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  1. Gents, it's been a long road. Without a doubt, we all know the struggles of hair loss and how it affects us; but good God I feel like a new man! Yesterday was my first session in New York. I will admit that I was nervous when I walked in for I did not know what to expect, but the entire experience worth it. Not only are they kick a$$ at what they do, they make you feel comfortable and we were laughing several times throughout the procedure. My hair started thinning at 18. I felt so robbed by life when this occurred. I used Rogaine and Propecia with little results; then I found Toppik. I started using Toppik at 22 and was able to pull off a full head of hair for years, but there in laid the problem; it wasn't permanent. Every time someone stood behind me I had to worry if they were going to rub my head and--literally--rub half my hair off. I could never jump into a pool or stand out in the rain for this exact reason. As my hair thinned out more and more, I knew something had to be done. That's when I found HIS. I cannot thank HIS enough for what they did for me. I did a lot of research before I went and found this vid. if anyone wants to check it out: Gents, I'm not afraid to admit it, I almost shed a tear this morning knowing that my chrome dome days are behind me (And this is only session 1). For anyone struggling like I did, for anyone out there who might be reading this and needs some reassurance, I cannot stress enough how great of a decision this was to go for. The pics you will see are from before the procedure, during the session, immediately after, and when I woke up today. My head was a little red during the session, but I saw a friend last night (7 hours post session) and she just thought I had a slight sun burn because the redness died down that much. Let me know what you guys think! (Again pics are before, during, immediately after, and this morning.)
  2. New to post on the forum, but I've been reading many of your posts on here for the past few weeks. So today was my 1st session at Harley Street London and I'm now sitting here with a beer watching TV feeling like a new man, with a smile ear to ear! But its been a real rollercoaster ride to get here! I started losing my hair in my early 20's, I'm now 32 and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to just live with it. I've never fancied a transplant or taking pills or medication so I just got on with it. I'm in a job where I am also unable to have facial hair so I've found it difficult to express myself and find my own style so my confidence had been knocked for six. To cut a long story short I went for a couple of consultations with HIShair and a couple of other providers. I chose HIShair because in my opinion they are the most professional providers. Ian met me for my consultation did a great job answering my questions and made me feel comfortable about the procedure. On the day of my 1st session I met my practitioner Marcus who is an absolute artist and genuine top man, who has done a great job and was full of great ideas and advice. I will try and attach photos later on as I can't get this working on my PC, including one of me the day after in the woods with my family (it was dappled sunlight Marcus and I wore a hat for the rest of the day!) Can't wait for session 2.
  3. **Scroll down for update** Hi Guys, Moderately new here. I've desperately wanted this procedure for ages now, and finally going to have the funds to make it happen. Unfortunately, I am simultaneously leaving my very flexible job to start a 9-5 position in a school the week after next.. Needless to say, this has thwarted my plan to become a recluse for 3 weeks whilst I complete 2 sessions! I am a little nervous about starting the new job, and I am considering getting my first session done next week, which would be in the middle of the week before I start on the following Monday. This would leave roughly 5 days of healing before my first day in my new job, and obviously my big worry is that it will still be blatantly obvious, and kids don't hold back! Hoping that hats are allowed for staff. (update: they are not!) Later options: Half term: In a few weeks. Would allow 6 days instead of 5 days healing time. This is however a good slot for Session 2. Christmas Hols: Ages away, but 2 weeks off may allow for 1 session a week. I would still have pretty small healing time. TL;DR- What are everyone's opinions on healing time and noticeability by others? Can I have my first treatment this soon (5 days) before starting a job working around lots of school kids (and colleagues) without being detected? If I go for it, I will be working for 2 weeks with only one session's work before a second session. Details wise, I should add that I am 20s, caucasian, and already have a shaved head with good density apart from my receded horseshoe temples which this treatment is for. It's all a bit stressful, I appreciate your input! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 8/10/14: Booked at Harley Street, London! I will now go back to work on day 4 after session two. Honest opinions on whether this is viable very welcome! Session One: Oct 24th w/ Katrina Session Two: Oct 30th w/ Marcus Back to Work: Nov 3rd (Day 4 healing) Session One we will be filling in my temples, and Session Two we will add density and blend by roughly 1 inch behind my hairline. I am hoping that on day 4 after session two (day 10 after session one) I will look OK for work as I can't wear a hat This, and having two different practitioners due to availability are my only concerns right now. Thank you for help deciding, any further input on this update much appreciated!

    Tuesday, the 21st. First session. Can't wait!! (in my Bart Scott voice).