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  1. Hi, first time poster, but have been reading for a while. I've been shaving my head grade 0 with clippers for about ten years now after my hairline went crappy in my mid twenties. It's starting to creep back further now and getting thinner on the top, so grade O just ain't cutting (excuse the pun) anymore. I've tried recently to give my hair one last chance, by growing it a bit and seeing if there's any style that could look alright. But it just looks rubbish no matter what, like an aging guy desperately trying to cling onto what hair he has left. So it's coming off again. As you all probably have experienced, it gets quite depressing looking at it everyday in the mirror, so I'd like to get it done for me, more than anything else. I've been looking at this treatment on and off for a few years now, but have always been put off by it potential looking too obvious and not being able to really justify the price or being able to afford paying up a grand and a half up front. I was wondering if you lovely fellas could answer a few questions/doubts I have, please? I work with kids in care, in a very tightly knit team, pretty much like a second family. So obviously the banter is pretty strong and people notice new things about each other, quite easily. I was wondering how obvious it looks when it's first done? Do you have clear marks or scabs on your head while it's healing? Does it look like a rash when first done? Basically, would they notice? And if people do question it, do you tend to deny or own it? I'd be more inclined to own it and say so what? People get tattoos all the time to enhance themselves. But I just know it would be an ongoing thing with the kids I work with. I think I've got a sting enough character to 'own' it and have a sense of humour about it. But I'm concerned my collleagues and kids I work with, will lose a bit of respect for me, thinking I'm vain or something. I have pretty sensitive skin, so don't want to razor my head. Can anyone recommend an electric shaver that would do the job. Has anyone tried that bald eagle one? I was also wondering about the payment. Do they take instalments or is it lump sum only? Thanks for taking the time to read this, apologies for the essay. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The real test of a pigment provider's skill is when they can make a bald, fair skinned, scarred,white guy's head look like it is a shaved, full head of real hair. I am that guy. I have had smp done at two places in the U.S. I have many strip scars from hair transplants years ago. I consider myself an expert on what to do and what not to do regarding baldness solutions ----and smp in particular. The first place that I got smp wouldn't take my hairline down far enough. The second place made my hairline ridiculously low and way too straight(I specifically told them not to do this). Also, the pigment was too dense. Had to get all of that ink lasered off! I found the best place to get all of the pigment lasered off. Just two sessions with the most recent Picosure laser. And, they can anesthetize your whole head, as it is quite painful without a serious numbing agent. I am now going to get smp done "right", in May, at a great place that I have found through extreme research and through trial and error. If possible, I want to help someone avoid going through all that I've gone through in order to get a quality smp. If anyone is interested in avoiding my mistakes, get in touch and I'll be glad to tell you about what you need to know and about who I am going to to get smp done correctly. Also,some insight on what/who to avoid. My intention is to help someone out, not to promote or put down ANY business.--------I have also found products (lotions, sunscreens) that work best to maintain smp ----moisturize, protect, stop shine etc. All through trial and error. Which is a time consuming expensive way to find all of this out. But, perhaps it was the only way for me because most people/places seem to be only interested in money. Everyone claims that their product, or service, is the best. They will promise you the world and make amazing claims. I have suffered a great deal because of their confusing tactics; I wish that there had been a truly unbiased source for me to go to when looking into smp. Hopefully I can be that source for someone else.
  3. Down to the wire

    I have decided to get SMP and it's down to HIS Hair Miami or XXXX. I am looking for advice. I realize this is a HIS forum but I'm hoping I can get unbiased reviews of both clinics in Miami and also to see if anyone has had the 3d effect done and their thoughts on the results. I am eager and nervous about this.
  4. Hi all, I've followed this forum for some time now and have been contemplating SMP for a while. I have a fair bit of hair left on the top of my head but have receded significantly from my temples and am thinning from my crown. I'm of the mind to have something like this done ahead of the balding curve so that the transition isn't as noticeable. Besides my concerns of how this will look on me, I'm curious about how well light hair is matched with the SMP process. I'm looking for any and all advice on maintaining the most natural look possible, practitioners best with light pigments, etc. I am fine with keeping a mature hairline to look appropriate as I age, but would also like to be mindful of having a light density because I find SMP treatments that are too dense look more like shadowing than follicle illusion. I would be grateful for any insight, pics, advice, people can advise. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'll do my best to make this quick in the interest of everyone's time: My story is your average one. I am 27 years old, been losing hair since I was about 18, and it was mainly due to a combination of stress and bad genes (mother has 5 brothers 4 of which are completely bald & father is completely bald as well). I have gone through the standard phases of losing hair; 1) denial 2) depression 3) exploration of hair growth options 4) depression again (lol) 5) acceptance 6) exploration of hair replacement options 7) anxiety and ready to comitt to a decision. I am in stage 7. I have posted some pics below and would appreciate any general advice you may have for me. I booked my first session for August 31st and have a youtube interview for August 3rd. (You all will see me on the website soon!) So here are some general questions and concerns I have and I am hoping you will be kind enough to offer me words of support, advice, and experience: The pain levels seem to be much higher on the forum versus the website promotional videos, any advice with pain? Does it get better or worse with additional sessions? Anyone else have the procedure done or planning on getting it done in New York? And had Greg? I don't plan on shaving my head with a razor instead plan on buying a close crop machine buzzer...any advice here? Maintenance...I understand the need for constant hair cutting and sunblock in sun, but is there anything else that you can advise from a maintenance perspective? Long term...anyone have any long term inputs (having the procedure for more than 3 years)? I have heard of fading and touch ups in shorter timeframes than what was advertised? Ok that should be good to start I think - photo's attached below - thank you in advance for your time guys. Samir