXXX is no longer working at HIS and am a little sceptical about using a different practitioner. I am sure the new practitioner is a master of his art like XXXX was but i am only worried about a practitioner working on another practitioners previous work and how the blending will be. please let me know of anyones experiences!
  3. Hey, just had my 3rd session 5 days ago and things are looking pretty well...While this treatment obviously has its pros and cons, there is no question that the pros outweigh the cons and that having this treatment boosts your confidence...When you compare what was before and what i see, I'm loving it...There's obviously different lighting which will give the treatment a different appearance, but you can see in this photo how well and natural it looks. Anyhow, just wanted to show a pic of what i looked like before the treatment and the other one which is 5 days after the 3rd treatment. Any questions, let me know!
  4. Too Blessed To Be Stressed

    It was hat day my sophomore year in high school and we were in the gym after working out. I went to grab my visor from my locker when one of the guys said to me, "wow, you've got a receding hair line." I remember thinking about it all day and then for months to come. That comment started the downward obsession and insecurity of thinking something was wrong with my hair. However, in all fairness I never was really a fan of my hair even when I had it. I had curls and I wanted straight hair; hair that I could style like the celebs and not frizz and curl all the time. So clippers became my friend and I always buzzed my hair real short. Everyone liked the buzz cut on me, including myself, it suited me real well. College came and I started doing research, I knew that the buzz cut would eventually go to a bald cut and I didn't really want that. So I started the mission of getting my hair back. First was the dermatologist and their suggestion of Rogaine and possible Propecia. I did the Rogaine and it managed to retain some hair, but it was expensive back in 04 with no generics to my knowledge. Propecia was completely out of the question, not at $100 or so a month. A few years later when the balding became worse I went to Toppik and Concealers to fill in the gaps. It worked, but I never wanted anyone to touch my hair since they would ruin my fake creation on top of my head. Finally, came my 6 hour road trip to a reputable Hair Transplant Dr. in Mid-Texas. Oh was I excited! I had looked at the before and after pics, read the forum, and picked out a few of my old high school pictures that I was hoping the Dr. could replicate. I sat in the lobby for about an hour filled with hope and dreams of a new life, a new me, and another chance. All of it was smashed in less than 15 minutes. The Dr. told me that my baldness was occurring in a pattern that would not provide enough density to cover my whole head. Hair transplantation was not an option for me and that I should never let anyone convince me otherwise. She said I had lovely eyes and a nice shaped head and not to worry about it. Completely drained of hope and depressed I drove back home. However, thankful that she was honest and that I wasn't going to do something I would regret later on. Funny thing is, you might assume from reading my story that I was a recluse. Possibly the shy type that was completely destroyed of self-confidence. Well, that couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth about who I am. I am an extreme extrovert, driven type A personality and executive at my hospital. Over the years I have learned that my hair doesn't define who I am. My identity and self-worth are not tied with my outward appearance, my job, my income, or my wife. My fulfillment comes from above, my Lord, Jesus. We all have God-shaped holes in our hearts. Holes that we attempt to fill with different things that we believe will give us fulfillment and peace. However, if we appropriately allow God to first fill our whole being, then we can enjoy other things for what they are worth, as add-ons not as fulfillment. Example, A person is walking through a field in the morning on which he considers to be a perfect day, the sun is out, the temperature is right, the birds are singing, and he is content. He thinks to himself, "nothing more could satisfy my content state of being." At that moment a breeze blows through carrying the scent of the field and adds to his overall euphoric experience. Another add-on to the pleasurable day he was already having. The thing is though, he was already content, satisfied and fulfilled. The breeze was additional, and enjoyment that he could have lived with or without. He did not need it to satisfy him, for he was already satisfied. I say that to express this. I am very interested and excited in SMP. I have a patch test this Thursday in Chicago and am amazed by the results that I have seen throughout all of these great forums. So many men and their outward appearance has changed for the better! I hope that this technique works out for me as well and I can't wait to possibly join the group of successful HIS clients. However, I go into this knowing that even if I get my hairline back, the excitement of it will fade away after awhile and the initial cloud 9 experience will diminish. But its okay. Because I am already content and this procedure will be my breeze in the wind. It'll just add to my already beautiful content day. Thanks for reading and I appreciate your commitment to helping me develop my hairline and look as I share this journey with you. All the Best, Feroshez
  5. Started loosing hair at 17 and now a NW2/NW3 23 years old. The reason for my early hair loss is due to messed up levels of testosterone and dht. My doctors discovered I had varicocele when I was 16/17, I m pretty sure now that V leads to low testosterone and low t leads to high DHT, high DHT causes baldness. Came up with this conclusion because %0 of all my family members went bald at early age and none of my older uncles and father 50+ are bald, (NW2 to NW5). Plus it makes sense, the older you get, the less testosterone you have, the less hair you have. I went to 2 or 3 doctors and talked to them about my hairloss/varicocele/low t and they basically laughed and called me crazy. I have T levels of an 85 year old, very high levels of DHT and started TRT 2 months ago without medical supervision which I do not recommend to anyone. I ve grown a bit of body and facial hair, some muscle and my low t symptoms which are too many to type have gotten way better. In conclusion......... if you re too young to be loosing hair and if none of your family members went bald young, a simple blood test can save you a lot of stress and headaches. Just my 2 cents